Disgraced Sexual Assaulter Roman Polanski Wins Award at ‘French Oscars’

Deadline’s headline on Polanski’s decision not to attend Cesar Awards

While Harvey Weinstein is getting punished for his sexual crimes (see: Harvey Weinstein Found Guilty – Now a Convicted Sex Crimes Felon), another big name in the movie business, Roman Polanski, continues to hide behind his foreign citizenship.

The fact that any movie awards organization anywhere on earth is awarding Polanski anything after his sexual crime against a 13-year old girl — that never involved any sentenced punishment — is outrageous.

I am OK with awards for anybody else involved with a film he directed including: the actors, crew, other writers, producers, etc, just not Polanski himself. Why on earth should anybody celebrate a cowardly, self-admitted child rapist?

The French feminist collective, NousToutes, also said in a statement that Polanski’s win was “shameful.” The Academy of the Cesars had “spat in the face of victims of pedophile acts, in the face of victims of sexist violence and, more broadly, in the face of millions of women in this country,” the group added.

Actresses walk out of ‘French Oscars’ after Roman Polanski wins top awards – CNN

Instead of giving Polanski awards, they should be giving him to US authorities so he can join other child rapists in prison.

It should be noted that his 13-year old victim in the late 70s said in an interview in 2008 with Larry King that Polanski should not be punished any further. It’s not in the clip below, but she speaks in greater detail about the incident. She also settled with Polanski for a financial award of some kind, so consider that.

Roman Polanski’s victim is interviewed as an adult

Most law-abiding, reasonable thinking people would agree that Polanski was never punished for drugging and raping someone’s child — except in the court of public opinion. I’ve avoided using the victim’s name out of respect here, but she is featured in the video above.

Disgusting. I’m just sickened by the whole thing. Sorry, convicted child rapists can’t, don’t, won’t receive a pass.

Just for total disclosure, the movies Polanski made before his sex crime, one is among my favorite horror movies (Rosemary’s Baby ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ ). I am separating the art from the man, but once learning about Polanski’s sexual assault against a child, I cannot ever celebrate any award for him.

Again, like I wrote above, the actors and actresses that worked with him, the crew, any other writers and producers, I’m all in for celebrating and awards for only their work.

For those who don’t know the story behind Polanski — and didn’t want to watch the embedded video above to gain any context — Polanski fled the United States after confessing to raping a 13 year old girl model after a photo shoot. He served her champagne spiked with drugs. Does this sound a little bit like morality hypocrite and convicted sexual assaulter, Bill Cosby?

Polanski had agreed to a plea bargain that was rumored to be ignored by the judge to punish him much more severely. Instead of staying to face sentencing, he fled the United States in the late 70s, yes, 40+ years ago, and is still considered a wanted criminal in the United States.

Polanski is 86 years old. He cannot flee from a death sentence by greater powers — none of us can — he will die at the very least from natural causes within the next 20 years or so.

I’m confident Polanski will face punishment in whatever happens to us after death. On the day he dies, if he doesn’t face punishment for his crimes beforehand, then and only then should anybody celebrate him.