Another Blow To Theaters From Disney: Free Guy and Death On The Nile are Pulled from December Release

The Bonnie and Clyde death car sure seems analogous to the movie theater business in 2020

Argh, more bad news on the theater release front.

AMC executives must have woke up with night terrors, because Disney took the axe to their December theater releases. We’ve been seeing frequent previews for Free Guy and Death On The Nile, but those movies now will not be coming to theaters next month as planned.

Disney has officially pulled their 20th Century Studios movies Free Guy and Death on the Nile off the December calendar, leaving a grim immediate future in place for exhibition which was praying to make buck on the holiday moviegoing season.

‘Free Guy’ & ‘Death On The Nile’ Move Out Of December; Box Office In Peril – Deadline

Will either of these titles be sold to streaming? Would say that’s unlikely, but when there was semi-serious talk about James Bond skipping theaters (we sure hope not, anyway, see: No Time To Buy – At $800 Million, Don’t Blame Any Streaming Company for Saying “No!”).

The reality is during the pandemic there just isn’t much studio support left for movie theaters in 2020. Studios are retreating and realigning their distribution to focus first on streaming, including VOD. Of the big movies remaining for theatrical release, it’s basically down to Wonder Woman 1984 next month, followed by Monster Hunter. Rumors have already been circulating — nevermind this news — that WW1984 will be pushed back, but nothing official from Warner Bros. on that — yet.

My guess is that WW1984 will be pushed back again. 2020 will end much as it began: waiting for the big movies come out. This pandemic will subside at some point and whether or not AMC is still in business is in doubt. Cinemark and Regal can last longer, but not even sure about their future at this point. A very sad, depressing year for movie theaters. When you consider how huge 2019 was at the box office, 2020 fell off the cliff.

Regardless the fate of the biggest theater chains, the movie entertainment business isn’t going anywhere. Movies will continue to be made and will be shown in whatever theaters remain open and in greater number on streaming services, including VOD. We might very well see a surge in creative, independent ownership of theaters and that might become the primary way in the not too distant future to see movies outside the home.

We were at the movie theater the last two nights and thoroughly enjoyed Let Him Go ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ If you have a theater in your area and feel it is safe to visit theaters again, there are a (very) small few movies worth seeing in theaters right now … or just wait for these films to hit streaming. It won’t be that long. Safety first. Should note we feel very safe in the movie theaters in our area. Hardly anybody else is there.