Is Live Action Harley Quinn Movie Based on Adult Animated Series Under Consideration?

After seeing the somewhat disappointing Harley Quinn Birds of Prey movie, I wondered why Warner Bros. didn’t just make a live action version of the brilliant adult animated TV series?

Now, I’m reading a rumor that this might be currently under consideration:

…tipster Mikey Sutton claims that the studio haven’t given up on the idea of Harley as a marketable commodity just yet, and WB are rumored to be developing a solo movie for the fan favorite, which will be influenced by the acclaimed R-rated animated series that can currently be found on HBO Max. Given Margot Robbie’s A-list status and the enduring popularity of the comic book character, it wouldn’t be surprising in the slightest for the DCEU to mount another attempt at turning Harley Quinn into the star of her own franchise, but for now, we’ll just have to wait and see what they have planned.

WB Reportedly Discussing Harley Quinn Solo Movie Inspired By Adult Cartoon

If this does happen, then they better not wimp out on the production. I’m talking lay out the graphic violence, language and some (not too gratuitous) lesbian sex scenes between Poison Ivy and Harley. If Kate Winslet and Saoirse Ronan can do the horizontal mambo in Ammonite, then Harley & Ivy can make names for somebody (Margot Robbie and ___ insert your favorite Poison Ivy actress).

If they don’t go almost all the way to an X-rating, then the live action version will be lame. A good part of what makes the animated series so alluring is how over the top it is.

Hope this is true and hope they go all in. Even if they have to cut down some of the sex, drugs, violence and rock and roll to keep it R-rated, just go as far as they can.

Meanwhile, Season 3 of Harley Quinn is underway. Can’t wait for that to hit HBO Max. That won’t arrive until late 2021 or sometime in 2022 most likely. No official release date has been announced as of this writing.