Las Vegas Weather Forecast 2/3 – 2/6/21: Hey, No Snow!

A day away from travel, forecast for Las Vegas is sunny skies and a high of 60+ degrees F

So, we’re a day away from getting out of the Washington state area — for a few days, anyway.

Whenever you travel to a different place, it’s only natural to get the weather forecast while you’ll be there, even if you plan to spend most of your time inside. A week ago I took a snapshot of what it looked like, and the weather forecast was colder than it appears the day before, check it out.

This was forecast snapped a week ago at

It’s interesting that a week made the weather forecast change by almost 10 degrees across the board.

Honestly, I’ve never paid much attention to the weather forecasts, because they’ve never seemed all that accurate. Almost as if somebody is just throwing a dart at a board with weather numbers on it.

It was snowing outside Vegas recently. That doesn’t happen very often in the desert.

As done in the past, we’ll be keeping our eyes peeled on movie-related happenings in/around Vegas. In particular movie and TV-themed slot machines, but also we plan to catch at least one movie in a theater while we’re there.

More on our event schedule will be posted soon, and we’re open to ideas from others, especially if any readers live in/around/near the area, we’re all eyes and ears on movie-related recommendations.

How Often Will You Use Netflix Shuffle Play Feature?

From left to right the pay streaming channels we currently subscribe to: Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO Max, Hulu, Disney+, CBS All Access and Shudder

We currently subscribe to pretty much every major streaming service. The size of the list of movies and TV shows I would like to watch is the problem, not picking which one at any given moment to watch.

Netflix, however, thinks the feature we most need is a shuffle feature which will allow us to jump immediately into watching something.

In the company’s shareholder letter, released this week, it said it planned to roll out its “Shuffle Play” feature, which it has been testing worldwide since August. According to Netflix, the idea behind the feature is to “make it easier for members to find something to watch.” Shuffle Play serves up movies or TV shows similar to what you’ve already watched, or within genres you frequently view. It will also select from shows you’ve saved in “My List.”

With This Brilliant New Feature, Netflix May Have Just Solved the Biggest Problem With Streaming Video |

After further thought, I can think of one time this feature would be useful: when putting something on to go to sleep watching. Something random that either passes or fails the test of keeping me awake.

Shia LaBeouf and Charlie Sheen Blacklisted in Hollywood?

Why does this last week reading internet articles seem like seeing a bunch of gossip rag magazine titles near the grocery store checkout stand?

Then again, sometimes even those rags get the riches right.

Have never been much of a Shia LaBeouf fan, sort of believing he was overrated. The Transformer movies, let’s be honest, aren’t exactly actor range-stretching roles, but he surprised me in Peanut Butter Falcon. I liked what he did in that film. I tried (briefly) to get into Honeyboy but it wasn’t really my type of movie. Not saying that was a good or bad film, it just didn’t click with me. No harm, no foul there.

Alas, I’ve come across several recent articles citing some serious problems LaBeouf has had off screen leading to him allegedly being blacklisted in Hollywood. He was also fired from Olivia Wilde’s second movie, Don’t Worry Darling before much filming even began, for being difficult to work with — allegedly. Wilde reportedly has a “no asshole” policy on set.

But this stuff with stray dogs? WTH?!?

I suspect, rightly or not, that audiences are able to eventually forgive racism, violence and domestic abuse – but killing dogs for kicks is another matter altogether. As such, scooper Daniel Richtman is reporting that LaBeouf is now fully blacklisted in Hollywood. He’s been dropped from every part he was cast in, isn’t attached to any upcoming projects and won’t be considered for any further high profile roles. At least, not for a long, long time.

Shia LaBeouf Is Reportedly Fully Blacklisted In Hollywood Now

Animal cruelty, seriously? Got to hope this is all BS and not true.

Then there’s Charlie Sheen, Mr. Tiger Blood himself. Apparently he’s living in a van down by the river, er, he is/was/might be major league behind on child support and went to live with his parents for a time being.

At one point, when he moved out of the famed Mulholland Estates, Sheen, 55, moved in with his parents, the source says — Martin Sheen is 80, and Janet Sheen is 76. “Think how inglorious that is: he’s gone from the highest paid person on television to living in Malibu with his father and mother. He could be the oldest son in Malibu living with his parents!” says the insider.  

From Baller To Squalor: Charlie Sheen Moves Into Modest Malibu Apartment After He Was Forced To Live With Dad, 80, And Mom, 76

Like the title of that post, “From Baller to Squalor” — it just doesn’t make any sense for a guy that was once clearing millions from his TV gig. Clearly a sign that excess can destroy anyone.

Will we ever see Shia LeBeaouf or Charlie Sheen in any significant acting roles again? My guess is yes. They both are too talented to keep out of films, but it sounds like whomever takes a chance on a project involving them is going to be taking on some very high risk.

Are you interested in seeing new movies by either or both of these actors?

Roku Buys Quibi Content and will Stream For Free In 2021

When talking about the abysmal failure of Quibi and who might be interested in buying their content library (see: Apple, WarnerMedia and Facebook Reportedly Say No To Buying Quibi and After Quibi Finally Available To Cast To TV They Are Officially Shutting Down – A $2 Billion Dollar FAIL) Roku was never discussed as a possibility.

I was a little surprised to read recent stories that Roku was negotiating with Quibi, but it does make some sense for them, however they’re getting into a very crowded space. We’ll get into why this might be problematic after the jump.

Roku announced its acquisition of Quibi in a press release Friday. Quibi’s entire catalogue will now be exclusive to the Roku Channel, beginning later this year. The Roku Channel is a free, ad-supported streaming service available on the company’s hardware. Quibi used to cost $4.99 per month with ads, and $7.99 for an ad-free version, so Roku is offering a much better deal for basically the same content.

Nobody Wanted to Pay for Quibi When It Launched — Now Its Shows Are Streaming for Free on Roku

Roku has had the Roku Channel for quite some time, and they have not-so-quietly been expanding its offerings, adding live TV channels, expanding more into a free live TV with On Demand destination. They had ABC News live tv on their channel for some time and I’ve watched old Batman TV shows (see: 1966 Joker vs. 2019 Joker – Which Is Best?)

When we purchased a new 65″ smart TV recently for an absurdly low price of $238 at Walmart it came with Roku. This was our first Roku smart TV, but we’ve been using a Roku 3 since almost it came out. Great streaming device, clean menu, we are fans.

The Roku TV experience is very similar, but seems to put more emphasis on live TV as if that’s the audience they want to capture. The cord cutters. We cut the cord a long time ago, dropping Cable TV and satellite like a bad habit. Have you cut the cable yet or do you still enjoy watching live TV more traditionally? There are few, if any, popular live TV channels you can’t get through a streaming subscription or just flying an over the air antenna.

Will Adam Sandler Really Try To Make The Worst Comedy Movie Ever?

Hubie Halloween ⭐️⭐️

I’d say it’s even money if Sandler tries to make the worst comedy movie ever. Surely it would be funny if his team tried, and maybe the reality is they attempt to make a movie so bad that it’s meant to be funnier?

How does one set out to make an intentionally bad movie anyway? Sure, there is the Plan 9 from Outer Space filmmaking school of terrible, but Sandler has his own signature comedy films. They excel at the art of sophomoric humor. I don’t always laugh, but will usually smile and sometimes laugh out loud.

Also, with comedy you can have nonsensical stories, implausible characterization and, basically, break most of the rules for the sake of being funny. Purists of cinema might hold it against these kinds of films, but I tend to give much wider berth of stories for comedies than any other genre. Especially if part of the humor is breaking down the fourth wall.

Insider Daniel Richtman now claims, though, that Sandler is still planning to⭐️⭐️ purposefully create something terrible to deliver on his promise, with the Happy Madison head honcho reportedly eying a future Netflix vehicle as the one to make everyone pay. Of course, this should be taken with a grain of salt because it would be pretty unprofessional downright spiteful for him to do so, especially when nobody in the history of cinema has ever set out with the intentions of making a bad movie.

Adam Sandler Reportedly Planning To Make His Worst Comedy Movie Ever For Netflix

I don’t know how much creative control Netflix has over Sandler and Happy Madison. My guess is minimal. He’s been one of Netflix’s best deals for returns on their investment and subscribers viewing these movies. This suggests whatever Sandler wants to do, he pretty much can do.

Might even be better than even money that he sets out to make a terrible movie — and it might just turn out to be one of his funniest movies ever made. What do you think?

Study Finds That Young Children Are Being Misguided On Dealing With Pain By Movies

Frozen II ⭐️⭐️⭐️

A study looked at how pain is depicted in popular movies for 4 to 6-year old children. What makes this study somewhat interesting is that it relies on the premise that children will learn from watched movies how to deal with pain.

The results were shocking. Pain was frequently depicted, approximately nine times per hour. Seventy-nine per cent of pain instances involved characters being seriously injured or experiencing pain due to violent acts. Although everyday pains are the most common pain experiences young children experience in real life, everyday pains comprised only 20 per cent of the pain instances. Medical and procedural pain, like needles, as well as chronic pains were depicted less than one per cent of the time.

Disney, Pixar and Netflix are teaching your children the wrong messages about pain |

The study seems flawed in the sense that it set out to analyze pain through the lens of fantasy worlds. Movies can be educational, yes, but they are there to tell stories first, not educate young children. Parents could — and should — watch these movies with their children and talk about what happened. What did the children like and dislike?

The movies that our grandchildren have enjoyed lately include. Angry Birds, Moana, Frozen II and others. They unsurprisingly prefer Disney+ as the streaming channel with the most animated movies they are interested in. Most live-action movies are less interesting to them.

I think more children learn about pain these days from what they do most often. If they fall down and get a bump or bruise, that’s a very real pain to be managed and evaluated. Learning about pain could come from movies, I suppose, but it’s more likely from all types of entertainment: games, daycare, playing inside and out, social interaction with brothers, sisters, parents, friends and other children.

This study sort of outlines my general feeling that anything can be studied and biased to a certain type of observation. Not sure how useful most of these studies are other than to make us think about movies as teaching tools. Maybe it’s better to teach children to use their imagination when watching movies than think of them as educational opportunities. What do you think?

9+ Come Play Reviews – But We’d Rather Stay Inside

Come Play ⭐️⭐️

I thought every studio had at least one lousy horror movie stashed away for just such an emergency. Somehow “Come Play” is the only movie from that stash, across however many studios, to make its way to theaters. This in spite of the opinion that it’s an uninteresting movie and the fact that its message is ill-timed for 2020.

‘Come Play’ won’t benefit from word of mouth | Lake Mills Leader |

… you’ve been warned, SPOILERS ahead …

More E.T than The Thing

Wanted that creature to be more menacing than it was. For the scares to work, it had to be. The setup was good, but to have it just shambling around mostly in the shadows, never really doing that much wasn’t as scary as having it show some teeth, rip someone through the screen Freddy Kruger style.

Hated the name. I mean, really, come up with something better to call the monster than Larry. I kept thinking of Larry The Cable Guy and that isn’t a horrifying image. It’s like waiting for the monster to open and chug a beer.

The Autistic Angle

One of the things I liked was how the story dealt with autism.

Reviews by Others

What do others think of Come Play?


  1. Beyond Bollywood (3/5): “Though far from perfect, director Jacob Chase’s horror drama is a fine allegory that throws light on the lonely existence in the virtual world.”
  2. Deepest Dream: “The scares that I received from Come Play were generated from Chase letting a scene breathe and evolve (the parking lot sequences with Gallagher Jr. are terrifying).”
  3. Haunt Jaunts (3/5): “Because Come Play ends up more of a sweet, sad story about the power of a mother’s love, I found it less a horror movie and more one about the sacrifices some parents make to protect their kids and ensure the best for them.”
  4. Horrify / Michael P. Cleworth: “…seems to be just another cookie-cutter bogeyman film. However, after peeling back the many layers, you will be met by a surprisingly emotional element.”
  5. Ms. Cinema Gal (8/10): “I was surprised by how moved I was especially through the theme of being overprotective which can be misunderstood and could break relationships.”
  6. Techmepro: “I am a horror fan and I have watched a bunch of horror movies and shows in the past few months. So, I am a bit too familiar with the tropes and tricks of the genre and that’s why a lot of the scares or chills might’ve missed me. And yet here I am saying that Come Play is scary.”
  7. Zach’s Zany Movie Reviews: “…really works because it isn’t just a cheap jump scare horror movie. It is one of the rare ones that has a deeper emotional core at its center than others in the genre and the jump scares aren’t cheap at all, they are well shot, well choreographed, and well earned.”

Not Recommended

  1. David A. Lynch: “…could’ve used bit more imagination and a lot more self-awareness”
  2. The Chanticeleer (4/10): “I would not recommend this movie if you’re the type who lives for a heart-stopping jump scare. You won’t find it in this movie. It’s a predictable, and overdone piece of work and you wouldn’t be missing much.”
  3. To Watch Next (4/10): “…it feels like a half baked idea that was thrown on a studio table with the hopes of coming off as a horror flick, and it’s pretty disappointing considering the fact that it had potential.”

Linked above and wondering what would be cool to do next? Commenting once in awhile is always good (I like reader and other blogger interaction). If you have the trackback/pingback come to your site then just approve it because after people read your review then they can come here and follow links and read someone else’s review. What comes around goes around and sharing is the ultimate “thank you!” on the internet.

Did I miss your review? Use the comments to tell me about your movie-related/review blog and I’ll follow. I like following movie-related blogs and pull quoting from my reading list as well as other new blogs shared, liked and discovered.

Happy movie watching!

FIRST LOOK: Metalocalypse (TV Series) – HBO Max

Dethklok is a metal band that started as an adult animated TV series on Adult Swim. Such a great name for a metal band show: Metalocalypse.

Part of the show’s appeal has always been its intersection with the metal scene IRL — a subculture that has never lacked for self-awareness. From the outside, the world of heavy metal music might seem frightening — even dangerous — but the scene has always been more about pageantry than pain. There’s always been a winking understanding between the performers and the fans that heavy metal is one big costume party, and death has always been more of a theme than some kind of religious totem. Perhaps that’s why it was so easy for Metalocalypse and Dethklok to crawl off the screen and into the third dimension.

The animated comedy everyone’s binging on HBO Max

This has been on my watchlist for awhile. With WarnerMedia selling Crunchyroll (see: Sony to pay AT&T $1.2 Billion in Cash for Crunchyroll), I sure hope they plan to keep a focus on animated content going forward.

Metalocalypse Season 1 is available for streaming on HBO Max.

Open Mic Catches Cop Having Sex On Universal Set of Psycho – Not in The Shower

The infamous shower scene in Psycho

This sounds like the opening to a joke and coming from gossip site TMZ it just might be …

A policeman was caught on a hot mic having sex on the Psycho Bates Motel set at Universal Studios.

An on-duty Los Angeles County sheriff’s deputy allegedly had sex with a woman near the Bates Motel section of the Universal Studios lot — and accidentally left his microphone on for a dispatcher to hear a blow-by-blow of the sleazy romp.

Open mic catches LA deputy having sex at Universal Studios

No, it wasn’t with Norman Bates mother … or so we think. This would be funny if not for being so closed to the holidays. I’m just curious if he wanted to be caught. The dispatcher trying to get his attention … lol!

Now it is illegal for ISP to charge rental fee for router you already own

From Airplane 2: The Sequel – fits the bogus practice of ISPs charging for renting router you own

Starting December 20 Internet Service Providers (ISPs) can no longer legally charge customers to rent a router they already own.

Of course we shouldn’t need a law to force ISPs to remain honest when billing, but these companies all too often charge customers BS fees because they can.

Is your internet service provider charging you every month for the cable modem or router that you purchased with your own money? Or, perhaps, have you never bothered to buy those items because you couldn’t escape the fee? That fee will be illegal starting Sunday, December 20th, and you should tell your ISP that you’ll no longer tolerate it, threaten to sue, and/or take advantage of any binding arbitration clause it may have with you.

Starting Sunday, cable companies can no longer ‘rent’ you the router you already own – The Verge

The article also touches on trying to find out if the ISP will try to raise the $10/month some other way, through some other associated fee. Not to be too cynical, but this sounds very much like when we were supposed to have $20 car license tabs in Washington State. We got them for like one year and the next it was $30 and years later we’re back to hundreds of dollars for each of our cars.

Fees, fees, fees. The ultimate way to generate a bunch of cash for something from a group of customers. No wonder many people despise these larger corporations.