Lord of the Greens: Amazon’s $450 Million First Season of Lord of the Rings

In the midst of a pandemic, money tight for many people, but what does the neverending fountain of cash that is Amazon do? Spend hundreds of millions making a Lord of the Rings TV series.

The Hollywood Reporter has confirmed that Amazon will spend roughly NZ$650 million — $465 million in U.S. dollars — for just the first season of the show.

That’s far above previous reported estimates that pegged the fantasy drama as costing an already record-breaking $500 million for multiple seasons of the show.

Amazon’s ‘The Lord of the Rings’ to Cost $465M for Just One Season

Amazon has previously stated the first season will be eight episodes. That puts an average cost of $60+ million per TV episode. For a streaming channel.

Disney is spending a lot on each episode of The Mandalorian too, so Amazon aren’t the only ones dipping into the cash register.

We’re talking about Amazon here. $465 million are loose change in the couch for them, but it sets a bar pretty high for streaming TV series. Sure, it’s a major IP and they’re probably thinking it needs to be another Game of Thrones, but … well, spend that tech money, I guess.

Are you looking forward to watching this new Lord of the Rings TV series on Amazon Prime? A release date has not been announced as of this posting.

Nintendo Switch: The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition

We haven’t had a lot of videogame coverage here to date, but there are crossover games to movies and TV shows from time to time (see: Cobra Kai: The Karate Kid Saga Continues Videogame Coming in October) which warrant coverage. Maybe we’ll establish some sort of FIRST LOOK type thing for videogames. Call it WISH LIST or something? Any suggestions welcome in the comments.

Anyway, we have enjoyed playing games for 30+years. Me? Since Pong, so that takes me way, way back. Like retrogaming on steroids.

The console-portable hybrid system we play most currently is the Nintendo Switch, although we do own a PS4 and Xbox One which have better graphics and systems that are more powerful. They aren’t even hooked up to a TV at the moment (long story). We are also playing a lot of the Ultimate Legends Arcade system (see: Arcade and Console Videogaming Heaven – Legends Ultimate Arcade), which lets us access all sorts of arcade and console games on a standup cabinet.

Eventually, when we can find one in retail stores normally, we’ll probably pick up the newest Xbox and PS5. It’s not a priority.

We also enjoy board games and card games. Lord of The Rings on Nintendo Switch has a card game that looks interesting and made our wish list and purchase for $19.99.

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition includes: – Two additional campaigns: The Shadow’s fall & The Witch-King’s Grasp and their respective heroes. – A brand new mode: the Mirror of Galadriel which lets you test your deck in randomly generated quests. – The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game’s current owners will get the Definitive Edition for free. Build a deck of iconic Heroes and challenge the forces of Sauron in this thrilling tactical card game. Go forth and explore famous locations, complete story-driven quests, and forge your own legend of Middle-earth. But beware the Eye of Sauron—should you draw his attention, all will be lost…

The Lord of the Rings: Adventure Card Game – Definitive Edition for Nintendo Switch – Nintendo Game Details

Played it only a couple times so far. Graphics are excellent but I get the sense I’d rather play the card game with cards and a board game than as a videogame.

Any other console or retrogamer readers? What movie or TV-related games have you enjoyed playing?

Lord Of The Rings Slot Machine: Rule Them All

This slot machine on our Las Vegas trip paid the best

We’re probably in the minority that have never seen any of The Lord Of The Rings movies, but while in Las Vegas for our anniversary last month we played a bunch of different movie-themed slot machines. The one we did the best at is pictured above: LOTRO: Rule Them All.

The game is styled after the classic three-wheel slot machine, but it is video based. In the corners of the reels you can capture three Eyes of Saurons then a random bonus will appear. We got the one that spawned multiple reels where the process repeats itself. If you capture enough Eyes of Saurons, you get to a bonus game at the top of the machine that pays very well with a lot of wilds on each spin. We got like three spins of that for over $1,100. Really, the perfect payout that is not a handpay.

This was the highlight of our gambling portion of our trip. Pretty much everything else sucked, but this game was fun.