I like Kevin Costner’s acting style and his clean-cut look fits. He has a certain regalness to his roles.

Diane Lane has been around awhile and in a few films I’ve enjoyed. I can’t really remember her being a bad actress in anything, but she’s been in some dreadful movies. Most recently she’s played Martha Kent in the Superman movies.

Costner clearly has a better resume of good to great films, certainly he has some stinkers too — it just happens if you’re around long enough and active in the business. He played Clay Shaw in one of my all time favorites from Oliver Stone, JFK. Have seen Costner in Yellowstone, his newest TV show, recently and liked what I saw there. So, Costner’s involvement in any film, regardless the story, has me a little more interested than just random unknown actor. Diane Lane, purely on her many years of experience also ratchets up my anticipation.

So with these two leads, particularly Costner, I’m intrigued by what this film might offer.

Kevin Costner and Diane Lane are starring together in a new thriller titled Let Him Go. It looks like a western version of Taken, with Coster and Lane trying to rescue their grandson from an “off the grid” family being led by Phantom Thread’s Lesley Manville.

Kevin Costner Goes Full Liam Neeson In Let Him Go Trailer

Like the description of a Western version of Taken, but Costner doesn’t give me the same vibe as Liam Neeson, so kind of hoping that’s not what this film is like.

Let’s look at the official trailer:

Uh oh, did Costner’s character in the first few seconds just say, “Don’t start what you can’t finish?”

Yeah, that’s definite Liam Neeson territory. Maybe he can play the heavie, but he just works better casting-wise as less of a heavy type and more polished. Maybe I’m typecasting him, but that’s what I think from his past work. He’s played flawed characters including athletes (Bull Durham!), but I don’t remember him venturing very often into roles like Rutger Hauer or Liam Neeson.

Still looking forward to seeing this based on the trailer. Will try my best to clear my memory and see if Costner surprises. He’s done it before. He’s got the talent to do so. What do you think of this one?

Let Him Go opens wide domestically in theaters on November 6, 2020.

Yes, Man Earned Jim Carrey $35 million for negotiating $0 salary and 36.2% of backend profits + Controversial SNL Biden Impression

If I see another movie star say that we’re facing the end of art culture as we know it, I might just throw up all over the screen.

Maybe grossly overpaid actors and actresses — in fairness, most of them aren’t, it’s just a small subset of movie stars that command large salaries — should wake up and do more like Jim Carrey did when he was in a career slump.

Yes, Man wasn’t a great movie, but performed well at the box office. It’s also an example of how movie stars can earn a bunch of money betting on a movie doing well vs. taking a higher upfront salary.

Following his previous movies such as Fun with Dick and Jane having flopped, Carrey felt that he didn’t need to get paid an upfront salary. He, therefore, declined any payment before filming. He instead chose to negotiate for 36.2% of the movie’s profits. At the time, Carrey’s move was considered a risky affair. However, the risk paid off when Yes Man grossed $223 million worldwide at the Box Office. Carrey eventually had the last laugh and took home $30 million, making it one of his biggest paydays.

Jim Carrey Once Accepted $0 For a Movie Role That Left Him With a $35 Million Paycheck

Now, understandably most actors won’t be able to negotiate that kind of percentage of profits, nor in these current bleak movie sales times generate larger sales, but there is a reasonable salary number between $0 and millions per film for actors to consider so that the film budget can be reduced.

The high paying actors we see crying in the media about the death of art being upon us, when the closer reality is they’ll be seeing the reduction of the giant cash cow they’ve been milking.

Before striking back in the comments below or dismissing what I’m saying, it’s not that I’m against actors and actresses making all the cheddar they can. I’m suggesting if the movie is good that they should enjoy the financial success of it, but if it’s not, they shouldn’t be paid more money than the film earned. For six months work making hundreds of thousands of dollars may not pay the mansion mortgage, but it’s a lot of money to the average family that make like $50-75k a year.

This wage disparity turns off the vast majority of people out there working their tails off to pay the bills.

In other Jim Carrey news, he is under some fire over his current Joe Biden impression.

Carrey is trending on Twitter after the latest episode of the sketch comedy show as SNL fans call for his replacement as Vice President Biden. Carrey debuted in the role in SNL’s high-rated 46th season premiere, replacing Woody Harrelson. Some took instant offense to the casting as part of a recent SNL trend of handing high-profile impersonations to outside celebrities instead of regular cast members. Carrey’s performance has received mixed reviews, but it seems his third episode was the breaking point for many viewers.

Jim Carrey Trends After Saturday Night Live Fans Call for His Replacement as Joe Biden

I was underwhelmed with what SNL did with the fly in Pence’s hair (see: The Shocking, Viral Star of Last Night’s Vice Presidential Debate? The Fly!), and that skit included Jim Carrey as Joe Biden also.

I think the problem with Jim Carrey is his style is too over the top energetic playing Biden. Carrey just overacts all the time kind of like Nic Cage. Some of what Carrey does is funny but often he goes too far. His Biden impression is weak for that reason, in my opinion. The bit above should be funny, but it’s … not.

Robert Downey Jr. Likes To Hide Food On Set + Dolittle will likely be top 10 earner at box office

Iron Man ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Robert Downey, Jr. fans rejoice, this post is for you. I mean, if you didn’t see how cool a guy he can be, then read this: 6-year old boy protects his sister from dog attack, receives accolades from Robert Downey Jr, Tom Holland and Mark Ruffalo

The article linked below is pretty wild, even for the sometimes eccentric actor: it starts with a story about Robert Downey Jr (RDJ, hereafter) being gifted an alpaca — which are like the cutest tiny horses ever — and then digs into his “hilarious quirk” of hiding food all over movie sets.

Downey Jr.’s costars have revealed a hilarious quirk that he has when he’s filming: apparently, he brings his own food onto set and hides it so that he can eat it during scenes! On a live interview with the Huffington Post recently, Downey Jr.’s costar for his upcoming film The Judge, Vincent D’Onofrio, revealed that the Marvel actor continues this quirk even when he’s not playing Tony Stark.

Why No One Ever Stopped Robert Downey Jr. From Eating on the ‘Avengers’ Set

Although I’ve never been on a movie or TV set, my understanding is they have catering services. I don’t know if these services have like a room with food waiting and/or they are catered at only certain lunch and dinner breaks. Apparently, these food breaks simply aren’t enough to keep RJD’s appetite sated.

Love oddball actor stories like these. They help to humanize these mega millionaires.

Iron Man hides food on set … wonder if he had a candy bar or three stashed in his suit? What about in Dolittle ⭐️⭐️⭐️? Did he share his food stash with the animals? Wait, they were CGI … some of them anyway … CGI animals don’t have appetites.

Yeah, I know, silly, absurd. It’s almost more absurd to think Dolittle is still in the top 5 for box office earners in 2020 and there’s less than 90 days left in the year!

It will almost certainly end up top 10 unless there are more new theatrical releases — and assuming there are enough theaters open to generate revenue — added. $245 million worldwide is a lot of box office cash for a movie this year.

Robert De Niro is “far and away the best kisser” says Sharon Stone

Casino ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Talk about serious violation of the no kiss and tell covenant.

Stone worked with De Niro in the movie Martin Scorsese’s epic Casino as a whale (large gambler) hustler who earns De Niro’s eye and affection.

“It was the actor that I admired the most and had, my whole career, was like, ‘I just want to sit across the table from Robert De Niro and hold my own.’ And maybe because I just held him in such extraordinary, high regard, and it was the pinnacle of the kissing moment for me. There was so much attached to it,” Stone said. “But I was just so madly in love with him as an actress to start with, that, you know, he probably could have hit me in the head with a hammer and I would have been like, ‘Oh, yeah!’ You know, but it was pretty fabulous.”

Sharon Stone says there is one co-star who was ‘far and away’ the best kisser [Video]

Considering Stone’s history as a sex symbol and the amount of lips she’s kissed throughout her busy career in Hollywood, this is a curious admission.

Then again, it seems like she was more in awe of De Niro’s talent than other many other actors she’s worked with. Almost like student meets idolized teacher. In that sense, maybe this isn’t a fair comparison.

Saw another story this past week about Gene Kelly deep french kissing Debbie Reynolds to her horror in the famous movie Singing In The Rain.

“The camera closed in. Gene took me tightly in his arms…and shoved his tongue down my throat. ‘Eeew! What was that?,’ I screeched, breaking free of his grasp and spitting.

I ran around frantic, yelling for some Coca-Cola to cleanse my mouth. It was the early 1950s, and I was an innocent kid who had never been French-kissed. It felt like an assault. I was stunned that this 39-year-old man would do this to me.”

Debbie Reynolds Said Her ‘Singin’ in the Rain’ Costar Gene Kelly Was a ‘Severe Taskmaster’ With Dreadful On-Screen Kisses

Debbie Reynolds was 19 at the time. Wouldn’t she want mouthwash? Given this is a long time ago, but Coca-cola as mouthwash?

In some ways, this reminds me of the lecherous doctor portrayed in the soap opera inside the movie Tootsie who delighted in kissing all the new women. It was some sort of creepy initiation.

In TV game shows, Richard Dawson was once the king of kissing

When it comes to kissing, probably nobody does it better than Family Feud host kisser extraordinaire, the late Richard Dawson.

Richard Dawson, Family Feud host kisses 200+ women in 1980 season

Those kisses were all for “good luck” according to Dawson.

I’m having fun with this post, in case you haven’t noticed. So much darkness in the movie-related news lately that we need some levity for balance.

Play along with me. Is De Niro really the best kisser in the biz working today? How could we ever validate or invalidate this statement? Thanks Sharon 😉

When Wrestler Turned Actor Dave Bautista Bashes Other Wrestler Turned Actors Talent

My Spy ⭐️⭐️½

Am not a huge fan of Dwayne The Rock Johnson, but he’s become the most bankable wrestler turned actor ever. John Cena has been trying to scratch his way into some decent movies. Hulk Hogan never made a splash, and then there’s Dave Bautista rolling around somewhere in the middle.

Bautista gave an interview and made sure to reference what he though of these other wrestler turned actors.

In fact, in a recent interview, he was asked for his opinions on former in-ring adversaries Johnson and Cena, and he wasn’t shy about letting it be known that he doesn’t rate either of them partcularly highly.

Dave Bautista Blasts Dwayne Johnson, Says He’s Not A Good Actor

In support of Bautista, his last movie we enjoyed more than Cena’s (Playing with Fire) and Johnson (Jumanji: The Next Level) but overall, we’ve been most entertained by Johnson’s films to date.

It’s true that none of these guys are amazing actors, but Johnson at least seems to have more charisma to go along with his big, tough guy frame. Haven’t seen that much range from the other two. It’s interesting to see the competition and trash talk has carried over from wrestling, however. Maybe we need a movie with all three co-starring and see who steals the scenes?

Robin Williams helped homeless with stipulation in his contract

Who doesn’t miss Robin Williams? He passed away too soon from suicide on August 14, 2014. Even with his health worsening at the end, he was always thinking of others in his work as evidenced by his contract.

Prior to his death, Robin Williams had a stipulation in his contract that for any movie or event he did, the company hiring him also hire a certain number of homeless people and put them in work.

37 Genuinely Wild Facts About Celebrities That’ll Alter Your World View

My favorite Robin Williams comedy is Mrs. Doubtfire, but have enjoyed several movies he’s starred in. Mork and Mindy, the TV show with Pam Dawber was my introduction to him. That was a fun show, too. Williams didn’t only star in comedy movies though, showing he had range far beyond his comedic roots. His energetic voice acting was top notch.

Michael Winslow The Man of 10,000 Sound Effects Deserves Bigger Stardom

Police Academy films available during HBO Max launch

If you’ve seen any of the Police Academy movies you’re familiar with Larvell Jones, The Human Sound Machine. He’s a standup comedian who seemingly can imitate any sound effect, including the raging guitar sounds of Jimmy Page from Led Zeppelin and Eddie Van Halen once traded guitar licks with him in 1987.

Still, the biggest surprise was Winslow, the comedian best-known as Larvell Jones a.k.a. the human sound machine from Police Academy. Winslow and Van Halen traded riffs, with Eddie wailing on his axe while Winslow provided impressively realistic guitar-like vocals. “They were dueling,” Plastik recalled, “with Eddie playing a lick and Michael voicing it back.”

See Eddie Van Halen Jam With ‘Police Academy”s Sound Effects Guy

But this performance is nothing compared to Winslow’s Jimi Hendrix “Purple Haze” imitation.

This “Purple Haze” imitation will blow you away

Winslow’s filmography is not commiserate to the otherworldly vocal talents he possesses. Why hasn’t this guy broke through bigger than he has? The cliche “criminally underrated” easily applies here.

The One Where Jennifer Aniston Was Considered Overweight

There are overweight, unhealthy people in America, but at no time has Jennifer Aniston been one of them. At least while she was on Friends, anyway.

Wait, she was?!

Apparently, at one time during her tenure on Friends, she risked losing her job on Friends because of — no way — her weight.

“My agent gave it to me straight. Nicest thing he ever did…. The disgusting thing of Hollywood — I wasn’t getting lots of jobs ’cause I was too heavy. I was like, ‘What?!’ But my diet was terrible. Milk shakes and French fries with gravy,” she recalled.

Jennifer Aniston almost lost her iconic ‘Friends’ role because of her weight


For those familiar with Friends (who isn’t?), they had a unique naming schemes for their episodes (see examples below).

This “Rachel is overweight” is the episode we should have seen, because when I think of obesity portrayed in the show, it was the younger Monica (Courteney Cox) that was fat. It was obvious she was in a fat suit, too. I don’t remember any storyline involving Rachel being overweight, but maybe some diehard fan that has memorized the story of each episode can cite a specific episode(?).

Rachel (Jennifer) just wasn’t overweight. I had to look up Aniston’s Wikipedia to see her height. Aniston is 5’5. Her “healthy” body mass index (BMI) range is 115 – 140 pounds. She would be considered overweight from 150-175 and obsese over 180 pounds. Maybe she struggled to be under 150 pounds, but it sure didn’t look that way on camera.

And to think they say the camera adds 10 pounds? It could have added 25-30 pounds and I still don’t think Rachel would have looked overweight. Certainly not overweight enough to lose her job.

Jane Fonda at 80 on dating, “I’ve closed up shop down there!”

Barbarella ⭐️⭐️⭐️½

Say it isn’t so, Jane. We’d enjoy watching a well-written romcom with Jane Fonda at 80+with .. some suave elder statesman (Sean Connery?). Why doesn’t Hollywood give us more senior citizens getting the love on?

I know, I know, it’s always got to be about the younger ones. They think we only want to see youth, no sagging or bagging. Fonda looks pretty darn good for 80 and there are male actors who clean up at that age.

Anyway, Jane Fonda is making news again, this time for telling more about her personal life and making some personal admissions like she could have slept with Marvin Gaye, but was married at the time and “fell in love” with Robert Redford. This further cements that actors and actresses do really fall in love in films. That chemistry we see and feel on the screen is sometimes not acting.

But sounds like Fonda is done with men.

“I’m not dating anymore, but I did up until a couple of years ago,” she told Extra in May 2018. “I’m 80. I’ve closed up shop down there!” The Grace and Frankie actress has however a history of long-term relationships, beginning with her first marriage to Roger Vadim in 1965.

Jane Fonda’s Dating History

Fonda isn’t done with acting, just don’t ask her about plastic surgery like Megyn Kelly.

I’m not a fan of Fonda’s politics or activism, especially her activity during Vietnam, but, a little like Mike Tyson (see: The Mike Tyson Dilemma – does promoting those who’ve done bad in the past imply support for their misdeeds?) I have enjoyed some of her work.

Barbarella? Oh, yeah. It’s just so crazy and warped and different, well, it made me a fan. For those who just want to see Fonda nude, well, her first husband and the filmmaker made sure we got to see that in the dizzying opening scene that made Fonda so nervous she needed to get drunk on vodka.

Come on, screenwriters, get Fonda in some sexy 80s senior romcom. Crazy? lol, you must not have seen Barbarella yet. Go watch and return.

Most Liked Tweet Ever – 7.1+ million likes – is Chadwick Boseman Death Announcement

Da 5 Bloods ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Some (most?) of you have heard by now about actor Chadwick Boseman’s death from cancer at the very young age of 43. You may not have heard that the Twitter tweet announcing his death has set a record number of likes.

At press time Saturday afternoon, the tweet from Boseman’s account had 5.6 million likes. The previous record-holder was a tweet from former president Barack Obama, which currently has 4.3 million likes.

Chadwick Boseman Tweet Announcing His Death Most Liked Ever

What makes Boseman’s youthful passing stand out even more is his dedication to his craft up until his death, In between treatments for his condition, he kept working.

Something good happening on Twitter? Yes. You can like it and add to the 7.1 million and counting Twitter love below.

Click the heart icon to join the love

See Boseman’s filmography and/or if you’re a Netflix subscriber, check out Da Bloods. He also starred in Black Panther, the Avengers films (Infinity War, Civil War, Endgame), Draft Day, 42 and more.

Rest in peace, Mr. Boseman.