Dustin Diamond Wonders If He Got Cancer from Moldy Hotels

Recently, we came across some sad news that Screech, Dustin Diamond, from Saved By The Bell Has Stage 4 Cancer. Apparently, now he thinks he might have gotten cancer from staying in rundown, moldy hotels.

The rep says Dustin’s worked all over the country on film sets and at comedy clubs for meet-and-greets … and sometimes had to stay in pretty questionable hotels and motels, because there were no other options.

We’re told Dustin believes some of these spots might have had mold or asbestos … which he could have breathed in, causing his cancer.

TMZ – Dustin Diamond Struggling With Cause Of Cancer … Moldy Hotels To Blame?

This made me immediately hit Google and search if mold can lead to cancer. According to WebMD, no, it cannot.

Mold can cause health problems, especially allergies and asthma. But you probably don’t have to worry about it leading to lung cancer. No research directly ties mold and lung cancer. In fact, it’s a pretty far stretch to find any connection at all.

Mold Danger: Can Mold Cause Lung Cancer?

Don’t wish cancer on anyone, and as stated previously, hope a cure can be found someday sooner than later. It doesn’t sound like mold, however, is a possible culprit. He never smoked, so that’s out too. More likely it’s hereditary.

Hope he beats it.