Rod Serling Forever Yearned To Be Young Again and Remembered as a Writer

Kara and I now have tickets to see this Thursday November 14, 2019 — excited, too!

Rod Serling is legendary. His words will not only be remembered, but by some of us, they’ll be treasured moments captured on television.

Have stated here before, and will probably do it many more times: Rod Serling’s The Twilight Zone is my favorite ever television show. Nothing before it and nothing after has had — and continues to have — the single greatest impact on what I enjoy watching .

It wasn’t only the visuals, acting and sound, however, it was the amazing foundation, the timeless writing by Rod Serling. The singular magical feeling so many of the episodes generated.

“Every writer … has certain special loves, certain special hangups,” said Sterling. “In my case, it’s a hunger to be young again. A desperate hunger to go back to where it all began. I think you’ll see this as a running thread through all the things that I write.”

‘Twilight Zone’ Creator Rod Serling Feared He’d Be Forgotten | Hollywood Reporter

Just bought tickets to the Twilight Zone 60th Anniversary Fathom Events for both Kara and I next Thursday night. On 11/9, five days before the screening the theater is filling up:

Those first two row of seats are the least popular, aren’t they?

We don’t like the first two rows of seats either. Your neck gets all jacked up and you have to sit at an uncomfortable angle. 47 of 73 (64.3%) available seats remained for the Twilight Zone 60th Anniversary on 11/14 when we signed up on 11/9.

The Twilight Zone TV show episode reviews are coming in 2020

The plan is to start reviewing every single one of those classic episodes beginning soon, probably in January 2020. My problem is that there aren’t enough of episodes to keep me going forever. I’ve seen all of them at least once and some of them many, many times. Reviewing all 156 episodes even at an intentionally slowed pace of one per month would mean I could burn through every episode in 13 years. Isn’t ironic that the superstitious number of 13 comes up when divided out all episodes?

To say this blog will exist for 13 years is probably a bigger question mark than whether or not I’ll need something else to review in 2033. Also, there is the matter if I’ll still be alive in 13 years? My relations tend to live a long time, so outside of accident or future disease, I see no reason that I won’t be here in 2033.

(cue eerie Zone theme music)

There is always Rod Serling’s Night Gallery TV series to review after The Twilight Zone. That’s the series where a young filmmaker named Steven Spielberg worked on one of his first teleplays “Eyes”. There were 44 episodes of Night Gallery. So there is another four years. Could also review all the reboot episodes of Twilight Zone, including the one with Forest Whitaker as the narrator. Serling had involvement in some films and other teleplays, so I might have to dig deep, should I be lucky enough to make it 20+ years in the future here, still reviewing his awesome work. I suppose that’s plenty of time into the future. Who knows if something better will come along to share reviews by then?

Another huge influence of mine is Stephen King. I could maybe alternate a Stephen King adaptation movie or TV adaptation review with a TV review each month. That would stretch out the months. There has been no shortage of King movies. Plenty of options.

Is anybody else reading attending this Twilight Zone Fathom Events? 60 year anniversary is a special one. That is older than me. Not too much older, but older. I’m sure if Serling is able to read these words and tons by others, he would not have worried about being remembered.

Fathom Events: Thursday November 14, 2019 at 7pm – The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration

Fathom Events: The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration November 14, 2019

I’ve never attended a Fathom Event before and this one bullseyes my zone.

The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration will combine digitally restored versions of six quintessential episodes with an all-new documentary short titled “Remembering Rod Serling” about the life, imagination and creativity of creator Serling, whose thought-provoking anthology series continues to mesmerize fans. 

Fathom Events | The Twilight Zone: A 60th Anniversary Celebration

The 60th Anniversary of my favorite TV show of all time.

Yes, I’ve seen all six episodes they’ll be showing, but never on the big screen. I have not seen the Rod Serling documentary short they are adding:

Trailer for The Twilight Zone 60th Anniversary Fathom Events on Thursday November 14, 2019 @ 7pm

Fathom Events has live concerts and sports events too on the big screen. Might like to take part in one of those someday too. Anybody attended a Fathom Events at the theater before? What was your experience like?