Will DC Universe merge with HBO Max or Cinemax?

Cinemax.com homepage on January 16, 2020

Cinemax, which has long been sort of known as the brother of HBO for movies, may not be getting any more original content.

“I think you can expect there will not be any more Cinemax originals being produced going forward,” HBO Max boss Kevin Reilly said during the Television Critics Association press tour. Michael Quigley, executive vice president of content acquisitions for the streaming service, said that Cinemax original content will not be the on service either, though the channel is not going away the same way Audience Network will.

Cinemax Programming Won’t Be On HBO Max, No More Original Content

Conversely, DC Universe, a streaming service is losing live action movies to licensing and HBO Max which launches in May 2020, but offering new original content like Harley Quinn adult animated series, which this blog is currently reviewing new episodes as released every Friday (6am PST, GMT-8).

DC Universe currently offers the original adult animated series Harley Quinn

This month in particular some DC Universe members have been complaining over the small library that currently exists of live action movies. This has led to some believing that DC Universe might be merged with HBO Max to make the whole $15/month price tag more appealing.

DCU to merge with Cinemax = Perfect Match?

I think a more logical move — assuming DCU even wants to merge with another streaming service at all — would be for DC Universe to merge with Cinemax. Think about it. Cinemax already has a good library of live action movies and DCU has a ton of great animated content, including a ton of comic books, some cool original animated programming like Harley Quinn and some classic animated DC series.

This seems like a good matchup of forces and could lead to another strong streaming service, vs. a mega streamer like HBO Max gobbling everything (Cinemax, DCU and HBO).

Just to be clear, I know absolutely nothing official. Pure speculation on my part.

Any thoughts on this being a possibility? Does it make sense for all parties involved?