List of Movies with 666 In Title

Being this is the 666th post published on this blog at 6:12 AM totally coincidentally on 6/6/2020, it seems timely to dig into movies with ‘666’ in the title.

Airplanes and 666? That’s Flight 666, available for streaming on Amazon Prime as of this writing. I’ve tried to watch this movie before, but giving it one more try. Like the box art, at least.

Not intended to be a satanic interlude, but for horror fans like myself, this offers a one time historical not so coincidental chance to explore the “number of the beast” in movie titles.

Plenty of others are out there parsing the meaning of Revelation 13:18, but I’m going to carefully sidestep the religious aspects of this number.

By assigning 666 to the “number of the beast,” the author of Revelation is warning Christians to beware of Satan’s “cheap imitation of Christ,” says Hamilton. “That’s the best Satan can do, one short of perfection.”

What’s the Secret Behind the Number 666? | HowStuffWorks

That article also points out that some consider ‘777’ as a number of Christ. Personally, I see that as a jackpot on a slot machine, but hey, it’s all good.

When I think of 666, besides the obvious biblical and religious reference, the famous heavy metal song from Iron Maiden springs to mind:

Great song from an iconic band that is still out there in 2020, slaying it with their heavy, melodic tones

And no, COVID-19 has nothing to do with 666, that’s debunked here.

This was the 666th published post at this blog on 6/6/2020

Alphabetical List of Movies with 666 in Title
last updated 6/6/2020

  1. 6:6:6 PM
  2. 666 (Beware The End is at Hand) 2
  3. 666: Crimson Avenue
  4. 666: In Bed with The Devil
  5. 666: Kreepy Kerry
  6. 666 Park Avenue
  7. 666: Salem Calling
  8. 666: Teen Warlock
  9. 666: The Beast
  10. 666: The Child
  11. 666: The Devil’s Child
  12. Camp Blood 666
  13. Children of the Corn 666: Isaac’s Return
  14. Evil Bong 666
  15. Flight 666
  16. Plot No. 666
  17. Revolution 666
  18. Route 666
  19. Witchcraft 666: The Devil’s Mistress

NOTE: The list above will continue to be updated, perhaps a grand total of eighteen times (6+6+6), but that’s tongue-in-cheek, not a plan or anything.

Seems like this might be a predominantly low budget movie list. If and when they are ever watched, I’ll link up the titles to the reviews. Might be a timely October viewing challenge some year in the future to run as many of them down and watch as possible.

Do you have a favorite full length movie with 666 in the title to mention? Or just one missed above? Feel free to mention in the comments. Not looking to add shorts, documentaries or anything that’s not a feature-length film.

What do you think? (18 character question!)