Holy title changes, Batman! The source material is loosely (?) based on a horror novella by Nikolai Googol. Oh, and is a sequel. Haven’t read the book, haven’t seen the first movie, but it’s noteworthy for two actors.

If only we could have gotten Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger going against each other in their prime. Alas, we’ll have to settle for older versions of the action and martial arts legends facing off in some quasi fantasy/horror mashup (or so we think).

Chan plays a kung fu expert, simply known as Master, who must escape from the maniacal James Hook (Schwarzenegger) in order to help his daughter save their homeland from a mythical dragon.

Jackie Chan and Arnold Schwarzenegger Face Off in Trailer for Iron Mask |

Official trailer:

If only this movie had been made in the 80s! Younger Jackie and Arnold head to head? Sign me up!

The trailer isn’t making me that excited, especially with the hokey looking wire work, but I’m a fan of both Jackie and Arnold, so maybe this will be better than the trailer. Arnold’s costume looks kind of ridiculous too. Those sideburns, lol!

This is a sequel to the movie Viy (2014) and was released in China as Viy 2: Journey To China on August 16, 2019. I found that out by going to the Wikipedia page, because there isn’t a lot of non-review information available otherwise. I normally try to avoid looking at reviews to avoid spoilers before seeing movies, but caught the scores and most aren’t good. Maybe they want to distance from the first movie? Not sell this as sequel? The new title is too much like The Man in the Iron Mask, which also had a recent version.

Also, odd to see two familiar action stars, admittedly late in their respective careers, starring in this sequel. Viy the first film was commercially successful in Russia although it’s known under two different names: Forbidden Empire and Forbidden Kingdom. I don’t get the reasons behind all these different movie titles, can anybody throw me a bone in the comments? Figure out a title, stick with it, brand it, promote it, etc. Don’t change the freaking title a half dozen times and confuse the heck out of everybody.

Anybody looking forward to this one? Seems a bit sketchy to me, but maybe it will be better than it looks without deep diving too much and having the entire movie ruined. Then again, maybe it is what it looks like. Paint me mildly curious, if nothing to see what the heck Arnold and Jackie are doing herein.

Iron Mask will be available on VOD/PVOD November 20, 2020.

7 Days to Terminator: Dark Fate – Interviews, Appearances, More!

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Linda Hamilton discuss women empowerment, female action stars and more!

Nothing like a little dose of female action star discussion from Arnold and Linda.

Comic Con 2019 Panel with Terminator: Dark Fate cast

And then the Entertainment Tonight follow-up interview after Comic-Con:

Listen to the cast explain their relaxed nature of saying the F-word in the movie for an R rating

Reddit does a Q&A with the panel that revs up the excitement for the movie:

Reddit July 2019 Q&A with the Terminator: Dark Fate Cast
  • Arnold is asked, “Will this movie be as terrible as the last one?” — his answer is great!
  • You can really sense the love this cast has for each other. I’m hopeful this generates some serious on-screen chemistry
  • Arnold said that in the original Terminator, at one point in casting OJ Simpson was considered to be the Terminator!

Terminator 1984 Behind the Scenes Interviews, Reviews and More – 10 Days to Terminator: Dark Fate

James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger discuss the making of Terminator (1984)

The countdown to Terminator: Dark Fate has started! 10 days until Halloween and 10 days until this movie opens in theaters. Soon, we’ll know whether or not James Cameron’s influence made a difference in what could have been.

One thing I watched recently that has me even more excited was an interview back in 2017 when Dark Fate was being discussed by James Cameron and Tim Miller the director. They both have a good vision for this movie. Whether or not they can execute, I could tell from that discussion that they are passionate about doing this right. Here is that video:

Tim Miller, director and James Cameron producer for Terminator: Dark Fate (9/2017)

I have been watching classic interviews of prior Terminator films. At the very top of this post, director James Cameron and Arnold Schwarzenegger discuss the original Terminator 1984 making of the movie process.

Michael Biehn who played Kyle Reese remembers the making of Terminator (1984)

Kyle Reese played by Michael Biehn was an integral part of the original Terminator movie. He goes back through his memory of working on the film:

  • James Cameron was flexible with dialogue
  • One of the most difficult stunts he has ever seen is the opening shot where the stunt guy was 6-7 feet laying sideways and jumped sidewise and landed on the cement nude.
Siskel & Ebert review The Terminator

Siskel & Ebert reviewing The Terminator. Have to watch to see which one didn’t like it. His review commentary suggests he didn’t seem to know the movie very well, which I found to be humorous.

Another detailed making of the Terminator movie

See the original Terminator filming locations:

I’m out there looking at other Terminator-related vidoes, getting excited for Dark Fate.