Alec Baldwin says aunt once went on date with Rod Serling

Serling was a man of great principles and told them through characters and stories

Memories that proceeded The Twilight Zone.

Rod Serling married his wife Carol in 1948. Assuming there is any truth to Alec Baldwin’s story about his aunt having one date with Rod Serling, we might assume this happened at some point 70-80 years ago, somewhere in the 1940s.

When Baldwin allegedly ran into Rod Serling somewhere in Los Angeles, that must have been either late 60s or early 70s.

Serling died in the 70s, and Baldwin didn’t start acting until the 80s. So when Baldwin ran into Serling, Serling almost certainly didn’t know him. Despite that, Baldwin said that he introduced himself and referenced his aunt and how she used to date Serling. 

In response, Serling just said to Baldwin, “Would you excuse me?”, according to The Hollywood Reporter. 

Rod Serling Rudely and Politely Evaded a Conversation With Alec Baldwin

Not sure if it would be classified as rude to say “Would you excuse me?” if someone randomly came up to you and said, “My aunt once dated you” after being married 30+ years.

This is a really random event for Alec Baldwin to dredge up when talking to Jerry Seinfeld all these years later. I chuckled when reading anyway, because brief encounters do happen to almost everybody. More meaningful for fans than the celebrities, of course, because the number of people Serling likely met toward the end of his life was massive.