Will You Be Smuggling in Coca-Cola Products To Regal Theaters When They Reopen?

Regal Cinemas official website is now sporting the Pepsi logo, not Coca-cola. When they come back, as announced previously (see: Regal Cinemas Switching From Coca Cola to Pepsi Products in Spring 2020 Causes Some Soda Fan Unrest), they will presumably be serving Pepsi products.

I know, this isn’t newsworthy anymore really – and yet it will be when Regal Cinemas open again. Spring 2020 has already been weird and unprecedented, but there was never any official date of this soda change announced other than in the spring.

Unfortunately, it seems spring will have passed before the theaters open again.

As mentioned before, the soda switch is largely a non-event for me. I drink both soda products and actually prefer Pepsi and 7-up over Coca-cola and Sprite, but there is one small silver lining, Regal will not have to worry as much about the soda change as if they just overnight switched while their theater was still open and operational.

Now, when they come back, moviegoers will likely be happy with the ability to see movies in the theater again, not that they can’t drink Coke with their popcorn.

(unless smuggled in, of course, hence the post title)

The other thing I’m curious about is all those college produced short videos that used to play right before the movies. Previously those were all sponsored (perhaps even co-financed?) by Coca-cola. Will Pepsi be sponsoring these now? Will Olivia Wilde from Booksmart be introducing these new short advertorials (which basically just pitched how great it was having popcorn and Coca-cola, er now … Pepsi?)

I realize none of this is all that important. Except to those who are very passionate Coca-cola products fans.

So, honesty time is upon us, will you be smuggling in your Coca-cola products into Regal Cinemas when they reopen or OK with Pepsi?

Collectible Popcorn Buckets and Soda Combos

$24.99 for the IT: CHAPTER TWO popcorn tub and accompanying soda cup combo

Call me a sucker, but I love these collectible popcorn tubs and soda cups. They usually cost somewhere between $20-30 and are refillable one time the same day for free. Even when not a collectible, we almost always buy large popcorn and soda which, when refilled, more reasonably cuts the price in half.

AMC is selling a spooky black cherry Icee for The Addams Family movie. The cup sure looks cool, but I’m not sure about drinking Icee’s in the fall. Maybe in the heat of summer. AMC also has an all year long refillable popcorn bucket for $4.99 each time. I wish Regal would offer something like that.