Based on a true story, get your tissue ready if you’re heading to a theater in your area for this one. These sad stories about people who get the death sentence of a seemingly unbeatable form of cancer and yet somehow rise above the diagnosis are difficult to watch.

Just as they’re planning their wedding and preparing to live the rest of their lives together, Solomon gets a sobering cancer diagnosis that takes a turn for the worse when it spreads through his body, cruelly and abruptly cutting his future short. Still, Jennifer is determined to marry him regardless of his diagnosis, and with help from friends, family and even strangers, they put on the wedding they never thought was possible.

All My Life True Story: Meet the Couple Behind the Movie

Official trailer:

This doesn’t sound like a faith-based movie, but have seen one of these recently. It reminds me a little of the Jeremy Camp story, I Still Believe ⭐️⭐️½

All My Life will be available in whatever theaters are open on December 4, 2020.