Movie Cars at Terrible's Casino Just Outside Las Vegas

The Terrible’s Casino is closed, but when it reopens, those of you who are visiting Las Vegas should check out the movie cars exhibit. It’s small, but cool.

James Bond receives some of the best movie cars.

This is the actual car in the movie with Roger Moore. Oh yeah.

And speaking of cars. A little further away in the small town of Primm, Nevada, you can see the actual Bonney & Clyde death car.

This car was first mentioned here: 13+ Queen and Slim Reviews – Almost No Relation To Bonnie and Clyde and Other Critical Discussion

What would you look like as Clyde Barrow or Bonney Parker?

You can find out at Whiskey Pete’s in Primm, Nevada. About 30 minute drive from Las Vegas. It will open again, and it’s a worthy diversion, fellow movie fans.