Jane Fonda at 80 on dating, “I’ve closed up shop down there!”

Barbarella ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Say it isn’t so, Jane. We’d enjoy watching a well-written romcom with Jane Fonda at 80+with .. some suave elder statesman (Sean Connery?). Why doesn’t Hollywood give us more senior citizens getting the love on?

I know, I know, it’s always got to be about the younger ones. They think we only want to see youth, no sagging or bagging. Fonda looks pretty darn good for 80 and there are male actors who clean up at that age.

Anyway, Jane Fonda is making news again, this time for telling more about her personal life and making some personal admissions like she could have slept with Marvin Gaye, but was married at the time and “fell in love” with Robert Redford. This further cements that actors and actresses do really fall in love in films. That chemistry we see and feel on the screen is sometimes not acting.

But sounds like Fonda is done with men.

“I’m not dating anymore, but I did up until a couple of years ago,” she told Extra in May 2018. “I’m 80. I’ve closed up shop down there!” The Grace and Frankie actress has however a history of long-term relationships, beginning with her first marriage to Roger Vadim in 1965.

Jane Fonda’s Dating History

Fonda isn’t done with acting, just don’t ask her about plastic surgery like Megyn Kelly.

I’m not a fan of Fonda’s politics or activism, especially her activity during Vietnam, but, a little like Mike Tyson (see: The Mike Tyson Dilemma – does promoting those who’ve done bad in the past imply support for their misdeeds?) I have enjoyed some of her work.

Barbarella? Oh, yeah. It’s just so crazy and warped and different, well, it made me a fan. For those who just want to see Fonda nude, well, her first husband and the filmmaker made sure we got to see that in the dizzying opening scene that made Fonda so nervous she needed to get drunk on vodka.

Come on, screenwriters, get Fonda in some sexy 80s senior romcom. Crazy? lol, you must not have seen Barbarella yet. Go watch and return.

Megyn Kelly reacts to Jane Fonda over her “quitting” Plastic Surgery at 82

Jane Fonda does not look 82 … at the 92nd Annual Oscars

Megyn Kelly vs. Jane Fonda on plastic surgery. The former still has her youthful looks, the latter has delayed old age by artificial means. They tangled on Kelly’s Today show a couple years ago because Megyn dared to ask about Fonda’s plastic surgery on a show about ageism.

It was ridiculous for Fonda to be upset then, but here’s what she said at the time:

“Given the fact that we don’t have a lot of time and Bob is right here, it’s a weird thing to bring up, whether I’ve had plastic surgery or not,” Fonda told ET Canada. “I have and I’ve talked about it. Seemed like the wrong time and place to ask that question.”

Megyn Kelly reacts to Jane Fonda announcing she won’t get any more plastic surgery, 2 years after their tense interview

Now at age 82, Fonda is giving up plastic surgery for good. You think? Maybe Fonda should be encouraging other Hollywood women to just say no to plastic surgery rather than worry about a talk show host and journalist asking relevant interview questions.

Look, I get that we all want to look young as long as we can, especially women who see their roles diminish in Hollywood as they age. When was the last time you saw Jane Fonda starring in a feature length movie? I think it’s cool we get Sir Patrick Stewart back as Picard at 80. There just aren’t enough lead acting roles for seniors.

Here’s the thing about being in your 80s. It’s not criminal to look like you’re in your 80s. Jane Fonda looks like she’s in her late 50s to 60s. Great, plastic surgery works, I guess, but it makes your face look all kinds of Joker mask. If you’re an actor and playing senior roles, she’ll need makeup effects to look older.

Oh, the irony.