TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E11 – A Fight Worth Fighting For ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
June 12, 2020

Episode 11 – “A Fight Worth Fighting For”

Frank The Plant does a brief, but unnecessary, recap narration of past events to bring current viewers to where we’re at in the story with Dr. Psycho commanding an army of parademons, Harley throwing Joker-bartender into the vat of green acid to bring him back from his amnesia.

Frank the Plant and his stoner roommate hashing out the past

Once returned, Joker finds out Harley has planted a bomb inside his head — going all Escape from New York Plisskin mode — and if he doesn’t cooperate with Harley she’ll blow him up. What she wants is Joker to tell him where the Queen of Fables book is so that she can release the trapped Justice League from an episode way back in season one.

Joker explains the book is with Bethany, the nurse who brought him back from the building collapse at the end of season one. He became all domesticated and Bethany is keeping the book.

Meanwhile, Poison Ivy and Kite Man are continuing the quest to prepare their wedding with parademons flying overhead wreaking havoc. Ivy is staying out of the fight, trying to not think about Harley and proceed with her wedding to Kite Man.

Harley and Joker visit Bethany to get the book and she throws it angrily into the clutches of a parademon. The book is swept away to the parademon nest. Joker and Harley must team up to storm the nest and fight for the book back.

A fight ensues and it seems like Harley and Joker might be overwhelmed …

Dr. Psycho cuts a deal with Darkseid that if he brings the head of Harley Quinn to Darkseid, the earth will be his.

Ivy has enough when a parademon wrecks her wedding dress and decides to take down Dr. Psycho and the parademons.

Will Harley and Joker escape the parademons nest? What is Ivy going to do? What does Batman — unmentioned to this point — have to do with any of this? Will the Justice League be freed from the Book of Fables?

These questions and more answered on episode #11.


This is one of those bridge the story episodes, with the high point being Joker-bartender losing his amnesia and teaming up with Harley, against his will, to retrieve the Book of Fables. Ivy is mostly sidelined again and the parademons are wrecking Gotham, again. Frank the Plant, great to see him return, but his appearance is mostly to tell viewers that have been following the story what we already know.

It seems like this would have been better split into multiple episodes rather than shoehorned into one frenzied 22 minute episode, but it’s all setup for the final two episodes, probably with a major cliffhanger at the end of episode 12, followed by the season conclusion.

Entertaining? Yes, but on the whole one of the weaker episodes of season two. The surprise at the end of this episode seemed more than a bit too convenient and easy, but we’ll see how that works out at the beginning of the episode 11. The show, even when it stumbles, is often still a lot of fun to watch. No exceptions here. Check this one out.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E10 – Dye Hard ⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
June 5, 2020

Episode 10 – “Dye Hard”

Harley returns from the Amazonian island and realizes she is without anybody to spend time with. She tries to get Clayface and King Shark to hang out with her, but they both have plans with their own paramours.

So, Harley heads back to that bar with the Joker bartender that doesn’t realize he’s Joker. They exchange some pleasantries, but Harley is horny and bored and irritated that Joker-bartender seems too familiar to be her “one” to spend time with. Thugs break into the bar and handcuff Harley and Joker-bartender.

Soon, they run into the Riddler, who wants to kill them.

A text message to bring Clayface, King Shark and Psy also the the scene reveals the true mastermind…

He has teamed up with Riddler and with the magic helmet empowers the parademons to kill them all. Will he succeed or will the team bind together? Will Joker-bartender turn into full on Joker?

These questions and more are explored on Season 2, Episode 10: “Dye Hard”


The title made me think this episode was going to at least in part be some sort of parody of Die Hard, and there are some nods to this famous action franchise, like Harley and Joker-bartender crawling through the AC ducts (remember John McClane using his lighter and talking to himself — yup, that’s the scene steal). It would have been even cooler if they’d have had the final conflict in a Nakatomi Plaza. Go full on parody, but they didn’t.

Also, noticeably missing from this episode is Poison Ivy. Throughout the series, she has repeatedly been the one to come to Harley’s aid. In this episode, Ivy is noticeably missing in action. Was this another week that Lake Bell needed a vacation or something? Instead we get Harley talking about Ivy when she isn’t there.

Psy gets some more screen time in this episode. I’ve never cared much for his character, but kind of a cool to see what they did with him here.

This one feels a bit like a filler episode rather than advancing much story. Harley is lonely, Dr. Psycho seeks revenge and Joker-bartender is, still, a bartender. An entertaining episode, but a little thin.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E9 – Bacherlorette ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Talk about a provocative episode thumbnail for S2:E9 “Bachorlette”

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
May 29, 2020

Episode 9 – “Bacherlorette”

Harley has arranged an elaborate bachelorette party on Wonder Woman’s Amazonian all-women island. They take the invisible plan and en route, of course, birds crash violently into the plane and splatter violently.

Once on the island, they take an invisible car to the hotel. Catwoman makes sure to put Harley on the spot on her and Ivy, “you two hooked up” — Harley admits that they just kissed.

Meanwhile, the bachelor party aboard is on a ship with Frank The Plant, Kite Man.

King Shark gets a fairly detailed side story underwater where he’s part of a forced marriage. His bride is Tabitha, a hammerhead sharkette that can chainsmoke underwater lol.

Naturally neither one wants to get married, but it’s part of a family tradition.

Meanwhile, Harley tries to convince Ivy that their relationship, now intimate, can add a new dimension to their friendship.

Animated pillow talk, no. More like horror (from Ivy) and delight (from Harley)

Ivy is plagued with guilt and wants to escape the island. Harley convinces Ivy to enjoy the rest of the bacherlorette festivities she has planned, including some killing and foiling an eco-terror plan on the island.

You’ll need to tune in to this episode to learn what Ivy thinks of Harley’s plan to take their relationship to the next level, whether or not they successfully foil Lex Luthor’s diabolical plan on the Amazonian island and if King Shark gets married.


No other episode of Harley Quinn to date has been as provocative before it has aired based on a thumbnail screencap as this one showing Harley and Ivy in bed and looking very much like, “um, what are we doing here?” The title of the episode suggests there was a party, perhaps numerous libations and the end result was sleeping in the same bed together. Is that what happened or just what looked like what happened?

This episode takes us there — and then some — with Harley and Ivy’s complicated, yet loving relationship. It also gives King Shark an odd, but charming side story, oh, and can’t forget the off the chain bacherlorette party, complete with Catwoman, Mr. Freeze’s wife and some gal named Jen, that doesn’t want to be called Jen.

I love this wild, crazy show. The great stories just keep coming every week. Taking a half star away for the King Shark story which was less compelling than the bizarre bachelorette story. Would rather have seen something involving Kite Man a little more interesting instead of him just putting a puzzle together with Frank The Plant and Clayface.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ 

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E8 – Inner (Para)Demons ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
May 22, 2020

Episode 8 – “Inner (Para)Demons”

Commissioner Gordon contacts the president and says he’s taken down the Injustice League. The president replies that there is one criminal left to deal with before “Gotham can be put back on the map” – Harley Quinn.

Harley & Ivy are sitting in the lair and talk about the kiss. It was just an impetuous moment is how they play it off and Harley kisses Dr. Psycho who spits out and says, “Ew! I’m not your type!”

Batgirl stops by to warn Harley and team. She quick kisses Batgirl because she “kisses people for no reason.”

Harley wants to amass an evil army. Meanwhile Poison Ivy and Kite Man are having dinner with Kite Man’s snooty parents. Kite Man only wants their approval, but they are disappointed in him for not having “real” superpowers.

Harley, Clayface, King Shark and Dr. Psycho access an inter-dimensional portal to face off against a super-villain in order to gain access to an evil army at the request of Darksied.

Will Harley & crew win the battle and command the army against Gordon and the Gotham police?

Granny Goodness vs. Harley Quinn with a great and powerful army of parademons as the prize

Will Ivy have a showdown with Kite Man’s parents or just deal with their awkward approval of Kite Man and her as a couple? Will Harley tell Ivy her true feelings or just keep making up excuses?

These questions answered and more, just tune in and check it out season 2, episode 8!


This episode has everything that’s great about this show packed in a mega-entertaining watch: a mission with the crew, tension, villains to defeat, the fate of Gotham hanging in the balance, a battle of good vs. sorta evil (Harley & team) vs. true evil. The signature snappy banter, Harley nervously avoiding her true feelings for Ivy and Kite Man trying to gain acceptance from his disapproving parents. Yeah, this is a gold star episode and one of the best of the two seasons. Top three for me to date.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Let’s Talk About The Kiss Heard Round The Harley Quinn Animated World

BFF Harley & Ivy sharing drinks in a past season two episode

When posting my review for Harley Quinn S2:E7 “There’s No Place To Go But Down” I intentionally avoided discussing the kiss. I didn’t want to spoil others seeing that pivotal moment in the episode and series, but more time has now passed (and hopefully those interested have seen the episode), so I do have many thoughts on what happened and want to expand.

So many things to cover on essentially less than one minute of animated film. It’s power packed emotional seconds in film.

If you haven’t seen S2:E7 yet, and want to, this post is one you should probably come back to after watching the entire episode. If you have, then this is where we’ll discuss the kiss.

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Harley and Ivy’s kiss was long overdue, yes, but Harley Quinn ended up delivering it within the context of a story that made it impossible not to understand their love as anything but deeply felt and like something that’s going to last. The one sad thing, though, is that someone’s going to have to let Kite Man know that…it’s just not going to work out for him again.

Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy Kiss: DC Animated Finally Did It

So here are some screen caps of the kiss and the aftermath, however brief, but telling.

The kiss appears very passionate and definitely in the moment

Cheating on Kite Man with Harley sure looks very bad for these two very close characters, but maybe it’s something that happened in the moment that neither could resist. That they’ve been wanting to do this before Kite Man was ever in the picture and the emotional moment of Ivy saving Harley from the fall in the pit was what triggered this passionate moment.

Now, take a look at their immediate reaction afterwards:

Shock? Dismay? Guilt? Realization that their friendship just went to a whole new level?

No doubt that they both look … something. What did we just do? That’s the caption, I guess.

Now watch the entire scene in its entirety to absorb the full scene:

When it is over as the end credits roll, it’s complete silence as if to pay tribute to … what, Kite Man?

The obvious missing third wheel.

Where is Kite Man?

The scene would have played even more dramatic if it panned to Kite Man watching this happen.

Maybe that emotional betrayal moment still happens in some way in the next episode? Or maybe this is a topic that neither Harley or Ivy discuss right away, they backburner it out of guilt? We don’t know how it is all going to play out yet.

I found it curious that the episode didn’t cover Kite Man at all, other than a brief couple sentences from Ivy saying how she finally found someone she wanted to marry and was stuck in a pit. At least part of Ivy’s motivation, with her friend Harley helping, was to get out so Ivy could get to her future married life with Kite Man.

Our “Hell Yeah” friend, Kite Man, is completely absent from the trial. Why didn’t they pan to him in the audience at least? Maybe he’s crying when the sentencing is read(?). Wouldn’t he be standing by his lover, Ivy? Where was he? What could be more important in his life than being there? Again, we haven’t been told, so hopefully these questions are answered in a future episode. His absence in this episode is puzzling and problematic because viewers are going to feel badly for him. He didn’t do anything wrong and he’s being cheated on.

Ivy needs to talk to Kite Man and explain she has deeper feelings for Harley than just friends. Maybe Ivy has strong feelings for both of them, but she needs to make a choice … or maybe she’ll choose to live happily ever after with both. This is 2020, why not?

I think the titles of the remaining episodes leave a clue as to what might happen, so for those interested, you can seek out those title names on the future schedule on our TV Series Reviews page and draw your own conclusions.

So far the show has done an amazing job telling the story and I, too, would like to be surprised.

Do I want Kite Man and Ivy to get together over Harley and Ivy? I think the crowd pleasing favorite is Harley & Ivy and that would be more in line with the comics, but this series is playing fast and loose with the characters and history, so who knows? They are killing off established characters and essentially creating their own DC Universe.

I’m hoping whatever happens there remains energy and interest for more seasons. The producers discussed having ideas for future seasons if Warner Bros. will greenlight additional seasons, so I think the creative team would be up to it. Even if Warner Bros. came out today and said another season was approved, I’m guessing we wouldn’t see it until at least 2022.

But if they can finance $20-30+ million to release the Snyder Cut, they surely can approve more seasons of this excellent show. It might be smart from a business standpoint to see how the whole HBO Max launch goes later this month and reassess where DC Universe sits, too, when the pandemic winds down more. That’s a fair guess of where this is likely headed.

What did you think of Harley & Ivy’s kiss?

Was this just a brief moment in time where they did something they won’t ever do again? Will they ultimately end up together? Or is it a threesome with Kite Man? Whatever we speculate, we’ll probably be at least partly wrong, but it can be fun to guess where things might be headed.

Harley Quinn Season 2, Episode 8 debuts tomorrow exclusively on DC Universe, Friday May 22, 2020 @ 6am PT (GMT-8). Review to follow.

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E7 – There’s No Place To Go But Down ⭐️⭐️⭐️

From left to right pictured, Harley Quinn, Bane and Poison Ivy … now there’s a fun trio!

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
May 15, 2020

Episode 7 – “There’s No Place To Go But Down”

Bane as judge, Harley on trial for murder of the Injustice League members and their incomprehensible attorney that nobody shrieks at will, opposing attorney is Two Face Harley Dent.

A problematic drinker Jim Gordon joined by Batgirl, as they bond in the sewers looking for Ratcatcher.

Harley & Poison are sentenced and condemned to a hole known as The Pit (“for the criminally capable”) by Judge Bane, who then falls into The Pit with them. Killer Croc is down there too, knitting caps for them. They work on plan to escape the hole.

Gordon continues wallowing in his drink when Two Face comes to kill him with two goons. Batgirl appears with a not-so-surprising revelation.

Stand-up comedy moment starring George Lopez with Bane as the MC. Poison Ivy takes the microphone and is heckled by others.

Does Ivy’s stand-up routine start a riot so Harley and her can escape? Will Jim Gordon stop drinking and get his act together? Is George Lopez going to have another killer set in The Pit? To learn these answers and more, tune in!


The episode continues after Harley & Ivy’s capture and begins with an extremely short trial (would have been fun to have more of that trial explored and some Perry Mason moments).

The Gordon and Batgirl side story doesn’t have much juice in the beginning but really picks up by the end. One of those stories where they get captured and have a goofy plan to escape, yet it is missing any assistance from Harley’s crew (where are they?) And I’m feeling some real Frank The Plant withdrawal symptoms.

There is a mini-shocker at the end but something we’ve seen telegraphed. Still, it adds a star to what was going to be a sub three star rating for me. Just a little bit too much thrown at the wall and see what sticks feel to this episode although it does sort of come together by the end.

My favorite parts were the opening trial, the stand-up comedy by Poison Ivy and the last few seconds. The George Lopez cameo is under-utilized. What happens in The Pit stays in The Pit.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E6 – All The Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
May 8, 2020

Episode 6 – “All The Best Inmates Have Daddy Issues”

Harley and Ivy sharing some girl bar talk and a game of Marry F**K Kill when Harley spots a familiar face.

Harley tells Ivy that the bartender shares a striking resemblance in makeup to … JOKER. Ivy doesn’t see the resemblance at all.

Harley then explains that it must be him, because she saw it on WayneTube, and then shares the phone image with Ivy.

Ivy is more convinced when seeing the bartender in Joker makeup … hmm, is it him? Really?

They confront the bartender, but don’t say anything to him about his familiarity to Joker. Then, there is a flashback to Arkham with Dr. Harleen Quinzel first arrival. A locked up Poison Ivy is going off, tearing up guards with plants. Ivy is tranquilized.

Harley is tasked with psychoanalyzing the imprisoned Joker and trying to find the location of a hidden bomb threatening Gotham.

Will Joker give up the location of the bomb? How do Harley and Ivy develop their relationship? What happens with Joker? You’ll need to tune into this episode to learn this and more.


Am not normally into flashbacks, but this one was great. It wasn’t just there to eat up episode time, it covers some important backstory we haven’t been given to date in the series and there is a nice subplot involving Joker and Two-Face.

Nice to see how Harley and Ivy met and how they became friends. The whole whether or not Joker is back? Whatever is the outcome (you’ll have to watch), the show would be better having his maniacal laugh around. Two-Face representing in both his flashback version with his face normal and present day monstrous appearance.

No Clayface Frank the Plant (we need our dose of Frank! Where is his back story?) and very little Dr. Psycho.

This episode is much stronger than the last one. Certainly in my top 10 of the 19 total episodes seen to date.

There are seven more episodes of this excellent series remaining. TGIF, an awesome way to ring in the weekend with a new Harley Quinn episode. Recommended.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E5 – Batman’s Back Man ⭐️⭐️

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
May 1, 2020

Episode 5 – “Batman’s Back Man”

Hilarious opening scene with two random trolls bashing Harley’s show on their TV, lamenting the fact that there isn’t enough Batman. One is wearing a shirt that says “Release The Snyder Cut” and the other’s says, “The Last Jedi is not cannon”

Ex-commissioner Gordon visits Bruce Wayne begging Batman to come back and restore order to the city. He shows video of the wannabe heroes trying to take over in Batman’s absence, including Batgirl.

Meanwhile, Two-Face and Bane are chatting about Harley Quinn becoming an additional threat to them and wondering if they should maybe join forces with her to help stave off external forces (like Batman).

Will Batman come back and restore order?


The biggest miss in this episode is a show with Harley Quinn not having any, I mean zero seconds of, Harley. Yes, it’s great for Batman fans seeing him and Batgirl, but no Harley or Ivy in a show with her name is taking a big risk.

Didn’t work for me.

Mediocre episode after the awesome opening sequence. If I want to watch Batman, I’ll check out plenty of other animated Batman. I’m watching this show for Harley Quinn! Never was that much into Batgirl. Bane gets some good screentime, but this episode seems like it was designed to give Harley and Ivy a vacation.

Didn’t work for me. My least favorite episode of the series to date — both seasons. Here’s to hoping next week we get back to Harley on her own show.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E4 – Thawing Hearts ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Harley Quinn S2:E4 “Thawing Hearts” explores the hot and cold nature of love

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
April 24, 2020

Episode 4 – “Thawing Hearts”

Harley and team equipped with the stolen flamethrower from episode 3 are entering Mr. Freeze icy lair to enact revenge.

It’s an … “ice vagina!” – Harley

While traveling through the tunnel entrance, they learn via text message (really?) that Ivy has accepted Kite Man’s marriage proposal.

Will Harley save this as her phone background?

They dispatch the frosty henchmen easily, with King Shark chomping heads and Harley using the razory edge of her ice skates to decapitate at will.

Harley blading Mr. Freeze’s henchemen.

Mr. Freeze arrives and easily freezes and captures the crew. We learn that Mr. Freeze is experimenting on mice trying to find a cure for his dying wife. His new plan is to graduate from mice to humans and use Harley and her crew as the first human experiment (the mice are glad! lol).

Harley strikes a deal on the table.

Ivy is a genius biochemist, she can find a cure, begs Harley.

Meanwhile, Kite Man is obsessed with having their wedding at the Old Gotham Corn Factory that his nemesis Condiment King is also trying to secure.

You’ll have to tune in to find out what happens with Mr. Freeze’s wife as well as if Harley & crew escapes. Also, will Kite Man secure his coveted wedding venue? Will Harley understand what true love is about?


This episode showcases a lot of what makes this show outstanding. A simple story about revenge turns into an exploration of what true love means. Harley learns a lot about her relationship with Joker and what it truly lacked, even though he’s not even in the episode. We see Mr. Freeze as diabolical, but having a loving motive. This is one of the better episodes of the series and my favorite of season two so far.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

TV SERIES Review: Harley Quinn S2E3 – Trapped ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Season 2
DC Universe exclusive
April 17, 2020

Episode 3 – “Trapped”

Mr. Freeze’s fortress seems impenetrable, but Harley has an idea … she’ll use a flamethrower to break inside.

Dr. Trap is guarding the prized flamethrower at the museum that Harley & Ivy want to thwart his traps and steal. They enlist the help of Catwoman.

Kite Man is back and joining the trio of lady burglars. The catch is Kite Man is afraid of traps, although he is motivated by the prospect of breaking in and stealing a diamond ring that he can give to Ivy.

Harley finally sees a side of Kite Man that isn’t lame when he works through his fears to steal the ring for Ivy.

Kite Man’s poor timing has him on one knee and Ivy isn’t having it … and the ring is stolen, anyway, by Catwoman.

The flamethrower is there for the taking, but the second Harley grabs it, a final trap descends on Harley, Ivy and Kite Man. Will they escape from the trap? Now that Harley at least somewhat accepts Kite Man’s chivalry and feelings for Ivy, will the two tie the knot? You’ll have to tune into episode 3 to learn.

Bonus points for the last torturous minute of this episode, as it’s one of the better spots.


Last week, I didn’t comment on multiple changes from comic book canon the show took. This show has been doing that since it started, literally in the first couple minutes of the first episode when Harley jumps onto the boat and drops multiple f-bombs. I’m talking about Batwoman and Clayface, but rather than spoil what those character changes are, just rewatch episode 2 and see. If you aren’t that familiar with the comic book storylines for these characters, it isn’t that surprising. This show is just barely getting started in season two, we’re going to see even more character surprises.

Nice to see the return of Kite Man and his relationship with Ivy and how the intersects with Harley’s feelings for Ivy. A strong love triangle seems like it’s being setup here.

This rest of Harley’s team had a (very) weak subplot involving Dr. Psycho failing his one and only assignment, letting the Riddler escape the hamster power wheel. Frank the Plant does make a few comical appearances. We catch a couple brief moments of Clayface, King Shark and Psy, but this all seems more like something to cut away from the main heist story involving Harley, Ivy, Catwoman and Kite Man.

It was entertaining, but a little disjointed an episode with the flamethrower playing as (too much) of a mcguffin.

The ending, however, alone earns this three stars. Among the best character arc setups thus far in the series for Harley and Ivy, so adding another half star there.

Much better episodes overall in the series exist, but I liked the mission and ending, even if Catwoman and Dr. Trap were somewhat lame.

Overall episode rating: ⭐️⭐️⭐️½