Megyn Kelly reacts to Jane Fonda over her “quitting” Plastic Surgery at 82

Jane Fonda does not look 82 … at the 92nd Annual Oscars

Megyn Kelly vs. Jane Fonda on plastic surgery. The former still has her youthful looks, the latter has delayed old age by artificial means. They tangled on Kelly’s Today show a couple years ago because Megyn dared to ask about Fonda’s plastic surgery on a show about ageism.

It was ridiculous for Fonda to be upset then, but here’s what she said at the time:

“Given the fact that we don’t have a lot of time and Bob is right here, it’s a weird thing to bring up, whether I’ve had plastic surgery or not,” Fonda told ET Canada. “I have and I’ve talked about it. Seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question.”

Megyn Kelly reacts to Jane Fonda announcing she won’t get any more plastic surgery, 2 years after their tense interview

Now at age 82, Fonda is giving up plastic surgery for good. You think? Maybe Fonda should be encouraging other Hollywood women to just say no to plastic surgery rather than worry about a talk show host and journalist asking relevant interview questions.

Look, I get that we all want to look young as long as we can, especially women who see their roles diminish in Hollywood as they age. When was the last time you saw Jane Fonda starring in a feature length movie? I think it’s cool we get Sir Patrick Stewart back as Picard at 80. There just aren’t enough lead acting roles for seniors.

Here’s the thing about being in your 80s. It’s not criminal to look like you’re in your 80s. Jane Fonda looks like she’s in her late 50s to 60s. Great, plastic surgery works, I guess, but it makes your face look all kinds of Joker mask. If you’re an actor and playing senior roles, she’ll need makeup effects to look older.

Oh, the irony.

The Unnecessary Creative Liberties Taken by Bombshell


Anybody who has even loosely followed Megyn Kelly as a journalist and TV personality — and yes, she’s somewhat old news since going off the air on both Fox and her NBC Today Show — knows she had to speak up sooner or later about the movie.

Turns out she had some kind of private screening with alleged victims of Roger Ailes at FOX.

Kelly invited her husband, Doug Brunt, as well to watch the movie and give fresh, first reactions.

Brunt looks almost tranquilized in the few camera shots catching his expression. You can tell he feels badly for what happened to his wife.

It’s interesting to hear Brunt bring up one of my main criticisms of how Charlize Theron portrayed Megyn Kelly. The mannerisms and look are practically a dead ringer, but the voice is off. Check out this part of the video for Brunt’s comments at 3:33:

Physically it was there. I thought the voice was forced trying to get down deep and low.

Thanks for the vindication, Doug, because that was exactly the problem I couldn’t get over while watching it. There is more to a person than their looks, the way they speak is a very important part of their personality. Theron, as gifted and talented as she is, didn’t imitate Kelly’s voice.

Kelly goes on to detail several more liberties the movie took with the facts:

“They suggest that I had run my debate questions for Trump by the Murdochs. That’s a fantasy. I never ran it by Ailes or the Murdochs, or anyone other than my debate team,” Kelly said. “The notion that Roger liked the ‘Donald Trump woman question’ because it created controversy in a TV moment was not true. Roger did not like the question at all and was very angry at me for asking it. And at one point eventually asking me, ‘no more female empowerment stuff.’”

Megyn Kelly Disputes Bombshell’ Plot Points: What It Got Right & Wrong | IndieWire

It’s puzzling why Jay Roach and his team didn’t do a better job staying true to the narrative, instead of spinning their own. I understand why some biographies sway from the truth, but in these cases it was unnecessary. There were plenty of dramatic, intense moments with the facts not to need creative license.

This wasn’t what Roach did with Sarah Palin in Game Change ⭐️⭐️⭐️ (as much, anyway) but for some reason he felt it was necessary here. I think this is one main reason the film didn’t do as well.

Another reason is it didn’t tell the story from Gretchen Carlson’s point of view as the primary character. That was the person who brought the charges first and was the most prominent in the actual case. Instead, Roach went for the more “popular” of the three, Megyn Kelly. Again, to the film’s detriment.

I’ll readily admit being fascinated by how much Charlize Theron looked like Megyn Kelly, but in the end that wasn’t enough to maintain my interest in the story.

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What did you think of Bombshell?