If Movie Sucks, Just Release Director’s Cut and Promote As Intended Version? Case in Point: Rocky V

Rocky V ranks a distant 8th place in our rankings (see: Ranking Stallone‚Äôs Rocky and Creed Films)

Rocky V was inarguably a mess. Most people who have seen it firmly believe it’s the worst in the series. Honestly, haven’t seen many say there was much to redeem about it. Meanwhile, Stallone is actively working on a Rocky IV Director’s Cut which cuts out Pauly’s robot, among other things.

Why is everybody tinkering with the Rocky movies? It’s not just Stallone. The director of the first and last movie, John Avildsen also had his own take.

Yes, it turns out there is a Rocky V Director’s Cut floating around that might improve upon some of the film’s weaknesses.

The Rocky V: Director’s Cut is a decidedly unofficial release that’s tricky to find nowadays, but for those who disliked the sequel, it’s worth checking out. One of the first big changes is the music, with Avildsen’s cut losing many of the rap tracks from the theatrical version and replacing them with cues from series composer Bill Conti, which makes it feel more in line with previous entries. Many scenes are re-edited with alternate dialogue too, but some of the biggest differences are deleted scenes.

Every Difference In Rocky V’s Lost Director’s Cut | Screen Rant

To my knowledge, John Avildsen hasn’t complained about the theatrical cut being compromised, but what worries about me about an increasing number of these Director’s Cuts is reworking films once released being re-released with new versions. I brought this up with the Snyder Cut and still feel this is a very slippery slope.

When we see a movie do we risk seeing another version on streaming that’s the “official” version? Sigh. This could disrupt the movie watching experience. Faith that any creative work we’re watching that isn’t as good as the filmmakers thought isn’t repackaged, repurposed, re-edited and sent back to us again. Is that what we want muddying up the new movie release lists in the future?

Once in a great, great, great while this might make sense. Perhaps with celebrated movies. Not Justice League, not Rocky IV, certainly not Rocky V, not Suicide Squad and the list goes on.