The Snyder Cut of Justice League Is 1.33:1 Ratio, Not Widescreen Available March 18, 2021 at Midnight PT (GMT-8)

(Note: Original article linked and quoted gave an incorrect time that HBO Max would drop the Snyder cut. They edited the article and time, so I changed to midnight. The original article stated it would be available at 11pm PT on March 17, but due to Daylight Savings Time, it’s off by one hour. Got to love DST!)

With The Snyder Cut of Justice League coming in March 2021 to HBO Max we’re learning more details about the film, in addition to the mammoth run time (see: The 4-hour Snyder Cut of Justice League Will Premiere On March 18, 2021).

It was shot in a way intended to use IMAX screens. In fact, the film may (?) be released theatrically on IMAX (with intermissions or not, we haven’t learned yet) in addition to HBO Max. This should make Snyder purists that truly want to see it on the big screen.

Sources have confirmed to IGN that Zack Snyder’s four-hour reassembling of Justice League is using the boxy 1.33:1 ratio. So the question is why? Well, the director’s love for the format stemmed from the IMAX scenes he shot for Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which were rendered in full frame, in the 1.43:1 aspect ratio. Ever since that movie, Snyder’s been enamored with the square composition and the idea of using it for future projects.

Why The Snyder Cut of Justice League Isn’t Widescreen – IGN

I’m interested in seeing this in IMAX. Am hopeful there will be an intermission, however, because four hours is just way too long for a movie. Maybe the story will lend itself to the runtime, so don’t want to condemn anything before seeing, but just throwing out that if this happens then this will be the longest movie we’ve seen in theaters in, well, ever.

Have you seen any other four hour movies in theaters before? If so, please tell us what the experience was like? Was there an intermission?

The Snyder Cut of Justice League will be available at 11pm PT on March 17, 2021 on HBO Max.

The 4-hour Snyder Cut of Justice League Will Premiere On March 18, 2021

It’s official.

We’ll finally be able to watch the extended length Snyder Cut of Justice League on March 18, 2021 on HBO Max.

This is certainly a relief for all of the DC fans out there who have been waiting to see the Snyder Cut. Even after it was announced as a real thing by Warner Bros. and HBO Max, some worried that the can would continue to be kicked down the road due to the ongoing reshoots and potential pandemic delays. But the Snyder Cut is officially on the way, and it’ll be here before we know it.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Gets Official HBO Max Release Date

This piggybacks on our last post on the subject (see: Zack Snyder’s 4-Hour Justice League Movie Not Split In Parts?) which confirmed that it will be a very, very, very, very, very long feature film.

Am looking forward to it, but with all this hype, so much time that has transpired, I’ve got a sinking suspicion it won’t measure up to the expectations. Will it be cool? Entertaining? Worth the extra $70 million spent? I don’t know. Really, they could have made several new movies with that $70 million. Was Snyder’s epic vision of what Justice League coulda, woulda, shoulda been be worth this?

Tune into HBO Max on March 21, 2021 to find out.

Zack Snyder’s 4-Hour Justice League Movie Not Split In Parts?

Justice League ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

Holy long movies, Batman!

The Snyder Cut was supposed to be presented as a mini-series, not as one incredibly, painfully 4+ hour movie, but apparently Snyder cares nothing for our bladders.

Snyder announced at DC FanDome in Aug. 2020 that HBO Max would split the release of his Justice League cut into four one-hour episodes; a single four-hour cut of the episodes would release later, exclusively on HBO Max. Now, it appears this is not the case.

Zack Snyder’s Justice League Is No Longer a 4-Part Release | CBR

Or maybe it’s because we can just hit pause at home vs. theaters, but the crazy thing is the article linked above indicates Snyder actually wanted a theatrical release for his Frankenstein cut. LOL, seriously! Four hours in the movie theater seeing the same movie? Better have two intermissions at that monstrous length.

Are you OK watching a single movie that’s 4+ hours long? I’m looking forward to seeing the Snyder Cut of Justice League, but the length, which will be an hour or so less than an entire 8-episode season of Cobra Kai, seems way too long for any movie.

Then again, if it’s awesome, I won’t care. Will you?