SALE – Buy Stallone Movies for $4.99 at Amazon Prime LIMITED TIME DEAL!

SALE — as of Saturday 9/21/2019 — Amazon Prime Video is offering many Sylvester Stallone movies for purchase at the low price of $4.99 (many are in HD format!). Some of these titles are rarely available for streaming and have been priced as high as $14.99+ in the past, so this could be a great timely sales chance for those who buy and collect movies to add to their digital collections.

Here’s a list of the Sylvester Stallone movies I’ve confirmed as of this writing that are on sale in Amazon Prime Video — better hurry, because this deal will no doubt end very soon (perhaps by the time you read this!):

  1. Assasins ($4.99)
  2. Backtrace ($4.99)
  3. Bullet To The Head ($4.99)
  4. Cliffhanger ($4.99)
  5. Cobra ($4.99)
  6. Cop Land ($4.99)
  7. Daylight ($4.99)
  8. Escape Plan ($4.99)
  9. Escape Plan 2: Hades ($4.99)
  10. Escape Plan 3: The Extractors ($4.99)
  11. Expendables ($4.99)
  12. Expendables 2 ($4.99)
  13. Expendables 3 ($4.99)
  14. Grudge Match ($4.99)
  15. Nighthawks ($4.99)
  16. Paradise Alley ($4.99)
  17. Stop Or My Move Will Shoot ($4.99)
  18. The Specialist ($4.99)
  19. Victory ($4.99)

This (very) limited time deal no doubt coincides with this weekend’s release of Rambo: Last Blood. I will continue to update this post with titles as they are confirmed, but I wanted to post this out there so those interested could see and react.

For reference, here is the Wikipedia list of all Sylvester Stallone films. Also, see Rotten Tomatoes rank all Sylvester Stallone movies by tomatometer.

Just Say, “Hell No!” To Rambo Prequel

Google images search for ‘rambo’ sells action film, not high school drama

On the week of releasing the fifth and presumably final Rambo: Last Blood (PREVIEW) and Rambo’s home city of Bowie Arizona declaring September 18 Rambo Day, Sylvester Stallone is floating the possibility of a Rambo prequel, telling Screenrant:

I always thought of Rambo when he was 16 or 17 – I hope they can do the prequel – he was the best person you could find. He was the captain of the team; he was the most popular kid in school; super athlete. He was like Jim Thorpe, and the war is what changed him. If you saw him before, he was like the perfect guy.

Relax, nobody is financing this crazy idea … yet.

Ok, I absolutely hate this idea. Hate, hate, hate. Prequels suck. Seriously, can anybody name a prequel that does not suck? Don’t get me started on Star Wars (looking at you, George Lucas). Here’s the main problem with prequels:

Everybody knows what happens next.

The whole point of holding a viewer’s (movie) or reader’s (book) interest is not knowing what happens next. Spoilers suck because you know what happens. Is there anything more spoiler than knowing what happens next to Rambo? He becomes a one man killing machine. What can be more interesting in that character’s creative arc than knowing that?

How b-o-r-i-n-g is the idea of seeing a teen John Rambo in his formulative years going to his high school prom? Falling in love, captain of the football team, yadda, yadda, when you could see him with a machine gun blowing away countless enemy insurgents? I’d rather see Rambo being Rambo than Rambo meets Peggy Sue Got Married.

Don’t ruin John Rambo’s character with some lame, dramatic prequel, please. Just a terrible, no horrible idea. I am all for dramas, but not when it comes to changing the genre of an action movie to a Lifetime movie of the week.

PREVIEW – Rambo: Last Blood

Most current trailer for Rambo: Last Blood

With less than a week to go before the final (?) Rambo movie (read my review of First Blood – the film that started it all) is released, here is what we do and don’t know in and around this film:

  • This will be the fifth film in the franchise and Stallone has indicated if this film does well, he will play Rambo again. Keep in mind that Stallone is 73 years old and last played Rambo in 2008 at age 62. An 80+ year old Rambo? Not sure many would be interested in that unless it is more a role like he played in Creed, a passing of the torch type role. Then again, sequels can be put together within a year or two, and Stallone is in good physical shape for a man his age.
  • John Rambo is now chilling in Arizona, but some sort of Mexican cartel kidnapping story will spring him back into action. Wikipedia will reveal, er, spoil more of the plot, if you want to visit there. I’m imaging a Peppermint-like tale of Rambo vengeance wrath about to unfold. Yes, we’ve seen this type of storyline before, but Rambo is one of the best at enacting revenge.
  • Rotten Tomatoes movie info: “Now, Rambo must confront his past and unearth his ruthless combat skills to exact revenge in a final mission. A deadly journey of vengeance, RAMBO: LAST BLOOD marks the last chapter of the legendary series.”
  • Colonel Sam Trautman (played by Richard Crenna), who was not in the last Rambo (2008) will almost certainly not be in this one, other than flashbacks or voice reminders (as in the trailer above). Crenna died in 2003. Trautman was the primary focus of Rambo’s call back to action in Rambo III. (Screenrant curious explores how an alternate ending to Rambo III would not have held up today) I liken Crenna’s absence a little bit like having no Mickey or Apollo in the Rocky films.
  • Speaking of the cast, nobody is returning from any prior film except for Stallone.
  • Stallone goes through the evolution of Rambo’s character saying, “In every film, Rambo never goes home, he goes out to the jungle or Afghanistan. In the new one, he does come home, but in a way, he never arrives. He’s there, but he’s not. That’s what the whole story is built around. As soon as he walks outside his door, he has no more control. The world controls you,”
  • Cinemablend is predicting an anemic Tomatometer score of 39%, “it looks like they are going out with a bang. I can’t imagine critics love it, but I don’t suspect that’s really the point.” Agreed. In most cases the combined audience reviews more accurate represent my opinion than the pros.
  • If you’re lucky enough to be near an Alamo Drafthouse location (thanks Slashfilm for compiling a complete list of locations), they are running a Rambo marathon leading up to and including Rambo: Last Blood. Me? This week I’ll rewatch the Rambo movies that I own on streaming and/or DVD and Blu-Ray to further whet my appetite.

Want even more Rambo & Stallone? Sure, we both do! Here’s some more websites/blogs/etc posts:

We’ll find out who draws first blood this time in Rambo: Last Blood when it opens in theaters on September 20.