Should Disney+ add Hulu as a hub or leave a standalone service?

Hulu is going all out for Halloween with Huluween!

A lot of speculation is around what Disney’s plans are with Hulu.

One idea is to bring Hulu in as a hub inside Disney+, similar to how Amazon Prime and Hulu already have subscribed add-on channels. This would make Disney+ even more like a streaming TV station with various channels.

Adding a Hulu hub within Disney+, would be away round adding more mature content to Disney+ and ideally increase. subscriptions to Hulu, raising more revenue for Disney.    While many including myself would prefer just one streaming service with everything, Disney is still cautious about associating some brands with the Disney name and also Disney+ wouldn’t be able to continue at its current price point with double or treble the amount of content.

Could Hulu Become A Hub Within Disney+ ? | What’s On Disney Plus

Disney also was once going to take Hulu internationally, but it seems those plans have stalled. In part, perhaps they don’t want to make Hulu too valuable, because Comcast still owns a stake and the more valuable it is, the more Disney will need to pay Comcast by 2024 to buyout their stake.

We’ve enjoyed Hulu, it’s one of the better streaming channels. For new content, anyway, if you strip away the main IP that Disney+ has (Star Wars, Marvel, Pixar, The Simpsons, Disney animation etc), it’s a better streaming service than Disney+. It seems like Disney+ strategy was to assemble and offer their legacy content and not add much new in the first year. They have season two of The Mandalorian coming and some notable movies, but more new content comes regularly to Hulu. Also, Hulu is more adult-oriented.

So, does it make sense to fold Hulu into Disney+? I’m not sure on this one. It might turn off Hulu subscribers who don’t see Hulu as Disney, then again it might add an edge to Disney+ that it is more than (mostly) family-friendly content. I kind of like the idea of keeping the services separate and standalone, but can see this would make Disney+ more robust, particularly in the adding new content portion of the service, which is a current weakness.

What do you think? Leave Hulu standalone or should it be folded into Disney+?

With Parks Closed and Theaters Crippled, Disney Plans To Spend (a lot?) More On Streaming

In 2019, Disney was the beneficiary of some 40%+ of all movie theater revenue. A year later and nobody, Disney certainly included, is making the kind of money they did last year at theaters.

Disney’s response? Let’s focus even more on streaming.

The article that is linked below doesn’t say they are abandoning theaters completely, rather that they wan to go “directly to consumers.” We’ll try to read the tea leaves after the jump.

Daniel will be responsible, in part, for making big decisions about Disney’s theatrical and streaming release schedules going forward. ″[Consumers] are going to lead us,” Chapek said on “Closing Bell.” “Right now they are voting with their pocketbooks, and they are voting very heavily toward Disney+. We want to make sure that we are going the way the consumers want us to go.”

Disney reorganizes to focus on streaming, direct to consumer

Disney is calling up the Netflix playbook.

They are going to invest a lot more into creating content. They have plenty of IP to draw from with Star Wars, Pixar, Marvel and their own Disney offerings. Not to mention, they have Hulu for more mature content offerings (see: Hulu is the Adult/Mature Disney+, Just ask Hillary Duff), if indeed they can continue to invest more in that. I hope they do. They need to have an adult arm of the company to promote.

Will they keep Hulu doing what it does? In 2024, Comcast has already agreed to sell their remaining 33% Hulu stake to Disney. Disney needs to stay that course.

I’ve been surprised just how good Hulu is as a current streaming service. Have quite enjoyed it the past few months. I’d put it right up there with HBO Max, maybe a little ahead since they are on Roku and Amazon Fire TV. The deal Hulu has with Blumhouse is great for horror fans like yours truly.

Disney+ other than The Mandalorian, the Marvel movies and legacy content haven’t done too much in their first year. Let’s hope year #2 sees more content. Am not sure even with this announcement if it will, since it takes a little while to ramp up content. Netflix has the jump on everybody in this area.

While 2021 might not bring more worthy competition in streaming leaders, if the pandemic subsides sooner rather than later and full-on production without so many expensive COVID safety precautions, 2022 and 2023 could be extremely competitive. This is all good news for us streaming customers.

What does this mean for movie theaters?

Disney has not completely turned their backs on theaters, I mean if you look at the delays on big budget titles, that is clear. However, their actions since the pandemic began have shown they’re not embracing theatrical releases as they were pre-pandemic (see: Disney Diss? Rips Soul From Theaters To Be Disney+ Exclusive).

My guess with new production (not talking about films already on production slate and/or finished, game is wide open on those films) — and take it exactly as that — is Disney ratchets down the number of future big budget movie production and shoots for more medium to lower budget titles, with perhaps a couple huge budget movies a year (one at summer, one for holiday season), targeting more traditional theatrical first distribution. They can use these lower to medium budget titles to go straight to Disney+ or maybe even they embrace something like Universal has done with a three week reduced three week only theatrical window. Will they make that deal so they can justify having some kind of theatrical release? Chances are they’re watching what happens with the deal between AMC and Universal very closely and if it works out, they’ll try to get in on that somehow.

This all could change if the pandemic persists deep into 2021 and, god help us all if it worms into 2022. Disney (financially) can’t and won’t turn completely on theaters, because the money is too good, but it’s another sign that studios are not supporting movie theaters the way they might like them to anytime soon, if ever fully again.

11+ Magic Camp Reviews – Decent Magic, Mediocre Story

Magic Camp ⭐️⭐️

When it comes to camp counselor movies, Meatballs set the comedy bar pretty high. Magic Camp is from Disney, so you know that we’re getting a family film.

Directed by Mark Waters, Disney+ comedy Magic Camp has mostly received positive reviews so far – though it may be more for kids than adults. Reviewers who critique from a parent’s perspective seem to enjoy the streaming experience, most notably the chemistry between the primary leads and how they interact with the young supporting cast. Meanwhile, reviews from larger outlets are more lukewarm, but credit the movie for being a fun distraction.

Why Magic Camp’s Reviews Are (Mostly) Positive | Screen Rant

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

Adam Devine conjures Jack Black

Mention in my review that if you close your eyes and listen to Devine’s voice, you’ll hear Jack Black. It’s distracting. He even has the same acting mannerisms and emphasizing vocals. He’s just not as funny as Jack Black. Last saw him in Jexi ⭐️⭐️⭐️, the cell phone OS dating assistant, and he was better there than here. Think I prefer him to be more adult-oriented than in a family role.

The magic is fun

I liked the magic, although with cameras and cut scenes anything can be magical. The tricks the kids perform in the movie are realistic.

But the story … oh my, we need to talk about the story. The whole warring between the two adult magicians would have been cool if there was more tension, but instead we don’t see enough conflict coming out of the duo.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Magic Camp?


  1. Another Millennial Reviewer: “Overall, very enjoyable, not a challenging watch, but maybe something to watch when you’re feeling down and need a pick me up. Further proof that Devine is Jack Black.”
  2. Dave / Interpreting The Stars: “…a great family film. When looking at all the originals on Disney Plus, this is instantly one of my favorites if not favorite film to watch with my kids. Doesn’t make it a masterpiece. Doesn’t even make it technically better than any of the other movies on there, but it is an easy popcorn flick for families to watch together”
  3. DC Bolling / DC’s Take: “…wasn’t the disaster I expected to be. I thought it was fine. Sure, the story is very predictable, and the laughs weren’t entirely there until later on. But it’s a family-friendly comedy offering some impressive magic tricks to entertain those who love it and has some genuine heart earned”
  4. Heather’s Hot Takes: “These magicians are not cut out for Vegas or even a cruise ship, but hey, Magic Camp is a charming and cheesy watch.”
  5. Kings Movie Reviews (6.5/10): “Devine plays a great part though, even with his comedy toned way down. ‘Magic Camp’ is a heartfelt movie that the whole family will love.”
  6. Marco Biondi: “…reminds us that no one does it like Disney. There’s a warmth to their movies you just can’t imitate and we get this plus more with Magic Camp. It’s not a classic but it shows they’re on the right track.”
  7. Often Off Topic (3.5/5): “Yes, it’s horribly predictable. It contains almost every cliche in the book. It’s not novel, new, there are no surprises. But it’s entertaining, funny enough and made me cry 1 and a half times. It would have been 2 but my husband watched this with me and was already rolling his eyes so I held it in.”
  8. Ranting and Raving Reviews: “If you are a parent looking for a film to watch with children, you do not need to worry about Magic Camp. Director Mark Waters of Freaky Friday and, uh, Mean Girls fame has clearly taken care to make a meaningful kids’ movie that doesn’t condescend and has decent values.”
  9. Trailer Trashed: “There is a lot of great humour, and some cool magic tricks, most kids will recognise themselves in at least one of the camp residents.  For kids it’s going to be a hit, with adults, probably not, but we aren’t really the target audience, are we?”
  10. Yash Bansal Movie Reviews (3/5): “…this is a harmless and family-friendly diversion that can probably appeal to a wide age range.”

Not Recommended

  1. Jerome Reviews (Grade: D-): “Magic Camp could easily be mistaken for some other underdog team movie Disney has done, if you have seen any other underdog team movie you have already seen Magic Camp. I really don’t know what else to say, it’s a terrible movie that nobody is going to remember by the end of the month.”
  2. leebutler / Movie Meister Reviews (1.5/5): “If we’re kind we can compliment the kids on being good actors who did good magic tricks… but that’s where the compliments pretty much have to end because from top to bottom Magic Camp is a combination of boring and bad that barely holds up to even a passing thought. Sure, little kids might love it but little kids also deserve a better movie than this. “

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Happy movie watching!

FIRST LOOK: Magic Camp – Disney+

Disney dropped this movie release with four days notice. It’s going straight to Disney+, free to subscribers, without any upcharge like Mulan. Weird that we now need to add that disclaimer. Hopefully, the Mulan experiment is as they described “a one-off.”

Follows Andy (Devine), who at the urging of his former mentor and Magic Camp owner Roy Preston (Tambor) returns as a counselor to the camp of his youth hoping to reignite his career. Instead he finds inspiration in his ragtag bunk of rookie magicians.

Everything You Need to Know About Magic Camp Movie (2020)

Official trailer:

Magic is always a topic of interest for me. This sounds a little like Meatballs meets a bunch of young Houdinis, only without the star power of Bill Murray and Spaz (Spaz! Spaz!). I’ll check this out. What do you think? Any interest in watching?

Magic Camp is available for streaming on Disney+ as of August 14, 2020.