Regal Moviegoers, Claim Your Digital Copies

The emails came out this week for the Regal promotions from Lionsgate and STX films. Did you see all the movies above and use your Regal Crown Club card?

If you watch certain movies in the theater and use your Regal Crown Club card (free), then you’ll be emailed a verification code so that you can get a free digital copy.

Enter in the code at sites like VUDU and …

Voila! The movie appears in your digital library.

This is one of the easiest ways to build your digital library without doing anything extra. If you have the Regal Unlimited Pass yes, this works too. Both my wife and I received digital redemption codes for all the movies shown above. We saw them in the theater, received the codes this week, redeemed and now have the movies.

This means you can pay like $22/month and see all the new movies in theaters you want, as many times as you want and if you watch out for deals like the ones shown in this post, you’ll also be emailed at a later date codes to redeem free digital copies of the movie.

Very cool deal!

First Ever RPX Experience Review Terminator: Dark Fate

10/31/2019 had our first ever Regal RPX with Dolby ATMOS experience

We have been waiting for the right movie to watch in Regal Cinema’s RPX which is their version, if you will, of Dolby Audio called Dolby ATMOS. Last night, 10/31/2019 we caught the 10pm opening of ….

Terminator: Dark Fate ⭐️⭐️½

The Regal RPX experience was fantastic, but the movie we saw in this format? Not so good.

You can click the title to read my review, but the movie itself was, unfortunately, underwhelming. As excited as I was leading up to seeing this movie, I left the theater disappointed.

This post is more about the RPX sound and visuals which were fantastic. Sound was crisp and surrounding. We had almost the dead center seating in the cinema. The screen is large and curved, see picture below:

Inside the Regal RPX theater before the movie started, see the large curved screen

The screen is big and bright, visuals are stunning. There is nothing about the movie we saw that wasn’t visually pleasing. We paid an extra $5.03 each for the privilege of experiencing the RPX.

Was it worth the extra $5? Not really for the movie that we saw, but it would be worth it for a better movie. There was a noticeable difference in the sound, more spatial and more 3D-surround like, but not so much better that we went, oh, man, we have to see every movie we can in RPX.

Upon leaving the theater and recording our “just left the theater video review” (included under the review above) we both agreed that Terminator: Dark Fate would be more fun to see in 4DX like we saw Rambo: Last Blood.

We need to check out the Dolby Audio, because I’ve read good reviews about that format being the best. We have experienced IMAX, although it’s been awhile since seeing any movies in that format. Love the really big screen effect of IMAX, but they only have certain movies showing in that format, typically the tentpole movies only.

Drinking Alcohol While Watching Movies?

The Cinnebar offered these juicy alcohol-infused drinks they called Jartails

While we visited the Cinnebar in Las Vegas, we saw these Jartails featured. We wanted to try them if we returned to watch another movie, but alas, seeing the godawful Ad Astra ⭐️ did us in for the day. Funny how seeing a movie you don’t like will ruin your desire to see more movies. The opposite of course is true.

There is a Cinnebar in Seattle, Washington. Is there one near you for 21+ dinner, drinks + movie?

This got me thinking about drinking alcohol when watching movies in the theater. Since, we’ve never tried it before, I’m curious about others who have? Did it relax you for the film? Or did it make you more tired? Anybody get drunk ever and watch a movie at the theater?

The only thing I’ve ever drank in the movie theater is soft drinks (Coca Cola, Sprite, etc). I don’t think alcohol would go very well with popcorn. Beer and popcorn? Hmm, probably not.

I know Kara is interested in trying the Cinnebar again. Maybe we can catch a new release soon and see how it impacts the movie experience? I hope it doesn’t make me go to sleep!