FIRST LOOK: No Time To Die – First Official Trailer Released

Technically, the second look.

The first trailer for No Time To Die, Bond 25 dropped today, and it’s embedded below. I’ve been very eager to see what the movie looks like. We had some juicy info to chew on in the form of a teaser trailer released a couple days ago.

We talked a bit about Rami Malek starring as the first Bond eco-villain. The fact that he is joking being labeled Greenfinger might be a humorous barb, but I think the subject does lend itself to serious Bond treatment, as long as it’s not handled in too preachy and agenda-driven way (which more movies, unfortunately, are doing).

Here’s what little do we officially know about this film. We got this behind the scenes Jamaica featurette in June:

James Bond No Time To Die behind the scenes in Jamaica

So, filming is at least partly in Jamaica, mon.

If you watched that and thought, nice, some behind the scenes filming. Looks like a lot of dancing and more Jamaica. Bond does have a history of going to scenic settings, so Jamaica is a good place for part of his adventure, but I want me some Rami Malek villain takes.

On Sunday a teaser for the upcoming trailer dropped:

No Time To Die … teaser trailer

Cool title intro! Not sure why they are putting the word “trailer” in that though, it’s literally just the title graphic sequence. Maybe. Without the new Bond theme song, it’s a bit lacking.

Enough suspense, let’s get to the trailer all Bond fans have been waiting for.

The first official trailer … here it is .. !!!!

No Time To Die Official Trailer released 12/4/2019

Nice evil twitch expression from Rami Malek!

Cool Q-powered machine gunning car. Looks like a love interest for Bond will be a stake (perhaps a bit of a homage/style return to From Russia with Love). I didn’t catch much eco terror in the trailer, more of the usual Bond run and gun, car chases and the like, but with the added element of an African American partner who is also a 007. That is a curious element that I’d like to see how it plays out. Is she taking over the 007 or is the 007 more like one of many Bosleys as portrayed in Charlie’s Angels (2019)? (I did not care for the whole Bosley, Inc. thing).

While I like Daniel Craig as James Bond (he’s probably #2 for me behind Sean Connery), haven’t been a fan of Craig delivering the “Bond. James Bond.” iconic line here in the new trailer or in any of the Bond films he’s done. Just seems too dry and uninspired. He’s one of my least favorite delivering that classic Sean Connery line. My second favorite delivering the line was Roger Moore. Third favorite would be Pierce Brosnan. Lazenby and Dalton were in a mere combined 3 films of 25, so they are sort of afterthoughts using that line, but I did like how Lazenby said it in his one film

Good first trailer! I’m intrigued but don’t think the movie was spoiled. What do you think?

Daniel Craig’s Last James Bond Movie No Time To Die Features Ecovillain

It was just a matter of time before James Bond battled an eco-freak villain.

His unnamed nemesis — nicknamed Greenfinger by insiders — has a lair powered by an algae farm and with a Zen garden.

Daniel Craig’s reign as James Bond ends as last movie wraps filming | Fox News

No Time To Die is slated for an April 8, 2020 release and will feature Daniel Craig for the last time as Bond. Who replaces him after that will likely not be announced until after the movie hits theaters. I’ve read all kinds of suggestions; some intriguing, some absurd. Please, not a woman playing James Bond. That would be like casting a man as Lara Croft in Tomb Raider. Not in favor of that either.

(Sidenote: gender swapping is something in general I’m not a big fan of, like swapping Bosley from Charlie’s Angles (2019) out with Elizabeth Banks. I think #metoo is great, but prefer to imagine my female heroes as females and males as males. Sorry, Pierce Brosnan, I disagree).

Back to the movie. What is it about? No trailer has been released yet, but Cinemablend breaks down details of returning characters. Reportedly, there were three different endings filmed to keep the cast and crew in the dark as well.

UPDATE 10/28/2019 @ 16:13 – Heroic Hollywood says the new bond villain is called Safin and will be played by Rami Malek.