Amazon Sales Up 40% During Pandemic, Prime Day Oct 13 and 14 – How Much Shopping Do You Do Online?

It seems odd to talk about some businesses doing better during the pandemic, but the reality is that some are. Amazon is one of them.

Amazon has thrived during the pandemic as consumers buy more goods online and limit their visits to stores. Amazon reported $88.9 billion in sales during its latest quarter ending June 30, up 40% from the same period a year earlier. Net income doubled during the quarter to $5.2 billion.

Amazon Prime Day set for October 13 and 14 – CNN

Those that like to shop online for deals, October 13 and 14 will be this year’s latest Amazon Prime Day. They are a little late with their Prime Day.

Other retailers are talking about moving up Black Friday sales and offering additional Cyber Monday type deals to try and entice customers that aren’t going to physical stores as much to buy.

Am not sure how this year’s holiday season is going to go sales-wise. There are more people back working now, but until we get back to pre-COVID employment numbers, I’m not sure the holiday season will be any kind of historic normal.

We still shop locally for most things. Groceries we don’t buy online, although I do admit some interest in that, my wife is less interested. She likes to pick out what she’s buying by looking at it and pictures on a website — particularly for fresh foods — just isn’t the same. The last TV we bought, and it’s been years, was online. It really just depends on what it is.

An Amazon Prime membership for us was attractive for free shipping, yes, but we sped more time with Amazon Prime Video, which is included as part of the service. I remarked in another article that Walmart+, their new service might have benefitted from keeping Vudu, instead of selling that off to Fandango (see: Walmart Plus launches September 15, maybe they should have kept Vudu)

Of course we do a lot of business online, particularly with entertainment websites, but we still are what some might refer to as “old-fashioned” with the rest. We still enjoy going out somewhere. Outside. The movie theater experience is part of that. Sure, we like watching movies and TV shows at home, too, but getting out of the house is part of our regular interest and flow.

How much shopping do you do online vs. offline?

SALE – Buy Stallone Movies for $4.99 at Amazon Prime LIMITED TIME DEAL!

SALE — as of Saturday 9/21/2019 — Amazon Prime Video is offering many Sylvester Stallone movies for purchase at the low price of $4.99 (many are in HD format!). Some of these titles are rarely available for streaming and have been priced as high as $14.99+ in the past, so this could be a great timely sales chance for those who buy and collect movies to add to their digital collections.

Here’s a list of the Sylvester Stallone movies I’ve confirmed as of this writing that are on sale in Amazon Prime Video — better hurry, because this deal will no doubt end very soon (perhaps by the time you read this!):

  1. Assasins ($4.99)
  2. Backtrace ($4.99)
  3. Bullet To The Head ($4.99)
  4. Cliffhanger ($4.99)
  5. Cobra ($4.99)
  6. Cop Land ($4.99)
  7. Daylight ($4.99)
  8. Escape Plan ($4.99)
  9. Escape Plan 2: Hades ($4.99)
  10. Escape Plan 3: The Extractors ($4.99)
  11. Expendables ($4.99)
  12. Expendables 2 ($4.99)
  13. Expendables 3 ($4.99)
  14. Grudge Match ($4.99)
  15. Nighthawks ($4.99)
  16. Paradise Alley ($4.99)
  17. Stop Or My Move Will Shoot ($4.99)
  18. The Specialist ($4.99)
  19. Victory ($4.99)

This (very) limited time deal no doubt coincides with this weekend’s release of Rambo: Last Blood. I will continue to update this post with titles as they are confirmed, but I wanted to post this out there so those interested could see and react.

For reference, here is the Wikipedia list of all Sylvester Stallone films. Also, see Rotten Tomatoes rank all Sylvester Stallone movies by tomatometer.