If Stallone makes Rambo 6, what should be the title?

Rambo: Last Blood ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Where do you go when your final movie in a series has the word “last” in it? Stallone might just be joking about the possibility of making Rambo 6, but he may also not want to end on Last Blood.

However, fans may not have seen the last of the iconic John Rambo, at least if what Stallone is teasing on social media ends up being more than a tease. Stallone recently took to Instagram to encourage fans to check out the extended cut of Rambo: Last Blood and in his caption noted that “he could be back”, suggesting that fans might just get a Rambo 6.

Sylvester Stallone Teases New Rambo Movie

In the music world, bands go out on Farewell Tours only to change their minds and return to touring. One could argue it’s the massive $$$ being offered that pulls them back, but I think Stallone, now in his 70s, just doesn’t want to let go.

Motley Crue was so convinced they’d never tour again that they created a legal document that the only way they could tour again was with the original members. Enter a big tour with Def Leppard and they were all in — and then the pandemic hit.

Ozzy Osbourne in the 90s had a tour called “No More Tours” … he would return and make like four or five more albums and tours.

So, you can’t believe the music world that when it’s over, it’s over. I suppose we should cut Stallone some slack if he wants to make Rambo 6. My question is what the heck would be a good title, if it is made?

Here’s a few of my ideas. Some are obviously tongue-in-cheek.

Rambo 666 – Rambo takes on Satan and his minions in the afterlife
Rambo: Imminent Blood – Rambo roams around in a series of tunnels he created, when a the government wants to step in and imminent domain some of his land. A Waco-style one man war erupts against the police.
Rambo: Epilogue Blood – Rambo returns to his ranch and is haunted by the ghost of Colonel Trautman and all the carnage he’s created. His final test awaits …

Care to add any Rambo 6 titles and story ideas of your own?

No Joke, A Joker Sequel Is Merely Being Considered – 15+ More Joker Reviews

Joker ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ just keeps chugging along, racking up more and more box office sales. Last weekend it still had over 2,000 screens and it was on week #7 of its run!

So, why not greenlight a Joker sequel?

And now that Joker has crossed the $1 billion mark, a sequel is on the way. As the movie keeps raking in money overseas, Phillips is in talks to reprise his role as director for a second Joker outing (he and Scott Silver, who penned the gritty Joker screenplay, will write the follow-up), THR has learned.

‘Joker’ Sequel in the Works as Todd Phillips Eyes More DC Origin Movies (Exclusive) | Hollywood Reporter

If they will reboot and put out sequels to Charlie’s Angels, there is no way there won’t be a sequel to Joker.

But there isn’t a signed contract … yet, said director Todd Phillips:

“Here’s the real truth about a sequel,” Phillips said. “While Joaquin and I have talked about it, and while touring the world with Warner Bros executives — going to Toronto, and Venice, and other places — of course, we’re sitting at dinner and they’re saying, ‘So, have you thought about…?’ But, talking about contracts, there’s not a contract for us to even write a sequel, we’ve never approached Joaquin to be in a sequel. Will that happen? Again, I just think the article was anticipatory at best.”

Todd Phillips Clears Up Those Latest ‘Joker’ Sequel Rumors: ‘There’s No Contract’ — Exclusive

When the obvious sequel is made, not sure where the story will go from the ending, assuming it can’t go down the Batman path (seems like DC Universe tie-in is a given) but one could speculate that if Harley Quinn performs well, maybe something involving those two (since they used to date, after all). Perhaps an expansion with the Joker uprising or maybe something involving The Riddler or Penguin?

Congratulations all around for Joker and company. It proved a lot of people wrong about its longevity and crowd interest and there wasn’t any real crazy incel violence at the theaters as feared.

More Joker Reviews

As of this writing, there are over 63,000 (!) audience reviews at Rotten Tomatoes and more new reviews from others keep getting posted, so here are some recent ones. Not separating from recommended or not, because the vast majority of them are recommending. Also, now that it’s the #1 R-rated movie of all time and part of the billion dollar club, it seems like one most everybody is seeing anyway.

Reviews that come out many weeks after a film have been released tend to be even more spoiler-laden, but can also provide deeper analysis, which are enjoyable. This movie is a film debate and discussion magnet!

  1. Zeegawd Media: “Overall, I give the film a 8.5/10. As much as I want to give it a “9” or a “10”, the movie did indeed had moments that I felt could’ve been done better. But when it’s all said and done, Joaquin Phoenix definitely deserves an Oscar for this film.”
  2. ReelDecisions: “…a lot of people will actually find it too dark and too violent to be truly enjoyable. It’s something you should see, but something you might not actually like – if that makes any sense. Just be prepared for something you’ve never seen before and to be challenged mentally (perhaps even emotionally)”
  3. Wizard Dojo: “…provides a fresh take on the super hero/villain genre, turning its origin story into a grounded, realistic character study. Helmed by Joaquin Phoenix’s unforgettable performance.”
  4. SadGeezer: “…a nightmarish, gritty origin movie of a nasty and menacing super-villain. It’s set in 1981 and is absolutely marvelous!”
  5. A Cultured Life: “I can understand now the reason of why Joker became a villian and I have more of an understanding, but it was more about the depth of the character of Joker himself and his struggles. Joaquin Phoenix did an amazing job as an actor. So amazing in fact that I wouldn’t be surprised if he’d be nominated, and even win, an Oscar.”
  6. Goose Reviews: “I believe that the joker movie had so much potential. The cinematography was top of the line. The acting was superb. But the amount of empty and complete lack of reliable conflict makes this movie fall short.”
  7. The Keystone Newspaper: “…so far has singled itself out as a masterful film, but the controversy surrounding it may ruin the reputation it’s garnered.”
  8. One of those Film Blogs: “Joker does pull back the curtain on the character to a large extent, showing us what’s behind the mask/face paint in a way that other backstories haven’t truly done before.”
  9. Brown Girls Byte: “Phoenix is totally different. You know who he is. You know how good he is. But every time you watch him, he redefines the standards of an actor and he shows you what great acting is really capable of: empathy.”
  10. The Plaid Line (9/10): “This film also sets a very high message to real life. Whether it’s debates, the economy, or the way people are treated these days. It kind of makes you think about how awful individuals can be to each other.”
  11. KillDawg’s Wife: “The actor Joaquin Phoenix that played Joker, did such an AMAZING job. Dark, haunting, grotesque and spookish too, not to mention the emotion(s) that you feel towards the Joker. Such a roller coaster ride of emotion.”
  12. Rami Talks Movies: “…triumphs with flying colors in that respect and on pretty much every front, primarily because its astutely assembled screenplay opts for subtext, nuance, and misdirection in lieu of being on the nose about everything. Verily the fuse of this dynamite script couldn’t have been lit absent the hauntingly evocative cinematography setting the mood or the bona fide Mr. Joaquin Phoenix, whose Herculean transmutation of a performance’s praises will be sonorously immortalized in the annals of history for generations to come.”
  13. Nonstop Nerd: “The most fun part about the film is that it plays like a Batman movie in reverse, topped off with the infamous scene with the Waynes in Crime Alley appearing at the end. There are several scenes with characters questioning Arthur “hiding behind a mask,” and we see him rise to the top from a tragic childhood, creating chaos instead of order. What’s the Joker if not a reverse Batman?”
  14. simplyjorge (3.5/5): “The things taking away from it in my personal opinion is that I did not fully grasp a lot of the plot of the film and felt there was pacing issues in the movie bringing us to so many different shots so quickly”
  15. skoce: “The movie was numbing. Its desire to shock, to provoke radiates from every scene. But the movie doesn’t actually have anything provoking to say. It is utterly bleak, but that bleakness isn’t expressing anything. It isn’t a black comedy; there is nothing funny here. This is just two hours of ugly posturing that has nothing to say.”
  16. Dorian Parks: “Todd Phillips delivered a game changing comic book film, and I cannot wait to see it again. Just a side note: Joker’s laugh is likely to haunt you for days after seeing this film.”
  17. legendofmati: “…definitely up there in the conversation for movie of the year. It ticked all the boxes for me including; directing,perfect shot selection, great casting,above par writing and last but not least,the performance of Joaquin Phoenix “

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