FIRST LOOK: Reality Z (TV Series) – Netflix

Zombies and reality television are not a new concept, but a new series called Reality Z is coming from Netflix to make a dead finger stab at the genre.

…it is possible to cross the walls that isolate the reality show participants from the exterior world and get to know the great self-sustaining fortress, now threatened by the zombies outside and by the vile human nature inside. Witness what other survivors are willing to do to take over the Greek-inspired palace. In addition to satire on reality shows, the series delves into what is the most profound aspect in the zombie genre: the human drama.

Video: Welcome To Olympus. Unprecedented “Reality Z” Trailer Reveals Disputed Fortress in the Middle of a Zombie Apocalypse |

The trailer for the short five episode series looks promising.

Are zombies still fairly popular? Recently, I watched all three seasons of Santa Clarita Diet (see: FIRST LOOK: Santa Clarita Diet (TV Series) – Netflix) and that showed Drew Barrymore can still flat out act in whatever she wants. Here? I don’t recognize any of the cast, but will still watch at least the pilot and see how it goes.

Are you interested in this one?

Reality Z season 1 (five episodes) is available for streaming on Netflix on June 10, 2020.