Here Comes Another Plus-branded Streaming Service: Discovery+

January 4, 2021 Discovery+ is coming. Yes, yes, another plus branded service name (see: ViacomCBS announces new plus-sized name for expanded CBS All Access: Paramount+). Not sure how excited we are about this one, but 55,000 episodes is a good amount to launch with.

While Discovery doesn’t have the name recognition of (say) Disney/Disney+, it’s pitching the service as “the definitive streaming service for the best real life entertainment in the world,” with 55,000 episodes at launch drawn from Discovery networks like HGTV, Food Network, TLC, ID, OWN, Travel Channel, Discovery Channel and Animal Planet . It’s also struck a deal with A&E Networks to feature content from A&E, The History Channel and Lifetime.

Discovery will launch its own streaming service on January 4 | TechCrunch

The price will be $4.99/month with ads and $6.99 for ad-free. Occasionally, Discovery has some entertaining programming, so maybe this will be of interest to some readers.

When do we start talking about streaming saturation in the marketplace? Or are we already there?

FIRST LOOK: Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble On The Reef – Discovery GO (TV)

Catchy banner ad for TV show on Discovery channel featuring Mike Tyson and … sharks!

The above banner ad made me click right away. I rarely click on banner ads, but Mike Tyson taking on a shark? Seriously?

No, it sounds more exaggerated than what’s really happening on the 61 minute show with the subtitle “Rumble On the Reef.”

Legendary boxer Mike Tyson is BACK, taking on a new challenge and he’s chosen the most unlikely training partner — sharks. Tyson will face his fears and square up with the ocean’s champions to learn how to TKO a shark all in the name of research. TYSON VS JAWS: RUMBLE ON THE REEF

Discovery TV Schedule | Watch Now for FREE!

LOL on Mike Tyson saying, “Someone’s going to get bit!”

We don’t have the Discover channel, nor do we even have TV, but this event is just too funny to pass over.

Tyson vs. Jaws: Rumble On The Reef will be airing on Discovery GO Sunday, August 9 at 9:02pm ET (GMT-5)