Robert Downey Jr. Likes To Hide Food On Set + Dolittle will likely be top 10 earner at box office

Iron Man ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Robert Downey, Jr. fans rejoice, this post is for you. I mean, if you didn’t see how cool a guy he can be, then read this: 6-year old boy protects his sister from dog attack, receives accolades from Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo

The article linked below is pretty wild, even for the sometimes eccentric actor: it starts with a story about Robert Downey Jr (RDJ, hereafter) being gifted an alpaca — which are like the cutest tiny horses ever — and then digs into his “hilarious quirk” of hiding food all over movie sets.

Downey Jr.’s costars have revealed a hilarious quirk that he has when he’s filming: apparently, he brings his own food onto set and hides it so that he can eat it during scenes! On a live interview with the Huffington Post recently, Downey Jr.’s costar for his upcoming film The Judge, Vincent D’Onofrio, revealed that the Marvel actor continues this quirk even when he’s not playing Tony Stark.

Why No One Ever Stopped Robert Downey Jr. From Eating on the ‘Avengers’ Set

Although I’ve never been on a movie or TV set, my understanding is they have catering services. I don’t know if these services have like a room with food waiting and/or they are catered at only certain lunch and dinner breaks. Apparently, these food breaks simply aren’t enough to keep RJD’s appetite sated.

Love oddball actor stories like these. They help to humanize these mega millionaires.

Iron Man hides food on set … wonder if he had a candy bar or three stashed in his suit? What about in Dolittle ⭐️⭐️⭐️? Did he share his food stash with the animals? Wait, they were CGI … some of them anyway … CGI animals don’t have appetites.

Yeah, I know, silly, absurd. It’s almost more absurd to think Dolittle is still in the top 5 for box office earners in 2020 and there’s less than 90 days left in the year!

It will almost certainly end up top 10 unless there are more new theatrical releases — and assuming there are enough theaters open to generate revenue — added. $245 million worldwide is a lot of box office cash for a movie this year.