Will Adam Sandler Really Try To Make The Worst Comedy Movie Ever?

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I’d say it’s even money if Sandler tries to make the worst comedy movie ever. Surely it would be funny if his team tried, and maybe the reality is they attempt to make a movie so bad that it’s meant to be funnier?

How does one set out to make an intentionally bad movie anyway? Sure, there is the Plan 9 from Outer Space filmmaking school of terrible, but Sandler has his own signature comedy films. They excel at the art of sophomoric humor. I don’t always laugh, but will usually smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

Also, with comedy you can have nonsensical stories, implausible characterization and, basically, break most of the rules for the sake of being funny. Purists of cinema might hold it against these kinds of films, but I tend to give much wider berth of stories for comedies than any other genre. Especially if part of the humor is breaking down the fourth wall.

Insider Daniel Richtman now claims, though, that Sandler is still planning to⭐️⭐️ purposefully create something terrible to deliver on his promise, with the Happy Madison head honcho reportedly eying a future Netflix vehicle as the one to make everyone pay. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt because it would be pretty unprofessional downright spiteful for him to do so, especially when nobody in the history of cinema has ever set out with the intentions of making a bad movie.

Adam Sandler Reportedly Planning To Make His Worst Comedy Movie Ever For Netflix

I don’t know how much creative control Netflix has over Sandler and Happy Madison. My guess is minimal. He’s been one of Netflix’s best deals for returns on their investment and subscribers viewing these movies. This suggests whatever Sandler wants to do, he pretty much can do.

Might even be better than even money that he sets out to make a terrible movie — and it might just turn out to be one of his funniest movies ever made. What do you think?