30+ 6 Underground Reviews – Just In Case You Missed On Netflix

This movie again, really?

I know, I know, thought we’d left this one behind, but the spells are strong with Michael Bay’s manic wizardry.

Just because I found 6 Underground unwatchable, doesn’t mean the 800+ (and growing) movie blogs I follow don’t have some movie fans who watched, reviewed and rated. God bless ’em all.

There were enough reviews, in fact, that I decided to compile as many as I came across — good, bad and indifferent — here. You might be surprised by how the collection comes out.

Drumroll please…

This post collects the many reviews I’ve read from this fine group of movie reviewers, critics, bloggers and so on. At least for the present time, I’ve given up on watching and judging for myself. Whenever I mention this film going forward — unless I decide to try and watch it a fourth time (doubtful) — I’ll be linking to this post. This is the only new film release so far that this applies to since we started this grand adventure in August 2019. Hopefully, there won’t be many others that gain this distinction.

I’ve only 96.55% given up on watching this film

Too many other movies to watch. On Netflix, Hulu, Starz, Amazon Prime … heck, everywhere.

Remember: this doesn’t mean I’m saying the film is bad or good, although it certainly sounds like I dislike the film. I don’t. Just dislike that I can’t watch it.

We all have those rare movies where we want to watch and hopefully like them, but can’t get through them for whatever reason. I don’t think it’s fair to write a review of a movie that I can’t watch at least halfway — preferably all the way — through. I reserve the 1/2 star rating for movies deemed “unwatchable” for those that I do get far enough though to deem of no cinematic value whatsoever (except maybe to laugh at how horrifically bad they are).

No star non-event

No stars is a non-rating- “haven’t seen yet” of which 6 Underground here anyway currently remains. Maybe not forever, because maybe some cold, rainy day I’ll try again to watch. Is it condemnation or a recommendation? Neither.

With that, onto others who have seen and reviewed…

SPOILERS ahead, yes, of course.

Reviews by Others

What do other moviegoers think of 6 Underground?

Did I miss your review? Use the comments to tell me about your movie-related/review blog and I’ll follow. I like following movie-related blogs.


  1. action-flix.com: “I wanted explosions, violent action and car chases that would put the Fast And Furious franchise to shame and that is exactly what I got. The score on Rotten Tomatoes might not be great but those critics will never get these types of films. They’re not made to win Oscars. they are made for the audience and when it comes to the action genre, the greatest sin is to not entertain”
  2. Alan French / We Bought a Blog (2.5/4?): “The resulting insanity creates the ultimate Michael Bay movie of his career. With more explosions and non-sensical plot points than any movie he’s ever made, 6 Underground is another fun action romp.”
  3. Drowning in Words: “For the most part, I enjoyed the film. I mean, I watched it through entirely and never felt the urge to walk away from it.”
  4. Holmes Movie: “There is nothing about this film I found inhumanely offensive and there is something to take away from it and in my opinion it does hold up to a re-watch.”
  5. Irish Film Critic: “The film is well done on all sides. There are CGI scenes where you know it isn’t practical to actually do the things they want to in real life but you can hardly tell it’s a digital version. That was my biggest worry with this film, the fact that it wouldn’t be something that would be worthy of a recommendation. I don’t have that worry any longer, however. “6 Underground” is definitely worth it if you can catch it in a theater.”
  6. Joseph Lloyd/THE NEXT RUSH: “…provides moments of comedy in between magnificent destruction and visual grandeur through extended combat, parkour and action sequences,  comanding our attention over the holiday period.”
  7. Jordan and Eddie (The Movie Guys) (3/5):” Losing none of his lunatic tendencies, the small screen release of 6 Underground has done nothing to stop Bay’s quest to blow up objects, shake his camera and deliver a brainless bouts of fun like only the best of them can.”
  8. Movie Ark: “On the whole, ‘6 Underground’ is a loud and explosive blockbuster mixed with enough Michael Bay formula to appeal to his fans.”
  9. Movie Reviews 101 (4/5): “This is a truly bonkers action film that you can switch off and just let everything unfold to the crazy levels it is meant to reach.
  10. Moshfish Reviews: “…full of all the Michael Bay tropes we all love (even if we don’t want to admit it), and it now fits in perfectly among other team-up action flicks like The Losers or Smokin’ Aces, though this perhaps sits a step apart due to the depiction of real collateral damage and the dangerous nature of the game the team is playing.”
  11. Real Movie Critic: “…is what you make of Michael bay films, great action that can be outrageous just like the story with it, at least Ryan Reynolds’ charisma makes it fun!!! “
  12. Not a Walking Tree: “Director Michael Bay does what he does best: cars, guns, hot women, and explosions. I thoroughly enjoyed this movie.”
  13. The Cinema Spot (8/10): “It’s a fairly easy action film and I mean that in the sense that it is easy to follow. There are time jumps from the past to the present, but those are explicitly stated on the screen and the plot line doesn’t feature any major plot twists or surprise factors.”
  14. TL/DR Movie Reviews (3/5): “An incredibly stylish and well-produced film that just didn’t quite nail the substance portion.”
  15. Yash Bansal: “Despite being a completely ridiculous movie, I still had fun at times. Bay does a lot of his signature tricks that are still fun when it counts. I also thought Ryan Reynolds did a solid job, considering how iffy the script was.”

Not Recommended (or on the fence)

  1. Cinema ETC: “…mostly a complete dud with no sense of logic or character development or ideas bigger than how to fit in another explosion. The actors turn in lazy performances, filmmaking techniques are flawed, to say the least, and most of the dialogue is either extremely blunt or a joke that sounds like it was written by a sixth grader, and yet, the film has its thrills in exactly the ways Michael Bay intended, and it would be a lie to say I didn’t have some fun.”
  2. Consequence of Sound: “…a film made for frivolous consumption with car chases, swooping crane shots, cheesy one-liners, and crass humor. Sure, there’s some political commentary lurking underneath, but it’s not particularly savvy.”
  3. DanielsDunkings: “…the most Michael Bay film I can possibly imagine. And whether or not that’s a good thing depends entirely on whether or nor you can take Michael Bay looking at everything he’s made in the last ten years and thinking ‘meh, that was too constrained.”
  4. DC’s Take (Grade: D+): “…it’s painfully dumb with no substance. No real characters to root for, the action is poorly directed, and it fails at trying to be funny. For the record, it’s the kind of movie that’s fitted for the streaming service. Entertaining, it is not.”
  5. Embrace Your Geek / Doc: “I checked out on this one very early.  I was bored.  Not even Ryan Reynolds’ charm could save this turd.”
  6. Godfather’s Movie Blog: “Leave your brain at the door and this really is a shed load of fun. Stop and think for too long though and you’ll find it dumb as all hell.”
  7. MoodyB (3/10): “Bayhem comes to Netflix and it is not pleasant; despite Reynold’s enthusiasm 6 Underground is certainly dumb but very rarely fun. Instead the result is a film that is an overlong abrasive mess and is very often unnecessarily nasty. “
  8. Moviebabble: “These guys just fly into a tyrannical regime’s homeland with a private jet full of machine guns without a second thought. When your movie is far more stupid than Fast and Furious, you have a problem.”
  9. Movie Nation / Roger In Orlando: “It took a lot to get through this, because I re-HEEEL-ly hated that stupid, talky, bloody and endless opening chase. I’ll cut it a teensy bit of slack for A) Ryan Reynolds and B) that really cool effect at the end.”
  10. Netflix Original Movies Reviewed: “…by overcoming the giddy stupidity of its opening sequences, 6 Underground at least becomes the movie you tuned in for by the end. And of course that ending leaves open the distinct possibility of a sequel and/or franchise.”
  11. Nerdy Popcorn (2.5/5): “…it seemed like Bay just mapped out a bunch of explosions and then made a movie around that. It’s worth a watch but just be aware that’s there no real substance to it. The emotional moments felts empty and the explosion seemed ill timed. It’s somewhat of a fun movie to watch but the lack of story and sloppy editing really take away from the movie”
  12. Polygon: “This is Bay at his worst, a game of explosion “yes, and” that’s exhausting to watch. The action is so non-stop that it becomes perfunctory rather than fun, and at times even obligatory”
  13. Roy Wilding / AIPT: “What’s weird is that a lot of issues from Bay’s Transformers are present here, though some of which aren’t as problematic as before. Part of it has to do with the characters, who may be at each other’s throats, but Bay is showing interest in their dynamic. Reynolds may be the big star and is incorporating some of his Deadpool-isms here”
  14. Screenbunka: “I don’t believe Michael Bay has watched anyone else’s movies; he only seems to repeat his own stuff. Transformers was a franchise with limitless potential, and all he could get from it was a lot of slow motion and cool looking robots. The action scenes are a hurricane of metal everywhere. The story is an afterthought”
  15. SCREENPHILES: “Michael Bay’s 6 Underground isn’t a good movie, though it is interesting, with some great human and car-based stunts.”
  16. The Not Left Handed Guy: “It feels like one of those deliberately so bad it’s good films like the Nazis on the moon movie Iron Sky. I don’t think that’s what Bay was pushing for though and it didn’t work if he was. “

The comments area awaits what you think of this movie. If you have reviewed it already, please feel free to share where that review is located along with a brief synopsis of your review.

My non-review review of 6 Underground – unwatchable

Congratulations to Michael Bay and Netflix for giving me the first new movie in 2019 that I must shamefully admit is unwatchable.

Stop before shooting: this is not a review of the movie itself. Can’t review it.

It might be an OK movie, maybe even in some people’s minds a good movie, but I can’t get there for one simple fact:

It’s physically unwatchable. Or put a different way …

Michael Bay’s directing style is the perfect nightmare for non-epileptics, too.

Jarring, fast-movie images, sometimes blurry, off center, shaky dizzying camerawork, images twisting. It even starts with a warning about the “strobing effects”

A “strobing effect” that may affect photosensitive viewers … guess I’m one of them!

Is Bay trying to get even with those who negatively reviewed some (or all) of the Transformers movies?

My god this is a terrible film to watch. So bad I truly can’t watch it. This isn’t a review, and won’t be a review, because I. Can’t. Watch. This!

Seriously, Netflix, Ryan Reynolds, you join the $100+ million club with this? This?

Argh. I’ve tried three times since it launched yesterday to watch this because I liked aspects of the trailer and am willing to consider watching just about anything. Especially films that someone financed for $100+ million dollars. For that kind of investment it must be something other than throwing cash at a forest fire to douse the flames.

And yet, Netflix, it seems like your QA (Quality Assurance) department is out to lunch. Permanently. Irrevocably. If it’s coming from anybody like Michael Bay who has a solid financial track record, it’s hands off on any sort of final cut approval. Or so it seems.

Can’t remember the last time I spent three times trying to watch any movie. If this had played in a theater I would have walked out within the first 30 minutes. Give me another rewatch of 2019’s worst movies: Playmobil: The Movie ½  and Lucy in the Sky ½ . As terrible as those two movies were/are, I could at least watch them.

Not so here. I’ve got movie watcher PSTD. Traumatized.

Not sure how soon before I’ll be able to watch another Michael Bay directed movie again. If you like his work, good for you, and don’t mean to poop on your parade. For me?

Worst best director ever.

More $100 Million Budget Movies – 6 Underground on Netflix Friday December 13

Stay with me for coverage of 6 Underground….

But first up, more of those pesky expensive budget movies.

Some readers might remember me complaining that $100 million movie budgets are stupid.

I don’t mind admitting when I’m wrong. Heck, I’m old enough to realize we are wrong with our opinions far more times than we’re right.

Unfortunately, on this, it appears I’m closer to right than wrong.

In particular, I mentioned Ford v Ferrari ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ a movie that is in my current top 10 for 2019, so I am not throwing any shade — I liked it a lot — but questioned the $100 million budget being worthy for the type of movie. The lead actors were paid a reported $30 million of that $100 million, which, I suppose, good for them, but the remaining $70 million still seems like too much money for the end product.

I watched Black Christmas (1974) ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ this week. Given, that was 45 years ago, but that budget was $600,000. Rocky ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️½ had a $1 million budget in the 70s. Marriage Story ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️ Great movie on Netflix, the budget $18 million (still seems somewhat high considering most of the movie is talking in common places like offices, apartments, etc), with probably 25%+ to the actors. Black Christmas (2019) reboot budget? $5 million. Kudos to Blumhouse for being more spendthrift and also for finally having a woman direct a film for their studio (Black Christmas (2019) is their first ever film directed by Sophia Takal).

Seriously, why can’t more movies be made with budgets under $10 million dollars? Even $20 million dollars? Ok, even $30 million dollars seems like a liberal budget for most movies except for animation and heavy action and CGI movies.

So, imagine my lack of surprise while reading this excellent article in Fortune:

Ford v Ferrari, the award-tipped racing drama starring Matt Damon and Christian Bale, is only just now breaking even for 20th Century Fox, after weeks in theaters. Its $100 million price-tag (which it just made back domestically) necessitated a worldwide gross of $150 million to be considered successful. It’s now at $167 million and won’t get close to $200 million. Overall, the returns for Ford v Ferrari are solid, especially given that Fox is fast-disappearing into the Disney empire, but they also don’t mark the kind of runaway triumph this movie might have been had it come out a decade ago.

Does the Movie Star Still Have A Pulse as 2019 Winds Down? | Fortune

Unnecessary pressure.

The higher the budget, the more pressure to do crazy good box office numbers. Not that many films make more than $100 million. The domestic average is around $12 million, so you better do great numbers internationally to get your $100 million or have some serious legs domestically.

Recent box office movie performance shows very few movies making $100 million domestically

Most movies don’t last 30 days in the theaters. Joker is still fooling around at 70 days, but it’s about out of theater gas. Frozen II won’t thaw before 30+ days. The vast majority of films are gone within three weeks — 21 days.

Heck, 21 days is a long time in the theaters these days. So, to get to $100 million+ you better start with $30-50 million the first weekend and then hope to maintain a 20+ day run with an average of $2+ million a day. A very small number of films leg out like that. Most wide releases are sub $1 million daily after the first weekend.

If I was the filmmaker, I’d want to be no more than 50% of the average for a budget as a starting point unless the story clearly needed a larger budget (my argument is most don’t). A racing car movie doesn’t need $100 million budget unless their blowing up a lot of expensive race cars and paying the lead actors double digit millions. A Charlie’s Angels second reboot doesn’t need a $50 million budget and so on.

The actors that demand high salaries with no points are part of the budgeting problem. Don’t ask for $20 million a picture unless you’re going to bring in $40 million in box office with your star power attached (most can’t/don’t). The article mentions a few of them like Tom Cruise in a Mission Impossible or Denzel Washington in an action film. Gone are the rom-com queens that could demand that kind of double digit million salary, only to see the movie flop like a fresh fish pulled onto the dock.

And Netflix spending $159 million on The Irishman is stupefying. Again, I liked this film, but where did the money go ($30 million on de-aging, I heard, but can’t find that figure confirmed anywhere to cite)? Investors are nervous and the stock price is sliding.

Investors are nervous by the Netflix spending and projected loss of 4 million subscribers in 2020

Great segue to Michael Bay. If there was ever a more big budget director than Bay and he admits his requested salary is large to get him involved. He’s got his pricey hooks in the Netflix threadbare pockets for 6 Underground.

6 Underground on Netflix Friday 12/13/2019 — another $150 million budget

Michael Bay directs this action thriller that debuts Friday the 13th of December 2019
6 Underground official trailer #2 – available streaming at midnight PST Friday 12/13/2019

Have to admit this $150 million budget action thriller movie with Michael Bay directing and Ryan Reynolds starring looks pretty cool and this might actually justify the budget based on insanely cool stunts and effects, but still … Netflix, how are you going to stay in business if you keep spending like this?

Disclaimer: I’m not a huge fan of the Transformers movies, but I’ll readily admit Bay makes popcorn munching action movies with dizzying camerawork, wild and wowing stunts, and fast-moving plots. His storytelling is what I usually take issue with, but if you can suspend the story and just enjoy the action, he’s your man. I’ll be watching, rating and reviewing 6 Underground, you bet I will.

6 Underground hits Netflix at midnight PST (GMT-8) Friday, December 13.