Opening 4-30-2021 in Theaters: Separation, Walking With Herb, Limbo [all LIMITED]

Friday, week #18 of 2021 (4/30 – 5/2/2021).

A string of LIMITED releases this week, so some/all may or may not be available for viewing in theaters in your area. Regal Cinemas are open again in our area, so that has expanded the overall number of theaters. We decided to stay with AMC Stubs A-List vs. going back to the Regal Unlimited plan, at least for another month or so. There are more Regal cinemas in our area than AMC, but there are pros and cons for each monthly movie pass service.

Regal kind of nickels and dimes their members with fees for IMAX, convenience fees and the like but does offer an unlimited amount of movies watched as long as the same movie isn’t watched more than once per day. AMC limits to three movies in any format every week and no convenience fees for reserving online or using their app.

Let’s get to this weekend’s new movies available in theaters…


Creatures that walk with dislocated bones, ewww. Yeah, I get the feeling this creature feature might be in my wheelhouse, unless it spends more time on keeping the creature in the dark vs. letting it out and doing something with it besides making only making it scary.

We’ve all seen those type of horror films: where they think it’s scary knowing nothing about the monster or obsessing over its origins.

The trailer makes me think (hope!) that this will be one of those horror films that’s in the middle, that doesn’t rely too much on cheap jump scares. Will find out soon enough!

Anybody else interested in seeing this one in theaters? Or plan to wait and see it on streaming?

Anticipation: 5/10

Walking With Herb

An amateur golfer that is struggling with his faith. I have enjoyed watching some of these type films, so maybe will enjoy this one. Admittedly not among my top genres for films to watch, but also like seeing something different and uncommon. The problems is a lot of these stories, despite the genre, are formulaic and a little too neatly put together. I sort of prefer a more real life roughness to the stories versus working non-organically toward the happy ending. Some happy endings are OK, but in general that seems too often to be an artificial goal. We don’t always need the HE to be entertained and if we’re looking for faith on real life situations, we should have real life uncertainty — sometimes, anyway.

Then again maybe Herb won’t have a completely happy ending?

Anticipation: 3/10

Limbo A

Another one of those the title a lot about what the movie is about.

Omar is a promising young musician. Separated from his Syrian family, he is stuck on a remote Scottish island awaiting the fate of his asylum request.


Lukewarm interest on this one based on trailer and description, but as stated before on several other movies we don’t know much about, this could be a pleasant surprise.

Anticipation: 2/10

Wherever you are watching movies this weekend, happy watching to you!