Wonder Woman Vegetarian Cookbook Featuring Steve Trevor Egg Salad? LOL!

$19.99 USD for 136 page hardcover book isn’t terrible, but doesn’t the universe offer more?

Wonder Woman 1984 will be released on Christmas in both theaters and on HBO Max. If you want to throw a vegetarian food party, here’s something that might provide some inspiration.

Recently, we talked about an drink recipe book based on Star Trek that only had a few dozen recipes (see: Enjoy Trying New Themed Drinks? Maybe Star Trek Cocktails Has a Tasty Recipe).

When Regal Cinebarre opens again, they have movie-themed drinks, see: Cinebarre Salem, Oregon First Experience Seeing Zombieland: Double Tap

Now we’re looking at a Wonder Woman themed vegetarian cookbook, dubbed The Official Wonder Woman Cookbook and it seems to share the same issue. Dig the creativity, but again not enough recipes.

…the overall cuisine is a perfect fit for Wonder Woman, and there’s some fun wordplay to be found: Hero’s Journey Hash and Fighting-Fit Feta Toast made me smile, Peaks of Paradise Biscuits and Mango Lassi of Truth are pretty clever, the Dip of Strength and Power made me laugh (in a good way), and of course Etta Candy gets her own Candy Cookies.  It would have been a shame had she not. Then there are some dishes like Steve Trevor Egg Salad and Feed the League Nachos that seem like they were included because someone thought “well, we have to mention Steve somewhere.”

Wonder Woman: The Official Cookbook review | Batman News

Wonder Woman comics have spanned decades. Who gets these great IPs and says, let’s make a cookbook with only a few dozen recipes? I get that print is expensive, but here’s an idea: offer a free digital code when the book is purchased to expand the number of printed recipes by hundreds more. And make a digital version without the print book for a lower price or including the print version — for those who like these printed books in their kitchens.

I’m a fan of the printed book and realize paper increases costs, but in 2020 a recipe book with 50 or so recipes for $19.99 USD? Especially one with a license like Wonder Woman? I think in this day and age, especially with a vast IP of possibilities we could sit around come up with hundreds of Wonder Woman themed recipes. You don’t even have to be that creative to slap a Wonder Woman name on some kind of vegetarian food dish.

Wonder Woman The Official Cookbook is available at various booksellers.

Enjoy Trying New Themed Drinks? Maybe Star Trek Cocktails Has a Tasty Recipe

One of the things we found neat at the Regal Cinebarre were the themed movie drinks and eats. Just caught that there is a new Star Trek drink recipe book called Star Trek Cocktails out offering both alcohol and some non-alcohol recipes.

The book features 40 cocktail recipes, each inspired by a different character, drink or moment in Star Trek history. The author Glenn Dakin has often tied the drink to a person, so for example we have Sisko’s Sazerac and Pike’s Mojave Mojito, because those drinks are form the cities that Sisko and Pike were born in. Other recipes such as Par’mach on the Beach are alien twists on familiar Earth recipes. Yet others take names from drinks such as a Samarian Sunset that were name checked on the show. 

Star Trek Cocktails: A Stellar Compendium – Your Exclusive First Look

Is it just me that thinks only 40 recipes for a book that costs $22 on the pricey side? No offense to the author and publisher, but with the vast amount of Star Trek movie and TV shows, it would seem at least another zero should be on the end of that recipe total.

Wrath of Vodka Khan, anyone?