AtGames NOD – Retrogaming Celebration – over $20,000 in Prizes Feb 14, 2021

Please note: this isn’t a sponsored post, I’m just passing along to interested readers.

In addition to being Valentine’s Day 2021. It’s also the AtGames NOD – National Owner’s Day from 9am – 9pm PT (GMT-8). There are multiple different contests happening during this time only, each with a chance to win the new Legends Pinball table (pictured above), a $600+ value ($599+shipping). They are also giving away license packs for the Zaccaria pinball games and ArcadeNet subscriptions.

If you haven’t bought anything yet from AtGames, you have a chance to get in on some killer deals during this event, including a new Pinball controller, a limited edition Tetris-themed mini ALU, wave 4 preorder for the Legends Pinball (we prepordered wave 2 already, still waiting on ours, but they promise to fulfill all existing wave 1-3 orders by March 1).

One of the contests during NOD is the highest combined scores of retrogames: Burgertime, Space Invaders and Tetris. I’m not good at any of these games, but will be giving it my best today during the event. Here are the current AtGames leaderboard top scores as of this post:

Burgertime highest score: 600,600 — my 3,950 looks pretty abysmal by comparison
8,160 on Space Invaders is the top spot, I haven’t registered a score yet — but will today during the event
Tetris: 158,161 — no score submitted from me here yet, either

The 5 contests involved are as follows:

  1. LEGENDS FAMILY NETWORKING: Add 10 friends to your AtGames ecosystem leaderboard system, submit a score on any game to the leaderboards (that will work with contest #1 mentioned above) or enter an active game in the lobby. So, fairly easy to get this one.
  2. LEGENDS MAIL CONNECTION – Answer an ingame message on any of your AtGames connected device (ALU, mini, pro, core, pinball, etc).
  3. LEADERBOARD PARTIES – the Burgertime, Space Invaders and Tetris contest mentioned above, also play Junkyard Cats on the Global pinball games and these three ArcadeNet pinball games: Black Hole, Teed’ Off (highest score during the event only) and Haunted House
  4. SHOP NOW, WIN BIG – make any single reservation ($20 USD) during the event and earn entry. Multiple purchases do not earn additional entries, it’s one per customer max. We’re planning on getting gamepads ($35, $30 each during event only, $20 reservation), the Control Panel for Pinball ($100, regularly $200, only $20 reservation required) and at least 1 license of the 4 Zaccaria Pinball Packs ($100, regularly $200, with $20 reservation required). So, going to cost $80 at least today.

Winners of the pinball tables will be announced on PDubs Arcade Loft show live at 6pm PT, via a message to the AtGames Discord channel:

Good luck to all those participating in this fun videogame event today, February 14, 2021!