Professional Critics vs. Audience Reviews – Rambo: Last Blood vs. Ad Astra

Rotten Tomatoes professional critics = 29% vs. 86% for audience/moviegoers

The pro critics — if there is such a thing — were out early slaying Rambo: Last Blood as a piece of garbage not worth seeing. The audience/moviegoers voting with their wallets clearly feel differently. Dramatically different, one might say.

Now, compare against Ad Astra starring Brad Pitt:

Professional critics = 83% vs. 45% for audience/moviegoers at Rotten Tomatoes

Here’s my prediction: the disparity will continue, meaning Rambo and Ad Astra numbers will get further apart.

My wife and I moviegoer/audience reviews (converted the % from 5-star rating system for comparison purposes):

Rambo: Last Blood ⭐️⭐️⭐️½  (70% – 3.5 / 5)
Ad Astra⭐️ (20%- 1 / 5)

Something is wrong when professional critics are this far out of tune from audience/moviegoers. The latter buy the tickets, the former get paid to watch movies and give their “honest” opinions.

I will never fault a moviegoer for his/her honest opinion (I might disagree, but how can someone be “wrong” when it comes to his/her opinion … as long as it is an honest, objective review), but will always take exception to BS professional reviewers who are not being as objective as they are paid to be. Something wrong with this level of disconnect, and these aren’t the first two films this has happened with. Sadly, they won’t be the last.

Caveat emptor.