Opening 3-11-2021 in Theaters: The Father, Long Weekend

Theaters: 3/11/2021

Thursday, week #11 of 2021 (3/11 – 3/14/2021): two new movies this week, a drama and a romantic comedy. Am running a bit behind checking out the movie entertainment scene as work — you know, that day job — has been keeping me very busy lately.

It’s good to see new movies continuing to be released in theaters. We still haven’t seen one of the three from last week, but tonight we’re springing for tickets for one of the new ones (we’re still deciding which as this is being written, but leaning toward The Father). By the time this is posted (12:01am Friday 3/12) we’ll have already made our choice.

The Father

Anthony Hopkins is the standout reason to see this film here. He’s a great actor. Does this script about an elderly father facing the ravages of time.

Anticipation: 5/10

Long Weekend

Not much is sticking out in this trailer. Sort of the standard fare rom-com trailer.

Anticipation: 4/10

Which one of these movies most interests you? Wherever you are watching movies this weekend, happy watching to you!

Chaos Walking ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Chaos Walking – R – 1 hr 30 min
NO SPOILERS Movie Review
Watched in theater Sunday March 7, 2021
AMC Kent 12 – Kent, Washington
11th new movie seen in theater in 2021

A spaceship crashes on a planet, leaving only a female survivor named Viola. A young farmer finds her named Todd. The men on the planet have their thoughts radiating around them and can be heard and yet the town has no women in it. Todd then tries to secret and Viola “space girl” from the townsfolk.

If you can see this in a theater, like most (all?) sci-fi fantasy films, it helps. There was enough mystery in the storyline to keep me entertained, but this wasn’t Kara’s type of movie. Listen to what she has to say about in our just left the theater below.

Great sound effects. Cinematography was good. The story wasn’t cliched, was a little redundant, but had a little bit of a Planet of The Apes vibe running through it. Runtime was too long, again, due to the redundancy.

I liked this one. It was “different” as Kara stated while we left the theater. When you see as many movies as we do, different is nice and appreciated. Is it that great a movie? No, but the whole idea of men leaking thoughts, while women can suppress theirs is intriguing. They kind of pulled it off, too.

Rating (out of 5 stars): ⭐️⭐️⭐️½ (Todd) ⭐️⭐️ (Kara)

FIRST LOOK: Chaos Walking (2021)

Patrick Ness is not an author I’m familiar with, but he’s been blessed by having his novel made into a movie — and at an estimated $125 million, a large budget sci-fi, they are going all in on what sounds like a curious story idea.

Chaos Walking, based on the Patrick Ness book, is set in a world where all the woman have died, and all the men project their thoughts into the ether (you can see how the movie will visualize that, known as “the noise,” in these clips). Ridley plays Viola, a traveler who crash-lands on the planet and instantly becomes the most fish out of water that ever fished.

Chaos Walking Tom Holland Daisy Ridley Sci-Fi Movie New Clips

From Lionsgate, but haven’t seen any preview trailers in theaters for this one oddly enough. Science fiction films can be polarizing.

Official trailer:

Chaos Walking will open in theaters on March 5, 2021.

Opening 3-5-2021 in Theaters: Raya and the Last Dragon, Boogie, Chaos Walking

Theaters: 3/5/2021
+ Disney+ premium ($30)

Wednesday, week #10 of 2021 (3/5 – 3/7/2021): three movies.

Say that again with some emphasis: three movies!

That’s how many are opening in theaters this weekend. What has largely been a case of one here, one there, we’re finally getting more several movies screening.

Given one of them is also showing on Disney+ as part of their Disney+ Premium experience (see: ), but this probably won’t that much impact on theaters. We saw this last weekend with Tom & Jerry. People will go to the theaters even if they can still watch it at home. Have always thought that the whole day and date ruins box office receipts is overstated. You can’t get the theater experience (easily) at home. Yes, it can be done, if you have your own home theater room, but watching movies on your TV screen — even a large one — isn’t the same as watching in theaters.

Raya and the Last Dragon

We won’t be paying the premium $30 fee to watch this on Disney+, no more than we did for Mulan.

Anticipation: 4/10


This has been getting a lot of preview love in theaters. Basketball sports story of a talented Asian player who is being racially stereotyped.

Maybe it’s from seeing the previews so many times, but I’m interested. The last basketball-related movie we saw was the one with Ben Affleck as an alcoholic coach of a young basketball team. This seems to center more specifically on one player.

Anticipation: 6/10

Chaos Walking

Wherever you are watching movies this weekend, happy watching to you!