LIMITED TIME OFFER – Amazon Prime Streaming Channel $0.99/month for 2 Months: Showtime, Starz, Epix, Lifetime, more!

Amazon Prime Day is held annually. There are also Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals. It’s a great chance to do some shopping on a wide variety of items including premium add-on streaming channels.

Currently you can find a bunch of streaming channels available for $0.99/month for two months including: Showtime, Starz, Epix, Lifetime Movies and many more. You can cancel them after two months before they go back to full price, unless you decide to keep them.

We’ve pointed out these deals in the past, just keep an eye on the site search: LIMITED TIME. This post does not contain any affiliate links and we’re not compensated by Amazon for making it, this is us sharing a good deal with our reader friends. Hope you found some add-on channels to check out for a month or two.

Times are tough and any money that can be saved through special sales is appreciated, so thank you Amazon. If you have wanted to check out any of these channels, here you go. We picked up three of them so far, might subscribe to more.

Big Lots $5 and Under 3D Blu-ray Sale

$5 and under for Blu-rays at Big Lots SALE

3D movies aren’t for every type of movie but for the ones that it works, it works well. The good news when something isn’t that popular, the price of the physical media drops. There are some stores out there (dumping!) selling 3D Blu-rays for $5 or less per disc. That is a steal if you have a 3D TV and player that can play them, anyway.

Big Lots was where we scored our most recent bounty (pictured atop this post).

The two movies I really wanted to own in 3D were Avatar (maybe my favorite use of 3D ever) and Titanic. Those I had to buy at full price through Amazon.

4DX + 3D in Las Vegas

Next week we’ll be staying for the first time ever at the Red Rock Casino where the only 4DX Regal Theater is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. We visited there back in September 2019 (see: Awesome 4DX First Experience Watching Rambo: Last Blood) and that time stayed at the Palace Station Cinebarre.

Looking forward to catching Onward in 4DX + 3D. Looking forward to it. Planning on the showing circled above next week. If you’ll be in the Las Vegas area on Thursday 3/5/2020, please let us know. Would be cool to meet some folks for 4DX social watch-a-thon.

SALE – Buy Stallone Movies for $4.99 at Amazon Prime LIMITED TIME DEAL!

SALE — as of Saturday 9/21/2019 — Amazon Prime Video is offering many Sylvester Stallone movies for purchase at the low price of $4.99 (many are in HD format!). Some of these titles are rarely available for streaming and have been priced as high as $14.99+ in the past, so this could be a great timely sales chance for those who buy and collect movies to add to their digital collections.

Here’s a list of the Sylvester Stallone movies I’ve confirmed as of this writing that are on sale in Amazon Prime Video — better hurry, because this deal will no doubt end very soon (perhaps by the time you read this!):

  1. Assasins ($4.99)
  2. Backtrace ($4.99)
  3. Bullet To The Head ($4.99)
  4. Cliffhanger ($4.99)
  5. Cobra ($4.99)
  6. Cop Land ($4.99)
  7. Daylight ($4.99)
  8. Escape Plan ($4.99)
  9. Escape Plan 2: Hades ($4.99)
  10. Escape Plan 3: The Extractors ($4.99)
  11. Expendables ($4.99)
  12. Expendables 2 ($4.99)
  13. Expendables 3 ($4.99)
  14. Grudge Match ($4.99)
  15. Nighthawks ($4.99)
  16. Paradise Alley ($4.99)
  17. Stop Or My Move Will Shoot ($4.99)
  18. The Specialist ($4.99)
  19. Victory ($4.99)

This (very) limited time deal no doubt coincides with this weekend’s release of Rambo: Last Blood. I will continue to update this post with titles as they are confirmed, but I wanted to post this out there so those interested could see and react.

For reference, here is the Wikipedia list of all Sylvester Stallone films. Also, see Rotten Tomatoes rank all Sylvester Stallone movies by tomatometer.