DC Universe Becomes Comics-only DC Universe Infinite, But For How Long?

Was a huge fan of DC Universe the latter part of 2019 and through half of 2020, mainly for introducing me to the twisted, bizarro world of Harley Quinn. Sadly, their streaming service was doomed and the movie and TV content was gutted and moved to HBO Max.

Now, as previously announced (see: Harley Quinn finally receives much deserved season three renewal and DCU will become comics only) the service is being rebranded as DC Universe Infinite and it’s pretty much a comics-only subscription service competing against the Marvel comics-only subscription service.

DC Universe Infinite is available online at DCUniverseInfinite.com, iOS and Android devices for $7.99 a month or $74.99 a year ($6.25 a month). DC Universe Infinite subscribers in good standing who were existing members of DC Universe or who joined during the DC Universe Infinite pre-order offer window and who enrolled in auto-renewal, will receive a special thank you voucher redeemable at the DC Shop, on or after February 1, 2021, subject to terms and conditions. Annual subscribers will receive a $25 voucher, while monthly subscribers will receive a $10 voucher. See full terms and conditions for details.

DC Universe Infinite: Pricing, Content Details Revealed for Rebranded App

With the addition of the Vertigo titles, including the Black Label comics, this is likely a must-subscribe for comic book fans. I’m a casual comics fan, mostly due to my lousy eyes. Unfortunately, I don’t find it very pleasurable reading comic books digitally. Sure, you can pinch and zoom to blow up the art and I love the animation, I really do, but the experience isn’t something I can do much any more. Hard to explain that conflict, I guess. To like something, but being unable to fully enjoy it due to the form factor and bad eyesight. Maybe I just need to go get a better prescription and that will rejuvenate my comic book reading.

Anyway, I bought Harleen, the book and it’s gorgeous. So nice that I couldn’t even break it out of its packaging, so bought the digital version through Google Play to read it that way (keep in mind the last paragraph).

Bottom line: subscribing to DC Universe Infinite seems like it would be a cool idea so I could read a bunch of great DC comics, but not something I’d likely do often enough to justify the subscription. Time can change things, so who knows?

Based on the rocky history of DC Universe, subscribers must also worry if DC’s future is in doubt. AT&T seems hellbent on cutting costs and it’s possible they will abandon the comic business to shave more costs. Hopefully, if that happens, somebody who cares about the IP and industry will pick them up and keep the comics going. I like the comic book industry and think it should continue. DC has too many awesome characters to have some mega corporation kill them off.

Jim Lee on DC Universe: “It’s definitely not going away”

It’s been rough at DC lately. WarnerMedia took out the axe and has chopped down both comics and eliminated jobs. They are also moving all DC originals from DC Universe to HBO Max.

Having been paid subscribers since December 2019, we’ve been anxiously following along with what will happen at DCU. Our speculation has been that it would be kept mostly a comics-only platform and the majority of movies and TV shows would be moved to HBO Max.

According to comments made by Jim Lee, that appears to be the plan.

Lee added, “In regards to the community and experience that DCU created, and all the backlist content, something like 20,000 to 25,000 different titles, and the way it connected with fans 24-7, there is always going to be a need for that. So we’re excited to transform it and we’ll have more news on what that will look like. It’s definitely not going away.”

Jim Lee Reveals the Future of DC Universe

So, to the rest of the paid DC Universe subscribers, this should end the speculation about DCU being shuttered any time soon. Lee also hints that we’ll learn more about the plans for DCU future more specifically soon. Our guess on that is it will happen at the one day FREE virtual event, DC FanDome that happens Saturday August 22.

Speaking of that event, you can create your own schedule of what you want to virtually attend here: https://schedule.dcfandome.com/ (FREE registration required)

For those interested, might want to hurry up, the event is rapidly approaching. Have my schedule filled out, looks like some fun and entertaining things are happening. Will you be checking out this event? If so, what on the schedule most interests you?

Sure, why not? HBO Max and DC Comics Available as FREE Comic Downloads

Download the FREE HBO To The Max Comics on Google Play:
Issue #1 | #2 | #3

Led with the most important thing every article I’ve read seems to bury (tighten it up, folks! Readers want the good stuff EASY TO FIND!!!!). So, before you read anything some blogger you probably don’t know has to say, go download the new HBO Max comic books from DC and judge whether they are worthwhile or not.

It’s hard to bash FREE. There are always people who will and do and god bless ’em, but …

Me? I just downloaded them but haven’t read yet so I can’t review them (and I wouldn’t review a comic book here anyway, we don’t do movies and TV reviews only). Honestly, I’m more intrigued by the idea and concept than whether or not the storyline in these comics is any good.

Will make a confession.

I am a longtime fan of comic books, but only got back into them within the last six months or so. As a child growing into my young teens, I was all about Iron Man, The Incredible Hulk and some others (The Amazing Spider-Man, Superman, and … well the list goes on) then I “grew up.” A stupid way of saying now that I’m in my 50s it was dumb to ever leave comics behind. Never should have grown up. I missed a lot of exciting, fun reading.

Stupid is leaving behind something “childish” for something that keeps you young. Comics keep us young in the mind. Shame on me. Anything that keeps our minds young is worth holding onto in the entertainment sphere.

So, I will always thank Harley Quinn and DC Universe for reminding me that comic books are there.

Is it dumb to have HBO Max as a comic book? Not if you are a comic book company. And, hello, that’s DC! WarnerMedia has HBO Max and DC and perhaps this is another sign that HBO Max and DC Universe are closer to being together than we think and definitely under the same umbrella (BTW, the FREE HBO To The Max comics are also available under DC Universe comics reading app too, link here)

Ok, so some are reviewing the comics if you want to dig into that before reading them yourself and deciding if it’s just a shameless plug opportunity or, well, not a bad idea at least (that’s where I’m leaning, even if the stories suck).

Look, these comics are always going to be some kind of terrible. It’s brands trying to be cool, and that almost never goes the way they think it’s going to. But DC and HBO could’ve embraced how absolutely hokey the concept of “Let’s say our new streaming service turns into a dog that gives people superpowers” is and rolled with the goofiness. At their best, comics revel in the absurdity unfolding across their pages, sharing in the joy of just how potent yet also incredibly silly superheroic storytelling can be.

HBO Max and DC Comics’ Superhero Promo Series Is Awful

Your turn.

Are you pro or con with the idea of these HBO ‘To The Max’ Comic books?

Whether or not they will get you back into comic book reading probably is a no for most people, but let me suggest digging into DC Universe for their 22,000+ comics available to read. If you’re already a subscriber, you have them right now. That’s a ton of comics to check out and I guarantee that if you are any kind of child at heart like me that enjoyed comics you’ll find something to warm your mind and spirit therein.


20+ Bloodshot Reviews – Watch the first 9 minutes FREE, Thanks Sony

Bloodshot ⭐️⭐️½

Put me the column that appreciates creative marketing. Sony has made a smart move for their film that had its theatrical release cut short. It was one of the last two movies I was able to see before theaters closed. In retrospect, I could have seen a few others, but I held out so Kara and I could watch on our vacation together last week in Vegas.

And then the theaters all closed .. and then the casinos … and then pretty much everything except for drive-thru, take-out, grocery stores and well, you know.

But back to the “extended preview” as its being labeled.

So will we start to see more extended previews of movies? Especially movies that haven’t had the luxury of a theatrical release? Bloodshot only made $10 million during its first week, which means 99% of the population has not seen those first nine minutes.

Sony Just Gave Us The First 9 Minutes Of ‘Bloodshot’ For Free

From the interesting way to market your new VOD, Sony has released the first 9 minutes for free, watch it below.

More than a trailer, this is the actual first 9 minutes of Bloodshot

Some (most?) action films are more action-packed than the first 9 minutes of Bloodshot, so not sure who compelling this will work out, but hey, I’m not knocking the concept. Get people a little into it, then bam, click on over to your nearest VOD for the full meal deal.

I will say this: I’d rather pay $20 and own the film forever than pay $19.99 to rent it. In the case of Bloodshot, you can own it.

Want to jump right in and buy Bloodshot, you can at VUDU and other VOD providers online

Yay, on that front.

From here on out, warning as we’re venturing into spoiler territory. I would bookmark and come back after you’ve seen the film.

…. you’ve been warned SPOILERS ahead …

Vin Diesel, a brooding, boring comic book character

I like Vin Diesel. That super low voice, the menacing, muscular build and bald head. He’s ready to kick ass and chew bubblegum (ha! some of you will get that reference), but as this Valiant comic book character being brought back from the dead with nanotech giving him the Wolverine-type regeneration treatment? Um, no.

Please give me Fast & Furious Vin Diesel.

Maybe some (most?) of this was the script’s fault, but I wasn’t as engaged in Diesel’s character as say Paul Kersey in Death Wish or The Punisher. Instead, it’s like, yeah, he was killed, he wants revenge, these nanobots repair him, o … k.

Obnoxious Score

I dig a good 80s score, but this one was loud and obnoxious and sometimes out of place. I like the music and sound to add and enhance what’s on the screen, not distract. When I notice the music and sound more than the movie and it’s not making me feel the scene more, I’m put off. More than a couple times that happened here.


At the end of the day, the script and acting wasn’t very compelling. It’s a familiar revenge story that we’ve seen done before — and better. Vin Diesel might have been miscast for this role. He didn’t have or bring any dimension or depth to this role. It’s like he showed up, collected his paycheck and ran through the motions. Didn’t feel like he was trying very hard.

Reviews By Others

What do other movie bloggers think of Bloodshot?


  1. Bookshelf Battle: “I’m sad critics don’t seem to agree and unfortunately audiences might not get to vote with sales due to the pandemic.  However, I hope word of mouth spreads because I think it is a great flick that could be the start of an awesome franchise for Diesel.”
  2. Dave Bond / Set The Tape (3/5): “…unlikely to get a second installment. The film is not good enough for this to be any great loss, but it is good enough that no-one should feel overly short-changed if seeing this.”
  3. Jedd Jong (3/5): “If you’re looking for something to rival the best Marvel and DC movies out there, this isn’t it. But if you’re looking for diverting, entertaining sci-fi action that sometimes feels like it’s out of the early-mid 2000s, Bloodshot has you covered.”
  4. Keith / Keith & The Movies (3/5): “There is a gravelly two-dimensional charm that [Diesel] brings to his roles. Here he is basically Dom Torreto with nanotechnology instead of a 1970 Dodge Charger.”
  5. Ken Murray / The Nerds Templar: “I went into Bloodshot with low expectations. I was kind of hoping it would be so bad that you would laugh at it, not with it. It’s not that bad, but it’s also not that good. For a movie I didn’t expect much from, it being watchable is a pleasant surprise.”
  6. Krishna Manoj / The Illuminerdi: “A big problem for this movie is that, even though it had a great premise to work with from the comic book, it didn’t explore much of the story onscreen. That being said, some people who enjoy action flicks in general will definitely enjoy this movie as a guilty pleasure.”
  7. The Peach Review (7.5/10): “You can tell when things were CG like a bad 90’s film that didn’t have the budget for good CG. It’s 2020 guys and technically, at it’s best, you know you could’ve done better than that. Even Sonic the Hedgehog had better CG than this.”

Not Recommended (or on the fence)

  1. Darren / the m0vie blog: “…a mess and misfire.”
  2. Dave Simpson (1/10): “…an inordinately tedious and yawn-inducing contribution to the comic book genre, and I really don’t recommend taking the time to check it out.”
  3. DC’s Take (Grade: D+): “…could’ve been sweet if a better team put to concept to better use, but it all ends up becoming a predictable superhero movie that’s forgettable in an instant. I don’t think anybody was even asking for a movie like this to be made.”
  4. Derek Morton / Nerd Life: “While the current Covid-19 crisis might not of helped the box office for this film, the script and plot hurt it more. This movie is the fair from the best thing that action fans could watch.”
  5. filmfanstake: “While there are some fun moments to be had, there is nothing special about Bloodshot.”
  6. Full Circle Cinema / James Preston Poole (3/10): “…is an anemic rehash of better movies in science fiction and the revenge genre. Since many of us are holed up at home currently, I know there might be some temptation to rent Bloodshot. Don’t.”
  7. Frankie Gilmore / DiscussingFilm: “…seems to mistake fast-pacing and disorientation for just complete, all-around incoherence.”
  8. IrFanReviews (3/10): “Bloodshot gives Vin Diesel a solid opportunity to indulge in old-school action that should satisfy fans, even if the end result is disappointingly mediocre.”
  9. IslandMovieBlogs (6/10): “…a middle of the road action movie, if with the occasional great scene or moment.”
  10. Luke Kent / Flicks & Pieces (2/5): “…this is very much a Vin Diesel vehicle, for better and for worse. But unlike his other big franchises, he struggles to get this one out of first gear.”
  11. Movie Reviews Today / Teddy Frederick (5.5/10): “Unfortunately, the film is nothing more than a wannabe melting pot of Matrix, Memento, and RoboCop.
  12. Mr. Movies (Grade: C-): “…feels like both a slick-looking Hollywood production and cheap fan-made nonsense, jarring between both executions until you’re left feeling filled with ennui. It could be dumb fun to those who just don’t want to care about a Vin Diesel superhero movie, and I respect that perspective.”
  13. Red Beard Reviews / Chief Red Beard: “This will be an easy throw-away for Diesel’s long-running action career, but it was good to see him step out of the recent repeat roles.”
  14. Tom Moore / Moore Reviews (1.5/5): “…a bloodless bore that’s devoid of any fun, creativity, or originality and easily one of the worst comic book movies of recent time. We’re at a point where the superhero genre really needs fresh new entries that stand out and look to reinvent the formula.”
  15. vishalsviews (5.5/10): “While the story was actually interesting it was executed poorly. The direction was not well done and the villains were basic and fueled by greed…Which frankly just doesn’t work that well anymore.”

Linked above and wondering what would be the cool thing to do next? Commenting once in awhile is always good (I like reader and other blogger interaction). If you have the trackback/pingback come to your site then just approve it because after people read your review then they can come here and follow links and read someone else’s review. What comes around goes around and sharing is the ultimate “thank you!” on the internet.

Did I miss your review? Use the comments to tell me about your movie-related/review blog and I’ll follow. I like following movie-related blogs and pull quoting from my reading list as well as other new blogs shared, liked and discovered.

Happy movie watching!

FIRST LOOK: Bloodshot

Are you familiar with Valiant Comics? Yes? No? I’m not. This is the only movie coming in 2020 based on a comic book character not from DC or Marvel. I did some digging around to learn more about Valiant.

Founded in 1989, Valiant is a relative newcomer in the comic book business. According to Wikipedia, they first released the character Bloodshot in 1992.

Like many other flagship comic characters for a publisher, there have been several different comics based on the character with the most recent comics run coinciding with the feature length movie starring Vin Diesel in March 2020.

The box art, pictured right shows a very angry looking Vin Diesel. I’m very intrigued by this character and the trailers come at us like a vicious punch in the dark.

Bloodshot official trailer #1

Now for the newest trailer.

Bloodshot official trailer #2

Random thoughts on both trailers:

  • What is that Iron Man red power source in Blooshot’s chest? Does that mean he’s powering up? Is that his power? Is that his rage meter? It appears to have something to do with his regenerative properties.
  • “What is this?” – Vin Diesel. Does Diesel have like the lowest voice of any actor except maybe James Earl Jones (Darth Vader!)
  • Love the shot to the face, go slow, skeleton underneath, and then bounce back
  • The background music does not fit the trailer very good. Johnny Cash is a music icon, but “Memories are Made of This” … don’t know. Maybe it’s an applicable choice once we’ve seen the film, but I’d prefer something more metal and blood pumping like W.A.S.P “Wild Child”
  • I’m totally stoked to see what Diesel does to the “man that murdered my wife”
  • Why is this giving me a little bit of Robocop meets Death Wish meets Ghost Rider meets Universal Soldier vibe?

Bloodshot opens in theaters on March 13, 2020.