Tyson vs. Jones Fight Predictions – Will either win?

It’s boxing time tonight on Fite via TysononTriller (see: Will you pay $49.99 to watch Mike Tyson in exhibition fight vs. Roy Jones¬†Jr?) and it’s time to make some predictions.

If you’re not interested in dropping 50 bones to watch the fight, it’s all good. You will be able to follow the live fight recap somewhere online. Probably one or more of the sports sites.

The way I see, these are a few possible outcomes (in no particular order)

  1. Tyson comes out swinging fierce and furious. Knockout by Tyson in the first round or two. TYSON WIN.
  2. Tyson runs out of gas after the first three or four rounds, Jones Jr. takes over and scores repeatedly throughout, especially the later half of the fight. DRAW. Neither fighter wins.
  3. Both fighters tire out and spend a lot of time clutching, grabbing and being broke apart by the ref. DRAW.
  4. Jones Jr. outclasses Tyson who has a brief moment of power in the first round and is used as punching bag throughout the fight. Tyson tries to go for the knockout here and there, but Jones slips it over and over or clutches and grabs. Blood is drawn and the fight is STOPPED BY REF. NO WINNER DECLARED.

People’s favorite would be option #1. I give this maybe 25% chance, if that of happening. Tyson has a lot of ring rust, 15 year out of boxing is an eternity. Not sure even though he looks very ripped that we will see much of the magic of his prime.

(MY PICK — DRAW) #2 is a more likely scenario, giving it even odds, 50%. Tyson will be most dangerous in the first round, maybe the second and less so as he runs out of gas. The two minute round times favor a more explosive match-up.

#3 will be the disappointing outcome. A boring fight. I’d say this is unlikely of the scenarios offered, let’s say 10% chance, given Tyson’s devastating uppercut power. I’m not sure Jones wants any part of being on the inside to be caught by that bomb. Giving this 20% chance. It’s similar to #2 in the outcome, however.

#4 is also a fairly likely scenario, maybe 40% chance. There is also a small, but plausible possibility that Tyson quits like he did in his last fight, thus leaving Jones Jr. the winner by TKO. I think this scenario, if Tyson quits, would mean no rematch, no more boxing for Mike Tyson. Any other scenario of the three and he might just box again in the future. We’ll see.

My statistical pick is #2. There is no declared winner. Sure, they will be scoring the fight and if it’s even remotely close, the judges scorecards will favor Tyson over Jones Jr. Next I’d give it to Jones Jr. and third Tyson for the quick knockout.

I know everybody wants to root for Tyson to knock out Jones Jr. in the first round with some sort of vicious punch. Admittedly I’d like to see that young Tyson boxer again, but he’s 54. Even he said just hitting the bag for 20 seconds when he first started gave him pain. Not sure we’ll ever see that Tyson again, but am willing to spend 50 bucks to hope to see it.

Also, I think Roy Jones Jr. is a much better fighter than some might be giving him credit for. This leads me to believe he will either invoke a draw or win the fight himself by frustrating Mike’s style. Mike likes to come in fast and strong and Jones Jr. should be experienced enough to bob, weave and dodge his ferocious onslaught. I say should because any fighter on any day can be taken out by a good punch.

Am making these predictions early on fight day … about six hours before the fight begins. There is a lot of interest in watching this event. Whether or not it’s interest in the outcome of the fight, or the fact that two 50+ former boxing champions are duking it out or it’s something like reality TV in the sports world, this promises to be entertaining. Considering you could get several months worth of entertainment on a streaming channel for the same price, it might be better served to follow the fight through online text live recaps. If you happen to have the discretionary dollars, then it’s a safe way to spend the night watching something … different.

Are you planning on watching the fight tonight? If not, but still interested, who do you think will win? Or, like me, do you think it most likely ends with no winner declared?

Will you pay $49.99 to watch Mike Tyson in exhibition fight vs. Roy Jones Jr?

tysonontriller.com to purchase the PPV fight scheduled 9/12/2020 @ 6pm PT (GMT-8)

By now you might have heard about an upcoming, admittedly unusual PPV (Pay Per View) sports event involving retired boxing sensation Mike Tyson.

Admittedly this is outside what we typically cover here — we’ve never before covered live PPV sporting events of any kind — but this might be of interest to some readers, despite costing almost as much as an annual subscription to some streaming services.

The price for the upcoming event on September 12 (11/28/2020 @ 6pm PT) featuring Mike Tyson’s return to the ring in an 8-round exhibition fight is reportedly going to cost $49.99.

While pricey, the event is still cheaper than a number of the other major PPV boxing events in recent years. The February 2020 rematch between Tyson Fury and Deontay Wilder cost $79.99, while the 2017 bout between Floyd Mayweather and Conor McGregor set fans back a whopping $99.99 in high definition.

Mike Tyson comeback to feature Jake Paul undercard fight, cost $50 – Insider

The event is being streamed on Triller, which I never heard of until Tyson mentioned it in a promotional interview for the fight. Apparently Triller is a competitor of TikTok, which I also have never used. Anybody reading familiar with Triller?

According to another article linked in the next quote below, Triller paid $50 million for the exclusive streaming rights for this scheduled 3-hour PPV event.

Over the years we paid for and watched several Mike Tyson PPV fights and this one, assuming we can stream it on our TV (no cast to TV option will mean we’ll likely sit the sidelines, as I’m not dropping 50 bones to watch on the computer and we don’t have cable or satellite TV service), will be no exception.

$49.99 isn’t that far out of line for a three hour PPV event featuring a live boxing event. I’m not expecting the fight between Roy Jones Jr and Tyson to be as exciting as Tyson’s earlier boxing matches. What makes Tyson so compelling is how unpredictable he can be.

Let’s not forget Tyson bit a chunk out of Evander Holyfield’s ear. He bit him twice in the same round in that historic rematch.

Tyson bites Evander Holyfield’s ear — it was one of the most bizarre sports PPV event ever

My favorite line from former cornerman for Ali, boxing analyst and “The Fight Doctor” Ferdie Pachecko, “It’s like Dracula or something!”

Boxing fans are very familiar with Mike Tyson. Even non-fans recognize him for his various acting cameos and roles and how he dominated the news by a rape conviction and prison sentence or hanging out with tigers. The man is legendary.

Another reason I’m interested in this event is because Tyson is donating the money he received to charity. He’s not doing this for money for himself. He’s found some other inner calling to help others. I think this alone makes paying $49.99 to support the event worth it, even if others will see this as a freak show of sorts.

Who will win this fight? Tyson or Jones?

Tyson is the favorite on early betting lines so far. He probably will have a ton of ring rust being out 15 years, but nobody can deny his fierce punching power. If he catches Jones with an uppercut or his lethal left hook, it’s game over. I don’t care if he’s getting a senior discount at some restaurants, Jones isn’t likely to be able to absorb that blow.

Then again, Jones had been fighting professionally up until 2018. He can’t be counted out for his skill. He’s also three years younger at 51.

Respect Roy Jones Jr. take on this from sportsbible.com:

“I’m not going to try and go out there in the first round and take him out like I’m a fool. He’s still strong early, he’s still a strong lion.

But I’ve got a cheetah’s mentality which means I’ve got to get quick. If he don’t kill me quick his ass belongs to me then.”

The Astonishing Amount Triller Paid To Secure The Streaming Rights For Mike Tyson Vs. Roy Jones Jr

Will this PPV event actually happen?

I’ll make a formal prediction before the fight as the event draws nearer, likely after the PPV is available for purchase. It’s still almost a month away from this writing, so want to wait and see what else transpires leading up to the event.

However, if I had to make a decision right now, I’d say outside a knockout by Tyson in the first round, it will be a draw. Keep reading and you’ll see the rules for the fight, which portend the outcome likely leading to no decision.

I didn’t mention anything about the undercard. That will feature YouTuber, Jake Paul boxing former NBA guard Nate Robinson. Not sure how these two amateur fighters getting in the ring to settle a beef (???) leads us to two real boxers in a boxing match, but hey, it’s an undercard event and I wasn’t motivated by either person enough to research more into why they are even on this undercard (commenters feel free to fill me in below). I’d rather see something NBA-related with an NBA basketball player (perhaps a one on one pickup game or something?), but don’t know enough on this yet. It’s a freak curiosity, at least. The whole event is shaping up to be something that straddles the border between serious and farce.

George Foreman has publicly stated he’d like the event canceled because he doesn’t want to see Tyson or Jones get hurt. There is an element of danger in any boxing match, I mean these guys have lethal weapons as fists and they’re hitting each other in the head. Foreman’s heart is certainly in the right place, but dangerous stunts for entertainment are nothing new. Evel Knievel made risking your life a sport people will pay to see. Go watch his crazy Snake River Canyon in a rocket jump if you need any convincing that there are far more dangerous events for money.

The rules for the exhibition outlined here:

  1. 8 rounds
  2. They are wearing larger than normal gloves (12 ounce).
  3. No scoring judges. So, if there isn’t a winner by knockout, it will be a draw.
  4. If either fighter is cut, the fight will be stopped. Again, this suggests the outcome will be a draw.

I’m somewhat skeptical the event will go off as scheduled, but, again, if it’s available to stream and cast to our TV, I’ll be there. We have Roku and Chromecast. I just checked on Roku for a Triller channel and one doesn’t appear to exist.

I just looked over the Triller website and installed the app on my Samsung Note 10+ Android phone. Upon launching the Triller app and cycling through the menu and videos I didn’t see any obvious way to cast to TV, so I’m worried how this will be streamed to TV for those of us who don’t have cable or satellite. It’s a legitimate concern thanks to HBO Max, Peacock and Quibi having major launches without Amazon Fire Stick or Roku support.

No idea if this PPV event through Triller exclusively will be blocked for cast to TV but if it is somehow, that will be one of the stupidest moves ever. I mean, that would be like like Quibi-level idiocy.

Presales for the event will, according to the first linked, quoted article above, not be available until August 26, so it seems even the promoters aren’t sure yet if this event can and will go off as scheduled. Almost a month from now before we can buy this PPV.

If it happens, will you be buying this PPV for $49.99?

I’ll admit it doesn’t seem like the best use of $50, especially in current times. Hey, it’s entertainment. Will this even be good entertainment, is another question. We’ve paid over $50 before to see a movie with our grandchildren and they didn’t even make it through half the movie.

But enough of what I’m thinking, what about you? Do you have any interest in events like this? Your answers in the comments — or not — will also help me understand if covering events like this are worthwhile here. We’re a site about movies and to a lesser extent TV, but this type of one-off entertainment could be shown in a theater if they were open, like a Fathom Event, so it seems very related to what we do here.

Will you pay $49.99 for this PPV event? Or wait for the news update the next day? What would you be willing to pay if it’s some other price than $49.99? I think the price is just about right for me. If it was much more than 50 bucks, I’d probably pass on it, too.