Upcoming Movies Watchlist in 4DX at Red Rock Regal Cinema Las Vegas + D-BOX and DFX Experience Search

Showing on Wednesday 3/4/2020 at Red Rock Regal Cinema in 4DX

The Regal Red Rock movie theater opened in May 2019. We last visited Las Vegas in September to experience the theater and this week will be visiting there again.

Our goal is to see two movies at least in 4DX format. The first will be the animated My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising.

The second, Onward, will premiere on Thursday 3/5/2020 in 4DX 3D at 9:30pm.

Then we’re coming home on Saturday and Kara flies back to Vegas on Sunday for business. I’ll be joining her a week later for vacation and hoping to catch another new release in 4DX, this one a sequel I’m looking very forward to:

Showing on Thursday 3/19/2020 at Red Rock Regal Cinema in 4DX

Hopefully, we can catch another bonus 4DX showing or two, if they are available. The week between my Vegas visits, four new movies are being widely released: Bloodshot (why isn’t that in 4DX?), The Hunt, My Spy and I Still Believe. Two, Bloodshot and My Spy, arguably three (if you include The Hunt) could be the type of movie that would work well in 4DX format.

As I search around the Bloodshot film. It is being offered in the following formats:

D-BOX? What is that? Cousin of XBox?

Had to do a double-take on “D-BOX” because that isn’t a format I’m familiar with (see: Different Enhanced Screening Audio and Video Theater Experiences). Google to the rescue.

The official D-BOX website: http://tech.d-box.com/entertainment/ has the details.

D-BOX redefines and creates hyper-realistic, immersive entertainment experiences by moving the body and sparking the imagination through motion. This expertise is one of the reasons why D-BOX have collaborated with some of the best companies in the world to deliver new ways to enhance great stories. Whether it’s movies, video games, virtual reality applications, themed entertainment or professional simulation, D-BOX mission is to move the world.

About D-BOX

The format has been around longer than 4DX, but is similar, at least in how the seats move based upon activity in the movie. A Google search brought up several Las Vegas area theaters — not Regal, it seems — showing movies in D-BOX format, including at least one dinner theater! Yay.

Google Map search results for “D-BOX theaters in Las Vegas

Adding this to my to-do list to possibly see Bloodshot in D-BOX. Maybe some theater somewhere in Las Vegas offers a D-BOX movie experience.

Sonic is showing in Las Vegas in D-BOX format … this is a strong possibility too!

Just when you think as a moviegoer you might know all the formats, there is another format screening:

What is DFX format? I don’t know, but it’s at the same theater as Sonic in D-BOX format

DFX is Dolby Atmos sound in Galaxy theaters.

Can’t say we’ve ever been to a Galaxy theater and listening to Dolby Atmos sound is on the list. We have seen RPX format at Regal (see: First Ever RPX Experience Review Terminator: Dark Fate) which is a variation on the format.

Looks like we’ll have several titles in multiple different formats to explore and experience while in Las Vegas. I’ve made a preliminary list including when and where these special format movies are showing while we’re in town.

List of movies to see in special formats (if possible) while visiting Las Vegas

  • WED 3/4/2020 – My Hero Academia: Heroes Rising – 4DX @ Red Rock Regal Theater
  • THU 3/5/2020 – Onward – 4DX + 3D @ Red Rock Regal Theater
  • THU 3/5/2020 – Sonic The Hedgehog – D-BOX @ Galaxy Theater
  • THU 3/5/2020 – The Invisible Man – DFX @ Galaxy Theater
  • Bloodshot – D-BOX ???
  • THU 3/19/2020 – A Quiet Place Part II – 4DX @ Red Rock Regal Theater

Do you like seeing movies in special formats? Which one do you prefer? Tell us about it in the comments below.

Have You Checked Out 4DX Yet? 2019 Was Record Year

Movies in 4DX format available in March and April 2020

Remember back in September when we shared our first 4DX viewing experience? See: Awesome 4DX First Experience Watching Rambo: Last Blood

4DX had a record year in 2019, according to Variety, and well-deservedly.

CJ 4DPLEX, the company behind multi-sensory 4DX cinema technology, has announced that it had a record-breaking 2019, grossing more than £246 million ($320 million) for 4DX worldwide.

4DX High-Tech Cinemas Break Box Office Records in 2019 – Variety

Yes, we thought the experience was excellent. It certainly made Rambo: Last Blood more entertaining with dripping overhead, various scents sprayed in the air, a slow swaying boat-like movement and more.

Next month we’ll be back in Las Vegas, this time staying at the River Rock Casino, home of the only 4DX theater in Vegas. The next movie we’ll likely be seeing in 4DX is …

Onward opens wide in theaters on March 6, 2020 — we’re planning to watch in 4DX


We do have a Regal 4DX theater in downtown Seattle, but traffic downtown and parking is a nightmare, so not somewhere we’ll likely be going. Too bad, because we both really enjoyed the format and think it has the power to elevate the entertainment experience.

Have you seen a movie in 4DX yet? Are you planning to soon? Is there a theater near you that has 4DX? Let’s discuss in the comments.

Different Enhanced Screening Audio and Video Theater Experiences

We saw Terminator: Dark Fate in RPX

There are several different, competing movie theater formats, leaving the average moviegoer confused which one does what and what types of movies are best in the format. This post is intended to help cut through the terminology.

Ok, so they confused my wife and I somewhat. Good news! We’ve experienced almost all of them now. Each requires some type of premium ticket price in addition to the regular price. If you are a Regal Unlimited pass member like we are, then it’s like $3-5 per ticket for each movie, depending on the experience.

These are the formats: 3D, IMAX, 4DX, Dolby Cinema, RPX, ScreenX

3D – glasses required. Enhanced scenes with depth and sometimes “in your face” movement. Best movies for 3D are action, sci-fi and horror and any other movie with a lot of movement on screen. Many use the Real 3D black with tinted glasses which aren’t the red and blue cardboard glasses you might remember from the past. Most recent movie we’ve seen in 3D was Gemin Man HFR (60 fps).

IMAX – the largest screen experience currently available. Haven’t seen any IMAX recently, but in the past have watched a few movies in this format.

4DX – interactive, seat movement, air and scents. Best for action movies giving you the sensation you literally in the chase scene. Most recent movie we’ve seen in this format: Rambo: Last Blood 4DX

D-BOX – motion-controlled seating, similar to 4DX but appears to not have the scents or water sensation, and be not as proprietary, whereas 4DX is a Regal-only option (added 3/2/2020)

ScreenX – five projectors are used and intermittently utilize the side walls of theater to extend the screen. For example, if it’s a scene involving a car, you’ll see the side scenery in addition to what’s on the main screen. Most recent movie we’ve seen in this format: Ford v Ferrari.

DRX – Dolby Atmos sound in Galaxy theaters. Proprietary to Galaxy cinemas only? I don’t know (added 3/2/2020)

RPX – A curved slightly smaller screen with specially enhanced audio that moves all around you in seemingly every direction. Most recent movie we’ve seen in this format is Terminator: Dark Fate.

Dolby Cinema – This format primarily available in AMC theaters. We have not tried this format yet, but have read from reviews that it is the most superior theater audio experience available. A “little” better than RPX which is Regal Cinema’s high fidelity audio based on Dolby Atmos.

The following Reddit provides more details on the differences between the various audio formats.

I can’t seem to find anything online reviewing and comparing these premium screenings even tho they are identical competitors. What are the similarities and differences and which one do prefer?

Dolby Cinema vs RPX : movies

How many of the different enhanced experiences have you tried?

Awesome 4DX First Experience Watching Rambo: Last Blood

Immediately outside the theater, you know the action is about to go down looking at this sign

For our 30th Anniversary my wife and decided to check out our very first 4DX movie. We went to the only HDX theater in Las Vegas: Regal at the Red Rock Casino and a movie I’ve been very eagerly anticipating, Rambo: Last Blood was playing and we, along with 18 other people I counted, were treated to the first ever HDX Rambo showing in Vegas:

The tickets to not have the “D” in 4DX and when we asked there was not reason

In the lobby of the theater there was a cool Rambo: Last Blood ad teaser:

What self-respecting Rambo fan wouldn’t want this?

The HDX sign by the ticket checking person is pretty cool too:

You almost feel like you should be strapped in for this ride

We decided against our usual popcorn and drink, fearing spillage and entered the theater. As mentioned above, we only counted 18 people, us included, in the theater. Our seats were literally the most center spot in the entire room — row F. Awesome seats!

HDX seats are in groups of 4 at a time with a break. They shake, buzz, move side to side in a swaying boat-like motion, along with the occasional dip forward and back

The seats are a bit stiff to sit in, but not uncomfortably so. Right before the preview trailers, they played the Regal roller coaster graphic and it is full on HDX activated. It felt a lot like we were actually riding a roller coaster. The seats shake, buzz, move side to side in a swaying boat motion as well as shift abruptly and dip forward and back, but not as such an extreme angle that you would go flying out. Meanwhile there are various scents spraying into the audience as well as light mists of water dripping. I noticeably felt water drops on my face multiple times during the screening.

You can turn off water on a switch on the seat, if that’s not your thing. We both kept it on. A few times in the movie when Rambo did damage with his big knife, the blood flying translated into water dropping from somewhere.

Overall we loved the HDX experience. It added to the movie and was well the extra $8 each we paid. It felt just like some kind of theme park amusement ride. If we had an HDX theater closer I’d want to see every action movie in HDX. Closest one to us is downtown Seattle, which is like 30 miles away, so we aren’t too far from experiencing this again.

As for the movie itself? It met my expectations, click to read my review of Rambo: Last Blood [HDX]⭐️⭐️⭐️½  . I’ll likely see it at least one more time again before it leaves the theaters.

Highly recommend the 4DX experience to other moviegoers, especially action fans. I bet the next Avatar and final Star Wars movie will be a fun experience in HDX.