As Creepshow Season 2 Finishes Airing, Season 3 Is Under Production

We missed the good news about AMC’s Shudder renewal for Creepshow Season 3, which is currently under production and scheduled for release later in 2021. Perhaps, presumably, by Halloween 2021?

“During our Season 2 production, Shudder was so pleased with what they were seeing that they asked us to roll right into production on a brand-new third season that will feature some of our most ambitious stories yet,” said executive producer and showrunner Greg Nicotero. “I’m incredibly thankful to the team at Shudder for the opportunity to continue honoring the genre with more gleefully ghoulish tales over not one, but two new seasons of Creepshow this year.”

Shudder Renews Creepshow for Third Season, Orders Black Horror Anthology

As the article indicates above, clear back in February 2021, they also greenlit a new Black Horror Anthology. Am curiou show that will turn out. We wish there were more anthology TV series with multiple stories. They used to do this more frequently. Something like Fantasy Island the TV show being rebooted would be worthwhile considering. The movie wasn’t very good, but the TV show could come back. They just need to follow the Creepshow template from Shudder and have a passionate showrunner that will pay homage to the past and usher in new stories under the proven framework.

The final episode of Creepshow Season 2 will stream on Shudder April 29. We haven’t watched any of the episodes yet, but it’s high up on the watchlist.

Cobra Kai Greenlit for Season 4, Season 3 Will Premiere January 8, 2021

Last week saw Cobra Kai finally drop from the Netflix top 10 list. It was in that list for enough time to inspire Netflix to greenlight a fourth season.

The third season is already in the can, awaiting a release date “early in 2021” up until this announcement with a specific date.

Following the big launch of Cobra Kai‘s first two seasons on Netflix, the streamer has renewed the series for a fourth season. The pickup for the series continuation of the iconic The Karate Kid film franchise from Sony Pictures Television, comes ahead of the premiere of Season 3, which has been set for January 8, 2021.

‘Cobra Kai’ Renewed For Season 4 By Netflix, Season 3 Premiere Date – Deadline

Have already written about loving this TV series (see: all our Cobra Kai coverage). From our standpoint, anyway, it’s an almost perfect way to resurrect, continue and respect an 80s classic movie. Here’s the teaser video:

Season 2 ended on a pretty significant cliffhanger. Won’t spoil what that is, but certainly those unfinished storylines need to be — and probably are — resolved in Season 3.

I see a bloody-faced John Kriese in that teaser video. Oh yeah, bring it on! Can hardly wait.

Stargirl Season 2 Renewed for The CW only, not on DC Universe – Crows are circling

It was a DC Universe “original” …. but it will become a season 2 exclusive for The CW

As a paid subscriber to DC Universe I’m growing weary reading about TV series’ DCU is canceling, losing or moving.

More and more signs making it painfully obvious that DC Universe is not creating any new, exclusive, original movie or TV content. Worse, what they already have that makes the service one you might want to subscribe to is being moved elsewhere.

Not that this is the only reason to subscribe, they have tons of comic books (honestly, it’s best to think of it is a comics-only platform right now, not a streaming service), but if you’re not interested in reading DC comics, there are not many compelling reasons to subscribe (or stay subscribed).

The newest announcement comes today via Variety that Stargirl, which I’m currently reviewing new episodes weekly (see most recent: TV SERIES Review: Stargirl S1E8 – Shiv Part Two ⭐️⭐️⭐️½) on Sunday/Monday will be renewed for a second season, but be exclusive to The CW and not on DC Universe. Great news for Stargirl fans, bad news for DC Universe subscribers.

With the renewal, The CW and its digital platforms will be the exclusive in-season home of the series starting with its second season. Season 2 will not stream on the show’s original home at DC Universe.

‘Stargirl’ Renewed for Season 2, Moves to CW From DC Universe – Variety

I wrote another post which will appear here tomorrow morning about whether or not DC Universe should be merged into HBO Max. That’s what some are saying should happen and news like this will only intensely validate those requests. I’ll let you read that post to address my detailed thoughts and opinion, but this news makes it more than obvious that DC Universe is actively trying to get away from having its own original TV content.

I wish WarnerMedia would tell me, their paid subscriber, what is going on with DCU? Are they changing it into a comics-only service and will continue to provide us with a few token animated movies and TV shows? Or are they going the Marvel route and making DCU strictly comics-only?

They recently canceled DC Daily, their inexpensive daily DC news show with their 450th episode that aired last Friday, they are moving the most awesome Harley Quinn animated series to HBO Max. Swamp Thing season two was picked up by The CW, Doom Patrol is on both DCU and HBO Max and now this Stargirl season two decision.

Doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that DC Universe is fast becoming a comics-only platform. Their DC comics library is extensive and worthwhile (24,000+ comics I believe), but they aren’t being very transparent with their existing subscribers about what’s going on with the service. They owe it to paying subscribers to say something about their future plans rather than just let us continue to guess based on news reports.

Like maybe: hey, we’re going to fold this into HBO Max or we’re going to be a comics-only service or, well … just tell us what you’re plans are so we can decide to stay subscribed or cancel? Yes/no? What do you think?

I’m currently a paid subscriber and don’t like to getting news about the subscription service I’m paying for from third party news outlets. I expect to get it from the source directly first. Send me an email, DC Universe. You do have my contact. Post something on your official DCU boards. Something, anything to show that my paltry monthly revenue to you has some kind of value.

It’s BS putting out press releases before notifying your own darn customers. Come on.