Stephen King’s Son Joe Hill Would “Jump” At Chance To Write And Direct Maximum Overdrive Reboot

Maximum Overdrive ⭐️

Stephen King has only directed one movie during a cocaine-fueled addiction haze in his life and the experience soured him on ever returning to try again. The movie was terrible, but the short story it was based on is good.

There was a reboot called Trucks (same name as King’s original short story), but now King’s son, Joe Hill is saying he wants the chance to write and direct another reboot.

“I would only want to jump into directing if I had a chance to do the reboot of Maximum Overdrive,” Hill tells Mick Garris on October 28th’s season 5 premiere of Post Mortem With Mick Garris that Bloody Disgusting had a chance to listen to early. “If someone offered me the chance to write and direct a relaunch of Maximum Overdrive, I’d jump at that in a second.”

Joe Hill Wants to Write and Direct a Remake of Stephen King’s ‘Maximum Overdrive’ – Bloody Disgusting

Hill’s story idea for a reboot is good: get away from the comet and make it about the fear people have of self-driving cars. There are very real fears people have with self-driving cars, so it’s timely and relevant, but I don’t think the short story “Trucks” is worth all these movies.

I would be interested in seeing Joe Hill direct something and a sober Stephen King sit in the chair again (see: Yes, Stephen King Should Direct Again – How about an episode of Creepshow?). Both men have other stories they could adapt into a movie. Let’s just be done with “Trucks” It’s had way more screen time than it deserves.

Mad Props to Joe Hill for Paving His Own Career Path

The problem with Joe Hill is he resembles a younger Stephen King

If Stephen King was your dad and you wanted to prove you could make it without riding on his coat tails what would you do? Just ask Joe Hill. He’s done exactly that.

“I lacked a lot of self-confidence as a teenager,” Hill told The Telegraph in 2016. “When I went into writing, I had to know that if someone bought one of my stories they’d bought it for the right reasons–that it is a good story–and not because of who my dad is.”

Who is Joe Hill? ‘Locke and Key’ Creator is Stephen King’s Son

Mad respect to Hill, the author of some truly awesome horror novels. Horns is great. Now, he has a Netflix series, Locke & Key. Haven’t seen that one yet, but will probably check it out. If it’s really good, I might even review it here. It’s based on the graphic novel by Hill about an ancestral home with magical keys hidden inside.

The problem with Joe Hill is his physical appearance is very similar to a younger Stephen King. Beard and all! So, even if you didn’t know he was Stephen King’s son somehow, you can see the resemblance and would guess.

There is something to sharing a last name though. I worked with one of my sons for awhile and we didn’t advertise we were related. People saw we had the same name and made the connection pretty quickly. So, the best think Hill could do is not use his last name.

I totally get why Hill didn’t want to go by the byline of Joe King. It’s very honorable and respectful to want to have your talent measured by your work, not because you’re the son of one of the most famous living authors ever. Hill doesn’t have to worry about that any more. He’s earned his writing street cred. If you doubt that, just buy and read some of his work.

Locke & Key the entire first season of 10 episodes is now bingeable on Netflix.