Martin Scorsese Clarifies Shade Thrown at Marvel Movies

MCU = Marvel Cinematic Universe — and Scorcese is asking for deeper thought about its cinematic values .. maybe

Director Martin Scorsese doesn’t seem to think Marvel movies are “cinema” whatever that means. You might have heard that Marvel fans were not happy with the diss on their favorite movies. Well, Scorsese has clarified what he meant.

The director doubles down on his belief that Marvel movies aren’t cinema and again makes the theme park comparison. He believes that Marvel movies have value and people can like them or not, but that they provide a different type of experience, and that experience doesn’t meet his definition of cinema.

Martin Scorsese Clarifies Controversial Comments About Marvel Movies

Art is subjective. Scorsese has a right to his opinion. Whether or not he dished this at a time that he was wanted more publicity for The Irishmen which isn’t getting a wide theatrical release (ironic, actually) is open to speculation.

I don’t agree that Marvel movies aren’t just as much “cinema” as any other movie. Seems a little bit like class snobbery when we talk about how one piece of art not being art because it doesn’t meet some set of conditions. Art is art, period.

Just my two cents. Scorsese is entitled to classify movies however he wants. I don’t see any difference cinematically between Goodfellas and Avengers, sorry, but if he does, there’s no point in beating the famous director down. Some critics are hypersensitive, too, just ask Queen’s Roger Taylor.

Honestly, I’m not as big a fan of the MCU right now either but it’s not for the same reasons as Scorsese, it is burnout on some of the characters. In my opinion, they’ve rebooted some of their characters too many times. Enough Spider-Man being rebooted, let’s get a character deeper in the comic books sort of like what DC did with Joker ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ . Plenty of other characters than the most popular ones getting trotted out time and again.