3+ The Main Event Reviews – We’ve Seen This Match Before

The Main Event ⭐️½

Some believe there are no original stories left to tell. If you’ve read every single story ever written, that’s probably true. The basic plot structures in every genre likely have been told.

It’s the style, spice and perspective that provide nearly limitless variations.

When I come to a story ripe with cliches like this one, I’m looking for a fresh perspective, a different mixture of the story stew. This one comes up pretty short in that department, unfortunately.

Even though the feature reflects WWE’s core values built on family, teamwork and inspirational aspirations, and contains healthy messages about proving one’s mettle using wit and wisdom, “The Main Event” sags far too frequently.

‘The Main Event’ Review: Netflix’s Family Film Has a Fighting Spirit – Variety

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Wrestling is kind of interesting

The idea of an young boy wrestler beating the adult giant wrestlers has potential. Some of the ring antics shown are cool like when Leo jumps from one corner to the other. That would really turn heads.

I was a little mixed up on one scene involving the bullies at school and Leo. The lights go off, does he put on the mask? Because all of a sudden he goes super strength and leaves the three bullies hanging from their underwear. Also, how does the teacher who busts the boys know it was Leo? Just because he’s standing there among the other kids looking guilty? Head scratch.

Reviews by Others

Let’s see what others are saying about The Main Event?


  1. HCMovieReviews: “…is far from the upper card, but certainly not a dark match. Despite being overly childish now and again, there is a fun charm to this spectacle.”
  2. Jesse Revell Reviews: “…a very solid wrestling movie for kids but it isn’t the best wrestling movie ever (that belongs to ‘Ready to Rumble’).”

Not Recommended (or undecided or unstated)

  1. Doc / Embrace Your Geekness: “This was not terrible, but it is, most likely, going to be more enjoyable for younger viewers.  It is silly and predictable and makes little sense.  Gigantic WWE fans, especially the younger ones, might like this more than others.”
  2. Keith Noakes / Keith Loves Movies: “…may very well serve as a decent distraction but there are plenty of better wrestling films out there.”

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FIRST LOOK: The Main Event – Netflix

Think a Little Big League vibe + Twilight Zone magic + professional wrestling (WWE) backdrop and that seems to be the magical story behind The Main Event.

An 11-year-old boy, Leo (Seth Carr) who wants — literally — inside the wrestling ring. Sounds kind of unusual and, no surprise, another Netflix Original released this Easter weekend.

Tichina Arnold, I wasn’t immediately familiar with her name as an actress. Looked her up on Wikipedia, I have seen her in films before — knew she looked familiar — Big Momma’s House, Little Shop of Horrors and has made more than a little splash on TV. Tichina plays the boy’s grandmother.

Tichina was on Tuesday’s “TMZ Live” to talk about “The Main Event,” when the conversation quickly turned to that old saying … Black don’t crack!!! See, she’s playing grandma — or as she puts it, G-ma — to an 11-year-old kid who gets his shot to become a WWE superstar.

Tichina Arnold Fired Up for Grandma Role in Netflix-WWE’s ‘Main Event’

I haven’t followed pro wrestling for years. Got to go back to the Rowdy Piper and Playboy Buddy Rose days, Andre the Giant, The Iron Sheik, that’s the pro wrestling I remember. Hulk Hogan, saw a few of his matches on TV. So, guessing, I’m not going to recognize many (any?) wrestlers here.

Seth Carr plays Leo in The Main Event official trailer

Netflix has been our top streaming source for seeing new movies and TV during the pandemic. Kara and I started watching the first season of Jason Bateman in Ozark last night and watched this movie today. A review and critique with reviews from others will be coming soon.

The Main Event is available for streaming April 10, 2020 on Netflix.