Fuelster – Fills Up Your Vehicle While Waiting In Las Vegas Parking Lot … or Just Get Gas Station Yourself

Fuelster on Google Play

As we’re nearing a return vacation to Las Vegas, our flight leaves later this morning, in fact, we’re checking out the Las Vegas scene.

Apparently the MGM casino and resort, the largest on the strip, has cut a curious marketing deal with a company.

Enter Fuelster. Cool name for an app. Apparently while you’re vehicle is in the parking garage, you can pay Fuelster an extra 50 cents a gallon to stop by and fill up your tank.

That’s where Fuelster, an application-based gas fill-up provider that offers on-site service, hopes to be of assistance.  Simply leave your gas tank door open in the parking garage, and one of the service’s technicians will drive by with a fuel truck and do the rest. Fuelster recently entered into a marketing agreement with MGM Resorts International to provide their service at the 10 MGM properties on the Strip.

Fuelster app aims to fill a niche, and your gas tank, on the Las Vegas Strip – VEGAS INC

Unfortunately, the first review from January 2021 we read says a customer tried the app and waited 15 hours for a fill-up that never came.

Hmm. Think we’ll probably avoid using Fuelster, but I do like the concept.

Sure sounded like a good idea to refuel a rental car while the car was there, apparently there are some issues.

See: Movie Cars at Terrible’s Casino Just Outside Las Vegas

Imagine while you are watching a movie at a theater having a service come and fill up your tank? Then again, we’ll probably be using electric or non-gas combustible engine cars in the not too distant future.

Guess we’ll we’ll just go the traditional method and visit one of the many, many Vegas area gas stations.

Bond 25 No Time To Die Delayed Again – From Spring To Fall 2021

Here comes round #__ (fill in the blank) of movie delays. Think of Rocky getting punched in the face by the Russian Ivan Drago again, again, again. Bloodied, sitting in the corner, the scantily clad ring girl sways between the ropes, another card waving in the air. What round is this? Losing count!

That’s James Bond’s seemingly cursed 25th film which has been trying to come out for, well, a couple years now and counting.

MGM has pushed No Time To Die back again, this time from April 2 to Oct 8, 2021.

Moments after MGM relocated Bond, Universal announced that the studio’s Bob Odenkirk-led action thriller “Nobody” was moving from Feb. 26 to April 2 and Sony redated “Peter Rabbit 2,” “Ghostbusters: Afterlife” and “Cinderella.” Meanwhile, Focus Features, the specialty studio owned by Universal, bumped Edgar Wright’s “Last Night in Soho” from April 23 back to Oct. 22. It’s also been commonly speculated that Universal’s “Fast & Furious” sequel “F9” won’t keep its May 28 release date.

‘No Time to Die’ Release Date Delayed Again – Variety

This isn’t shocking news, considering a lot of movie theaters aren’t open and there seems to be some doubt that by April enough of them will be. MGM doesn’t want to take a Tenet or Wonder Woman 1984 gamble. They want to wait until things return to normal.

It’s possible that Bond gets pushed back again, especially if summer 2021 doesn’t go much better than summer 2020 That might sounds alarmist right now, but nobody knows how long it’s going to take — really, how long — for the pandemic to subside.

Depressing? Sure, but what can MGM do. They wouldn’t sell this movie for a streaming release, not unless it received some crazy high amount (see: No Time To Buy – At $800 Million, Don’t Blame Any Streaming Company for Saying “No!”), so now they keep waiting, and paying interest on the financing.

Stay safe out there. That’s all we can say. If that means the theaters must stay closed months and months longer, then so be it. Somewhere over the rainbow …

over a billion views … and counting!

MGM Getting More Serious About Selling To … Someone

Early last month we asked: Should Apple Buy MGM and gain 4,000+ movies including Bond? You can follow the link and read/re-read that piece, but to summarize: we actually think Amazon is a more likely suitor than Apple simply because Apple doesn’t seem to want to be a studio. They want to be what they are: a tech company that owns things.

Now, they could buy MGM and keep it functioning separate from Apple, but that’s not really the Apple way either. Not historically anyway.

Meanwhile, MGM is ratcheting up it’s efforts to sell. Leaving us to think about where the current streaming suitors fit into this possible MGM sale puzzle.

MGM has recruited Morgan Stanley and LionTree LLC to advise on the process of a formal sale, according to the Wall Street Journal. LionTree has worked with MGM in the past. Based on privately traded shares, the company has a market value of $5.5 billion, including debt.

MGM Explores Selling Studio – Variety

Bond is the big name IP play here. Who wants to own Bond? Netflix is the obvious answer, but they don’t have the cash and not sure they want to pull an AMC and leverage themselves deep into debt for 4,000 or so movies including James Bond and some TV shows. Even if some of those movies and TV shows are very rewatchable.

So, here we come back to the other available suitors. Not WarnerMedia, they just sold Crunchyroll to Sony. They are clearly in the selling mode themselves, save for promoting HBO Max as their entertainment future.

Amazon. I just keep coming back to them. $6-8 billion is a fraction of what Bezos made himself in one month in 2020. They are sitting on boatloads of cash and seem the most poised to outright buy a studio.

Apple might jump into the game if Amazon shows interest. Sometimes when you want to compete, you wait to see who is competing. Something tells me if Amazon wanted to buy MGM that Apple instantly would be more interested. We’ve seen bidding wars for movies over the last year and it seems like Amazon and Apple almost enjoy the bidding process against each other.

(purely perceived by articles on the two companies, no insider knowledge)

Who is left? NBC Universal with Peacock? Don’t think so. Disney? Maybe. James Bond isn’t exactly family friendly, but they could always buy it and make it another (mostly) adult content center for Star and Hulu (in the United States).

With MGM ramping up their selling interest, allegedly, is there any chance a sale is done before No Time To Die comes out in April? Seems like long shot, but the way the last year has gone almost anything seems possible. Any thoughts?

Should Apple Buy MGM and gain 4,000+ movies including Bond?

Here’s a wrinkle in the Bond saga we haven’t discussed yet: MGM possibly wanting to sell to another studio or streaming platform.

The buyer then would have access to thousands of movies, including the entire Bond library.

MGM would like to sell to another studio or streaming platform before the when pandemic ruins the film industry. Ulrich, sources talks, wanted to strike a settlement with the firm in the region of $8 billion. This is a high amount of money and while MGM controls a 4000 titles library which everything from “The Silence of Lambs” to “Rocky,” many intellectual titles that also has been heavily profited

Netflix Ready to Buy ‘James Bond: No Time to Die’ Movie

The article seems to be perpetuating the rumor that Netflix might actually pay $600 million to buy the rights to Bond, but believe that’s already been debunked (see: No Time To Buy – At $800 Million, Don’t Blame Any Streaming Company for Saying “No!”).

I can see why MGM wants to get out, but there have been relatively few signs that Apple is interested in being or buying a film studio. Sure, they had roots in Pixar at one point when Steve Jobs was still alive, but look where that ended up (Disney).

It would be a good play for Apple to beef up their empty cupboards, but the price tag is very high ($8 billion?!). Despite having plenty of money to make that type of purchase and already committing to $6 billion for new content (see: Apple TV+ is all “about original programming” says CEO Tim Cook), I’d sooner think Amazon would be a more logical buyer for MGM than Apple. Still, Apple certainly could buy MGM. Something tells me though that they don’t want to go full in on another type of business right now and leave studio production to studios (see: Apple is #1 most valuable publicly traded company, fighting antitrust complaints, and now AppleTV+ somewhat on American Airlines)

Netflix might like to buy MGM, but that also seems unlikely to me, again due to the price tag. Who else is in the mix, studio-wise to buy them? Forget about AT&T, WarnerMedia seems to be more seller than buyer lately.

It is worth discussion that a way Bond might skip a theatrical release is through a sale to a streaming platform. We want to see Bond in theaters and hope MGM stays the course, but that’s anything but guaranteed in the current environment.