Sony Patent Will Allow AI Clone To Play Games For You, What’s Next, Watching Movies For You?

The title might sound hyperbolic, perhaps even ridiculous, but think again. AI clones, we don’t need them for entertainment, right? The following game-related patent sounds appealing, but think about it more carefully.

The patent also points out that games may be able to flag if a player needed AI help to beat a task. “If the AI character has completed specific tasks, those tasks can be identified as being completed by the user with assistance from the AI game controller,” it explains.

Another example given is online multiplayer co-op games, where a player may need to leave the game to eat or work. In this situation, instead of the game having to end, the player can turn on the ‘automatic mode’ and have the AI play with their friends in their absence until they can return to take over again.

Sony has patented an AI that will play your games for you

A major part of the satisfaction in gaming is beating your previous best score, reaching new game levels, beating an end boss. These all require your own skills. That all goes out the window if someday you can have your AI clone buddy sub out your gameplay.

If we have AI clones that can sub for us when we’re eating, it’s not too far-fetched to suggest the AI clone will do other tasks we don’t have time for like, yeah, read books, watch movies. Imagine tasking your AI clone with catching up on the new Stephen King book because you don’t want to sit down and experience it yourself, or sit through the 10 episode TV season or, gasp, watch the newest movie so you don’t have to spend the two plus hours. Your AI clone could report back what you might have thought of it, because it knows you so well.

I’m one of the most tech-friendly guys out there, but don’t want an AI clone to do any of the things mentioned above. I want to experience human created art directly and personally, not through some sort of artificial proxy. I don’t like using the word “never” but here it fits: never.

Now, what I might be interested in is playing against an AI clone in a game. We are already doing this in some games, I’m sure. What tougher computer opponent could there be than one that plays like you do? But, um, it’s a big N-O to having an AI clone someday experience entertainment for me.

Then again, maybe someday my AI clone will write these posts. Why not?

Sony To Quit Selling Movie and TV Shows on PlayStation But You Can Still Access Your Existing Library

We’ve talked before about the risks of buying movies and TV shows digitally (see: Buying Movies On Amazon Doesn’t Guarantee Future Access). You don’t own the content, you’re merely renting it until the company decides not to support viewing the content any longer. Licenses can change between the film rights owners and the company, leaving our digital libraries at risk.

Sony once upon a time had the PlayStation Vue and were trying to create their own streaming TV service. That’s gone. Soon, the ability to buy movies and TV shows on the platform will also be discontinued.

Here’s the good news for the movies and TV shows you might already have purchased…

Users will still have access to the content they’ve purchased beyond the August 31 deadline, with the movies and TV shows available for “on-demand playback” across the PS4 and PS5, as well as mobile devices.

Sony to Discontinue PlayStation Store Movie and TV Purchases and Rentals – IGN

The question is for how long?

Our current strategy is we buy very few movies and TV shows. We wait for them to appear on one of the many streaming services we have. We have a wish list on Google Play that tracks movies and TV shows we’re interested in. Shows like Las Vegas and Fantasy Island and a few movies that we haven’t seen available at any streaming service. We don’t buy much in the way of physical media any more, except 3D Blu Ray movies. We have so much to watch on the streaming channels that going to our wish list and/or buying movies isn’t necessary.

Even though we both are into games, we don’t look to watch, buy or rent movies or TV shows on videogame systems. This PlayStation news isn’t that unexpected for us and not disappointing, but if we had bought movies and TV shows there we’d be concerned about how long they would continue to support them.

Sony Reportedly In Pole Position To Buy Crunchyroll from AT&T

Crunchyroll subscription join page (pictured above) — currently being shopped around

Anime continues to be a hot content commodity among streaming channels with AT&T in a position to keep its Crunchyroll but instead wanting to sell it.

Among the bidders, Sony is rumored in the first position to make a deal, according to Variety sources.

The Sony angle emerged from a report late last week in Japan’s prestigious Nikkei newspaper. The Nikkei said that talks have advanced sufficiently that Sony now has exclusive negotiating rights on a Crunchyroll purchase. The deal would have a price tag of JPY100 or $960 million at current rates of exchange. That is a significant step down from a $1.5 billion asking price reported by The Information in August.

Sony Wants a Bite of Anime Streamer Crunchyroll (Report) – Variety

We’re surprised that Apple isn’t in the discussion. They could use anime content for Apple TV+, but the only animation we’ve heard mentioned in association with them recently is Peanuts (see: AppleTV+ Streaming The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown – Gone From TV Holiday Forever?).