George Lucas is not coming back, Star Wars Fans, he is 75+ years old – and leave Kathleen Kennedy alone already

The Kathleen Kennedy scoreboard: movies she’s been involved with

As a general rule at this site, I try to stay away from responding to internet rumors. Often in my daily online reading travels, I come across “news” that is 99% speculation, rumor and hyperbole and 1% or less true news. Most of this I don’t bother covering or responding here. Why waste your time with a bunch of click-baiting garbage without any verifiable source?

Then again, sometimes I’m feeling playful and want to poke trolls … just because.

We have enough challenges staying on top of when and where movies are going to appear to get hung up on whether or not a 75 year old retired George Lucas is coming back to “save” Disney Star Wars.

Yeah, that’s one of the biggest “news” stories I keep seeing. It’s gone on for over a week now, started by a guy who uses a voice analyzer and wears a suit that makes him look like an alien from The Outer Limits.

Sadly, I’m being serious.

In 2020, we are supposed to take our news from a guy who shakes his fist in an alien costume disguising his voice. He has over 185,000 subscribers on YouTube and several claiming his Lucasfilm sources are credible in past stories.

I just laugh looking at his ridiculous on screen persona. Dude, the first rule of being taken seriously is to be, well, serious. This guy is a caricature. I like his shtick for entertainment value, but not for news. If you watch Dicktor Von Doomcock’s videos (seriously, he has “dick” in his name like twice lmao), he openly admits that we should take his rumors “with a grain of salt.” Of course very few are actually doing that.

I digress.

Awhile back I asked here if we would even want Lucas back? I would love to see George Lucas as writer and director of another movie. Not another Star Wars movie, no thank you. I know he created it, but he had three Star Wars prequels that pretty much ruined my interest in more George Lucas Star Wars. Could he do a spin-off in the Star Wars universe that was cool? Sure, maybe. Would he want to at 75+ years old? Based on his own commentary on the subject, it’s extremely unlikely.

Lucas has like $2 billion dollars worth of reasons to spend time with his family and not get into making more Star Wars. Life is way too short, especially when you’re in your mid 70s.

This brings us back to the Kathleen Kennedy haters.

I can’t subscribe to the group that blames Kennedy for all that is wrong with Disney Star Wars (see: Kathleen Kennedy and The Mandalorian Rumors). If you make it her fault that the final three sequels were jacked up, then you also have to credit her for The Mandalorian and Rogue One and dare I even suggest that Solo was better than two of the three final trilogy (it wasn’t as good as Force Awakens)?

While I don’t have independent verification, Robert Meyer Burnett is saying that Solo toys are currently outselling any other Disney Star Wars toys except The Mandalorian Baby Yoda rules all SW toy sales. Anyway, got to credit Kathleen Kennedy for this, too, right? Only fair.

I just read a good story that, like Dicktor Von Doomcock, claims to have an inside source at Disney. If you want to get caught up in reading all things bad about Kathleen Kennedy, it’s worth having something to balance with a contrarian viewpoint.

More specifically, they say there is no talk about Kennedy leaving any time soon. At present, she has her attention focused on the film side of things over at Lucasfilm, while Favreau and Filoni are more focused on the Disney+ content. Furthermore, our source added that the rumored “civil war” is not true, and that they trio’s working relationship is fine.

LRM – No, Kathleen Kennedy Is Not Getting Pushed Out Of Lucasfilm, And There Is No Internal Civil War | LRM’s Top Shelf Rumor

100% don’t believe George Lucas is ever coming back to Star Wars — other than in a capacity to consult (he’s been doing that by many reports all along).

If he ever directs a Star Wars movie will I want to see it? Sure, but after seeing his prequels, I’m not clamoring for any more Lucas Star Wars. Give me some fresh eyes and ideas making new Star Wars films. Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni can give us more Mando and spinoffs. There are plenty of other filmmakers that can probably do some crazy cool things within the Star Wars galaxy.

(Not Rian Johnson)

Kathleen Kennedy staying isn’t going to be a roadblock to getting more good Star Wars created. Logic and history will tell you otherwise. She’s been a part of way too many good movies to be as terrible as some Star Wars fans believe. I don’t subscribe to the notion that on every film she just got coffee for the directors. That’s not only sexist, it’s just ignorant and stupid. Kennedy had good ideas according to Spielberg himself.

Let’s not rewrite history here. Lucas hand-picked Kennedy. Maybe he thought she’d use his Star Wars sequel stories and feels somehow betrayed, but he took the money and every writer — even the great George Lucas — should understand rejection. Disney doesn’t have to use his ideas. He sold Star Wars and thus gave the new owners the power to do whatever they wanted with the IP, including telling whatever stories — good, bad or indifferent — they wanted to tell.

In closing, George Lucas isn’t coming back. If he does come back, I’ll happily admit being wrong, and if he does would welcome and look forward to seeing any non-Star Wars movies that he writes and directs.

Star Wars fans need to move on from Lucas. Not from Star Wars. Keep The Force alive, I get it. We can get more great media out of this IP.

Plenty of great creative people out there besides George Lucas. As for Kathleen Kennedy, she’s earned a seat at the table doing what she is doing as long as she wants to do it. I don’t get the hate, really. It just supports the notion that women executives aren’t treated as well as men. Hollywood does have far too many men in positions of power and Kennedy has a resume that is very deserving a seat at any film production table.

Kathleen Kennedy and The Mandalorian Rumors

Kathleen Kennedy, love or hate her, she’s been involved in some way with many awesome movies

I don’t get the internet hate aimed at Kathleen Kennedy.

Hold the angst, Star Wars fans, she might have been a strong executive producer and had a hand in ruining Disney Star Wars, but I’m applying greater damage to the writers and directors than the executive producer. Many have blamed Kennedy for shutting down projects, delaying movies to “get them right” and more.

Is it such a crime to delay a movie to make it better? Look at Sonic the Hedgehog. Sure, different studio, different people, but if that hadn’t been delayed to redo Sonic’s CGI what would have been the results?

Yes, Kennedy has pushed a feminist agenda in a male dominated Hollywood. Sheesh, can we blame her, guys? Really? What would you do if Hollywood was all women and you were the lone industry male leader? Wouldn’t you push a male-driven agenda?

I’m no fan of jamming in social justice crap and feminism where it doesn’t belong, but her crusade to empower women in positions of storytelling and power inside Hollywood is refreshing — and right. It should be about 50/50, just like it is with the population on earth. I refuse to believe there aren’t just as many talented women writers, directors and producers — if they are given the opportunities.

It’s unfair not to consider Kennedy’s resume. Look at all those blockbuster movies at the top of this post. Indiana Jones, E.T, Jurassic Park, Poltergeist, Back To The Future Schindler’s List … and so on.

Sure, she’s been part of duds, but just having a couple of those titles I mentioned on your resume should get you into any movie making Hall of Fame, even if all you did was get coffee for the crew (I don’t believe that’s all she did, by the way, but those who hate her claim that was her involvement).

She’s been involved creatively — the degree of which is the dispute for her detractors — of some truly amazing films throughout her career. She’s been something of a right arm to Steven Spielberg and she’s blamed for why Disney Star Wars sucks, except all too conveniently for The Mandalorian, of course.

The rumor claims Jon Favreau wasn’t all happy with Kennedy’s approach so he enlisted George Lucas and they went above Kennedy to Disney CEO Bob Iger, which resulted in Kennedy being distanced from The Mandalorian (it’s also been said Kennedy has been banned from the Season 2 set, though this rumor says Kennedy is still somewhat involved and attends meetings).

The Mandalorian Rumors Include Baby Yoda, Emperor, Rey | Cosmic Book News

I like what Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni are doing with The Mandalorian. I like some of what Kathleen Kennedy is doing these days. Admittedly, less of what she’s involved with in the last 10 years or so has excited me than her first 20 years, but hey, maybe her best works were in the early days. You see that with all sorts of creative people. They only have so many good ideas and then they start to recycle them. There are only so many Stephen Kings in the world.

(Kennedy was involved with Creepshow, too — refer to the filmography at the top of the post)

Let’s not forget that George Lucas chose Kennedy as his successor. Did Lucas believe that she’d take Star Wars the direction he wanted her to? Maybe. Maybe not, but frankly Lucas has been screwing up Star Wars long before Kathleen Kennedy. Lucas created some world-changing films, a ground-breaking special effects company, and essentially retired. That was like 20 years ago he did anything revolutionary and new. The prequel Star Wars were mostly garbage. We need to be intellectually honest about George Lucas in recent times — he hasn’t mattered.

I’m not a Kathleen Kennedy apologist. If she is part of a film that sucks, she deserves the heat associated with it and those reading should know I’ll say so. However, I’ve already gone on record as saying that I don’t think the producers are as responsible as many make them out to be (see: How Important are Movie Producers?). What degree of involvement — good and bad — Kathleen Kennedy has played in many, many great films can be disputed, but one thing cannot:

She’s been a wonderful force for women in Hollywood.