Famous People That Died At 47 Like Judy Garland

47 is too young to die. For Judy Garland, who started acting as a baby, she lived two lives in the entertainment business.

The movie Judy (PREVIEW) opens this Friday September 27, 2019 and covers the troubled last year of Judy Garland’s life when she gigged at London’s The Talk Of The Town.

Here are some other famous personalities who died at 47:

  • John Jacob Astor IV – died at the sinking of the RMS TItanic
  • Klara Hitler – Adolf Hitler’s mother
  • Rodney King – famously beaten by police officers
  • Jim Jones – cult leader
Renée Zellwegger interviewed on what it was like playing Judy:

One of the things most interesting about this movie is that Zellweger is actually tackling singing Garland’s signature songs, in particular the immortal “Over The Rainbow” Garland’s voice was not only iconic, but somehow older and greater than her fragile frame.

Featured, and oddly almost cut from The Wizard of Oz, it is considered one of the greatest songs ever, and quite rightfully so:

How good is Zellwegger singing? Pretty amazing actually, listen to this:

Renee Zellwegger covering “Over The Rainbow” in the movie JUDY

For contrast, here is Judy Garland’s final live performance of “Over The Rainbow”:

March 25, 1969 – Judy Garland’s final performance of “Over The Rainbow”

Less than three months later (June 22, 1969), Judy was gone from this earth, but never has left our love and fond memories.