6-year old boy protects his sister from dog attack, receives accolades from Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo

Dolittle ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Say what you want about the #3 top grossing movie of 2020, but its lead star has heart. And not just for his onscreen animal friends.

A six year old boy named Bridger put himself in front of a dog about to attack his sister. The bites to his face required 90 stitches.

In a video message, Downey Jr said: “Bridger, you’re a rockstar. I hear Captain America sent a shield your way. I’m going to do one better, you call me on your next birthday. I’ve got something special for you.”

Robert Downey Jr and Tom Holland surprise for brave fan

Wish I could like this more than once. Maybe I can, by sharing with readers.

This is one benefit of 2020 social media: more easily putting movie stars in touch with fans. The article doesn’t say what happened to the dog, but it usually isn’t good in situations like this.

Tom Holland invited Bridger onto the Spider-man 3 set and Mark Ruffalo also responded. Whenever you hear how rich movie stars don’t do anything nice for others, drop them this link.

Two thumps up for you, Bridger. Protecting your sister is what it’s all about, young man!

Edward Norton – Talented, Creative but Not Collaborative?

Motherless Brooklyn⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

Marvel seemed to like Edward Norton’s talent, but disliked his ability to get along with others. I’m parsing words, seeking meaning in a quote, so this is open to great interpretation.

You can parse Kevin Feige’s words yourself, but keep in mind they were said 10 years ago.

In 2010, shortly before announcing The Avengers at the San Diego Comic Con, Feige released a statement clarifying why Norton was let go. “Our decision is definitely not based on monetary factors,” Feige said, “but instead rooted in the need for an actor who embodies the creativity and collaborative spirit of our other talented cast members.”

The real reason Marvel fired Edward Norton from Avengers, replaced him with Mark Ruffalo as Hulk – hollywood – Hindustan Times

Since I know nothing about what happened behind the scenes, I’ll comment on the movie Incredible Hulk with Edward Norton. I’d compare his performance to the amazing Bill Bixby from the TV show also playing Dr. David Banner. Norton is probably #2 for me on screen next to Bixby. He seemed to have that certain something. Terrible description, I know, but those who loved the original TV series Incredible Hulk know exactly what I mean.

My problem with The Incredible Hulk movies to date can’t be solved with revisions of screenplay. They have everything to do with who is playing Hulk. I don’t want a CGI Hulk, I want someone muscular to do what Lou Ferigno did. I’m OK with CGI enhancement, but the Hulk in all the Marvel movies to me has been too CGI.

Mark Ruffalo played Banner too safe. Oh, he was alright, he was skilled. Safe. Norton was more chaotic in his portrayal. The Hulk needs an unstable portrayal, sorry Ruffalo.

Norton was good in Motherless Brooklyn last year, too. I know that film didn’t really resonate at the box office, but the reviews were promising. If you like private eye gumshoe movies, that’s worth checking out.

Who has been your favorite David Banner actor?