Now The Man With Suspenders Can Interview The Afterlife, Larry King Dead at 87

No official cause of death has been announced, but Larry King, entered the hospital in December with COVID, so perhaps it’s related to this miserable pandemic. He also was diagnosed with lung cancer, so there’s that.

Whatever caused his death, he’s gone now, after giving over 30,000 interviews and spending 60+ years in media, 25+ on CNN alone.

King left CNN in 2011, a move he expected would amount to retirement. But he kept working until his death, hosting “Larry King Now,” a program that aired on Ora TV, Hulu and RT America. King, it seemed, just never wanted the interview to end. “I just love what I do,” he said, “I love asking questions, I love doing the interviews.”

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King worked almost literally to the end, doing what he loved best: interviewing others.

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He has plenty of candidates to interview wherever he roams with those springy suspenders now.

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RIP Larry King.